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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an embodiment of the
present invention. 1 ... frame, 2 ... cylindrical projection, 3 ... bottom, 4 ... cylindrical permanent
magnet, 5. · · · 5a · · · annular plate, 6 · · · damper for high-pitched sound, 7 · · · · damper for lowpitched sound, 8 · · · aluminum cone for high-pitched sound, 9 · · · cone paper for low-pitched
sound, 10 · · · coil for high-pitched sound 11 ... bass coil, 12 ... arrow paper, 13 ... treble terminal,
14 ... bass terminal, 15 ... lead wire.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a two-way
speaker aiming to widen the frequency band now available. Two speakers are used for
conventional audio devices. Because the frequency band that can be written is not wide enough),
so to the speaker system? In order to faithfully reproduce the original sound by 20 (1) 11 and J /
2, two to three speakers 1 are used, and the frequencies of high tone, low tone or tube tone,
middle tone, low tone Each band is covered by a separate speaker, and there was a problem that
the speaker system became large. 65 ni. Runy This device has two vibrations for high-tone
reproduction and low-tone reproduction with respect to the frame that constitutes the speaker.
Each plate is installed so as to be able to vibrate independently, and each diaphragm is vibrated
by a separate drive coil, so that one wide speaker can cover wide 10 frequency bands of high
sound and low sound, and the speaker system can be miniaturized as well. It was possible. That
is, to describe this example of the invention, the bottom 3 made of pure iron having a cylindrical
projection coformed at the center part is fixed to the lower part of the cone-shaped frame / 15.
Loosely fitted with the permanent magnetite 41- (magnetized in the axial direction), and a massrich plate made of pure iron on the upper end face of the cylindrical permanent magnet and the
upper end of the outer @ wall of the bottom 3! ,! a is fixed to form a large magnetic circuit on the
inside and the outside of the scallop water mark 89. The bulk program 20 (2) 11; (0 rate !,! An
annular high-pitched damper 16 and a low precipitation damper 2 are installed on the upper side
of a so as to be l = J, and each damper rod 7 is provided with an aluminum cone wedge for high-
pitched sound and a bass inside the 7 frames. For example, on the magnetic circuit formed by the
massive plate and the cylindrical projection 2 and the high-pitched coil 10 connected to the
lower side of the pan sound alcon cone and installed on the lower side. The low-pitched coil //
arranged continuously on the lower side of the low-pitched cone paper sheet so as to be disposed
in the pump is disposed in a cavity on a magnetic circuit formed between the annular plates jJa.
In the figure, /-is an arrowhead, / / 4 house treble terminal, / / is a bass terminal, δ is a lead
wire. According to the above embodiment, the voice IIL L L is made to flow to the coil for silent
sound n or the coil for bass sound to drive the coil disposed in the cap [Aluminum for aluminum;
15-tone or corn paper for bass]? Can be vibrated independently of each other. Therefore, seven
speakers allow for the production of pan- and low-range sound, and in the end, it can widen the
possible frequency range of hot flashes.
2Q (j) 113. 1 In other words, according to this invention, vibration systems for high and low
frequencies are provided independently of each other, so that the reproducible frequency band
can be broadened, and the speaker system is also miniaturized. be able to. Moreover, the speaker
of this invention can be used also for headphones, and it is possible to improve the performance
of the headphones without being limited. Furthermore, since the diaphragm is arranged
concentrically as a cone shape, there is an effect that the J-type can be made possible as a single
speaker. If the magnetic circuit is formed on both the inner and outer sides of one cylindrical
permanent magnet 10, the driving system of the diaphragm can be simplified.
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