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The present invention relates to a microphone device capable of adjusting the position of an
microphone. In connection with the present invention, an audio signal input manually through a
microphone is analyzed to identify a specific 66-order signal among them and to vary the dose
and the irradiation time of the laser beam based on the identification. The voice signal input
through the control unit or the microphone is analyzed, a specific command signal among them
is identified, the summary of the command is read back based on the identification, and the set
dose and the irradiation time of the laser beam are output. The control device has been filed by
the applicant (early). Although the present invention is not limited to the above-mentioned laser
scalpel device, its application ? is not limited, but in the case of a microphone used for the above
purpose, it is possible to use a fixed stand or voice of a specific user. The most reliable and clear
(based on the recognition that it is necessary to be arranged to be able to record C). As shown,
the microphone device according to the present invention comprises the microphone 1, the voice
recognition device 2 and the microphone control unit 3 as main parts. Among them, the voice
recognition device 2 is almost always specified, and a person who uses the microphone 1 and has
two voices (hereinafter referred to as a specific person). The voice of () is previously input and
stored. And, the storage is made about the feature portion of the signal obtained by the voice
analysis device which analyzes the wavelength of the voice signal. The voice recognition device 2
responds to the input signal when the microphone is used by a specific person, but does not
respond to the input signal based on the voice other than the specific person. Further, this device
outputs a difference signal from the voice signal of the specific person stored in advance for the
input signal of the specific person. Next, the microphone control unit 3 will be described. Since
the difference signal transmitted from the speech recognition device 2 described above is the
difference between the speech signal in the optimum recording state, which is previously input
and stored, and the speech signal that is actually changed momentarily and inputted, In order to
obtain a recording state, it is necessary to make the microphone 1 follow the optimum state by
this difference. For this reason, a microphone control unit is provided which rotates the tip of the
microphone 1 vertically and horizontally or in accordance with the difference signal, or moves
the entire microphone 1 forward or backward. Furthermore, in the present invention, the
microphone l is a holding member 5 for holding the central portion of the microphone 1 on the
fixing base 4 or the like. For example, the Noyoris Tech mechanism etc. provided by the applicant
(Japanese Utility Model Application 54-182587) It can be installed and used.
The present invention is based on the above configuration, stores voice of a specific person,
distinguishes it from other person's voice or noise, etc., and performs voice recognition device
sensitive to only specific person's voice, so for example Even if there is a laser scalpel device that
operates based on voice, there is little possibility of 11 malfunctions, and also based on the
difference signal between the stored sound signal and the voice signal of the specified person
input from time to time. Since the microphone control unit for moving the microphone is
provided, the microphone EJ ? / will be directed to the specific person so that the optimum
recording can always be performed, and the operation based on the control of the device based
on the voice etc. It is extremely useful because it can greatly improve the certainty.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is an explanatory view showing the relationship of each element according to the present
invention, and FIG. 2 is an explanatory view showing a mounting state of the microfo.
Reference Signs List 1 microphone, 2 иии speech recognition device, 3 и и и microphone control unit,
4 и и и fixed base, 5 и и и и patent department applicant Patents Mochida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Patent Attorney Masanori Kai
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