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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention accurately
receives and listens to communication from others utilizing the advantages of an improved flat
speaker that emits a lightweight, compact, thin, and highly directional plane wave. The present
invention relates to clothes equipped with device technology, and more particularly to clothes
equipped with the flat speaker that can be completely waterproofed.
[Background Art] In track maintenance work, road work, etc., the worker receives the instruction
of the work commander during the work, and performs the work promptly and reliably, or
ensures the safety of the work by interrupting and retreating. It is requested to do. For that
purpose, it is essential to reliably transmit the required command from the work commander to
all the workers or to a part of the specified workers. In addition, in civil engineering construction
work such as dam construction work and river repair work, serious communication should be
transmitted to a very large number of workers at the same time frequently and surely to prevent
the occurrence of serious human disasters. In order to do so, it is necessary to reliably transmit
the required command from the work commander to all the relevant workers, for example, even
in a noisy environment, etc. Also, the working position of the relevant workers However, it is also
necessary to reliably transmit the transmission from the work commander, even in the case of
work conditions where it is difficult to keep track of whereabouts.
Furthermore, in many cases, the worker's hands must always be freely available for the worker to
carry out the work, and the outdoor worker may have severe ambient noise, rain, strong winds,
storms and snowfalls. In such cases, it is necessary to accept the work as it is, such as
meteorological conditions, and work must be performed under conditions where the work
environment is poor.
Conventionally, a small cone speaker is fixed to the shoulder of the worker as a means for clearly
and reliably transmitting the required instruction / command to the worker during the work as
described above. , There is an example of making the voice from the commander transmitted
from the speaker catch.
However, in this case, the dimensions of the cone speaker are that the thickness is large and the
attachment to the shoulder of the worker is difficult to be stable, and the cone speaker can not
construct a completely waterproof type due to its construction. Since the generated wave is a
spherical wave from a point sound source, the sound pressure energy is attenuated in inverse
proportion to the square of the distance, so it is difficult to listen to it and it is unsuitable for use
in a noisy environment etc. In the above-mentioned severe working environment, sufficient
results can not be obtained conventionally. In particular, the traditional cone speakers use paper
in the conical section, so they lack complete waterproofness in particular, and in the case of
using cone speakers during rainfall, they are drip-proof in appropriate cases The limit is that it
can be molded, and it can not be made completely waterproof.
On the other hand, in Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 2000-13883, by integrating
the ceramic speaker and the vibration type microphone and attaching it to the helmet, it is not
necessary to hold the speaker and the microphone as in the prior art. Japanese Patent Laid-Open
Publication No. 2001-165118 discloses an attempt to improve the safety of work by giving
instructions to a crane driver from the ground or exchanging two-way calls while using both
hands for work. ")). However, in the prior art 1, since the ceramic speaker is used for the speaker,
it can not be said that its waterproofness and strength are sufficient. Furthermore, although the
method of processing the wiring is also important in order to withstand work in long rainfall, it is
not particularly disclosed in this regard, and problems remain.
Also, since the helmet with the flat speaker attached is simply a loudspeaker that propagates the
sound, it is possible to convey the intention from us to the other party, and for the purpose of use
in a noisy place, the other party surely makes our intention to the other party It is difficult to
[Problems to be Solved by the Invention] As described above, under poor working environment
conditions such as track maintenance and road construction during rainfall or snowfall under
strong winds, or dam construction and river repair work. Also, the required command can be
reliably transmitted and commanded from the work commander to all the many workers or to
the specified worker, whereby the worker can transmit the command quickly and reliably. Acting in accordance with the instruction to ensure a high level of safety of the work, and also to
be easy to work, and an effective means for the implementation of highly efficient work are
More desirably, it is desirable to develop a means, in particular, equipped with a device having
the ability to perform the work even under prolonged rainfall weather conditions. The present
inventors have made it a subject to devise means which can solve the following items 1 to 3 from
the above viewpoint.
1. An equipment system that is capable of completely waterproofing for a long time, and that
can accurately catch the voice from the commander even under strong winds like a typhoon and
in various noises.
2. Above 1. The device system in the paragraph is light and small, and there is almost no
mounting load even when the operator carries it for a long time continuously, and the worker
can use his / her both hands freely to perform the required work ( That is, it is possible to ensure
hands-free operation and to increase working efficiency), discomfort caused by wearing the body
for a long time such as an earphone device, and that it becomes difficult to hear external sound
in a closed ear. No need to do anything special to get in and out of your body.
3. Furthermore, depending on the work type, both calls between the commander and each
worker can be made.
Therefore, the object of the present invention is to provide a high degree of work safety by
receiving the intention transmitted from one party under the working environment conditions as
described above and receiving it accurately and quickly. To develop means for receiving and
listening to intentions that can improve work efficiency.
[Means for Solving the Problems] The inventors of the present invention conducted extensive
studies to solve the above problems and conducted tests.
As a result, the following ideas or findings were obtained.
(A) In order to solve the problems 1 and 2, first, all the speakers and their accessory devices
(receivers, amplifiers, batteries, appropriate transmitters / receivers, and wiring) should be
equipped on clothes used by workers. It is necessary to take the form.
(B) The size and shape of the speaker and its accessory device are small and light in weight, and
the speaker sound source is changed from a point sound source to a line sound source to
enhance the performance of the speaker and make it easy to hear even under noise or strong
wind conditions. Furthermore, it is important to reduce the attenuation of the vibrational energy
oscillated from the sound source and to make the directivity of the vibrational energy strong by
making the surface sound source improved.
Moreover, in order to further exhibit the performance of a high-performance plane wave speaker,
it is necessary to make appropriate the usage of the speaker, which is effective for achieving the
intended purpose. In particular, the speaker needs to be fixedly attached to the shoulder and
fixed with the sound emitting direction upward.
(C) By using an appropriate material for the diaphragm of the flat wave speaker and waterproof
sealing the terminal portion of the speaker, it is possible to construct a complete waterproof type
speaker assembly capable of preventing water immersion. . Furthermore, as a method of
mounting such a plane wave speaker on clothes, if the wiring is exposed on the surface of the
clothes from the beginning, it will cause a risk of occurrence of failure or being caught on a
projection during work. Not desirable. Also, if the speaker is made detachable, the wiring will
appear on the surface of the clothes at that position. Therefore, it is desirable that the speaker be
sewn into the inside of the clothes.
This invention is made based on the said idea thru | or knowledge, The summary is as follows.
A garment with flat speakers according to the invention of claim 1 is a garment provided with a
speaker for transmitting plane waves, a receiver, an amplifier and a battery, wherein the speaker
is waterproof and the shoulder portion of the garment is It is characterized by being equipped
Here, being equipped on the shoulder of the garment refers to a region including the shoulder
and its adjacent part that are commonly used when the garment is practically worn, and the
speaker is configured to be waterproof It means that the speaker is driven even in water, and the
method of waterproofing is not particularly limited, but the advantages of the flat speaker
mounted on the shoulder of clothes, in particular light weight, small size and thin shape and It is
a condition that the high efficiency of the sound oscillation energy is not impaired.
The flat speaker-equipped clothes according to the invention of claim 2 is the invention
according to claim 1, wherein the number of the speakers is two, and the two speakers are
directed upward to the left and right shoulders of the clothes. The receiver, the amplifier and the
battery are all mounted on a predetermined part of the clothes, and the terminals of the speakers
are waterproof and sealed, and the wiring between the devices is the clothes It is characterized
by being sewed into the fabric.
The flat speaker-equipped garment according to the invention of claim 3 is characterized in that,
in the invention according to claim 1 or 2, the type of the garment is any of work clothes, winter
clothes, vests and sportswear. It is possessed.
The flat speaker-equipped garment according to the invention of claim 4 is the invention
according to claim 1 or 2, wherein the garment is a workwear, and the workwear is for a plurality
of workers having a work commander. At the same time, the operation mode in which commands
are issued simultaneously is characterized in that all of the plurality of workers wear it.
The flat speaker-equipped garment according to the invention of claim 5 is characterized in that,
in the invention according to any one of claims 1 to 4, a transceiver is further added to the
garment with the flat speaker. It is possessed.
The flat speaker-equipped garment according to the invention of claim 6 is characterized in that,
in the invention of claim 5, the attachment position of the microphone to the garment is near the
shoulder or chest pocket of the garment.
Although it is desirable that the flat speaker used in the present invention be a so-called
completely waterproof type, the flat speaker is not necessarily completely waterproof, but is
constant so that it can sufficiently withstand use in a desired working configuration. It is
sufficient if it is a waterproof type that meets the standard.
BEST MODE FOR CARRYING OUT THE INVENTION Next, a preferred embodiment of the present
invention will be described.
FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of a flat-speaker-equipped garment according to the present
invention, and FIG. 2 is a wiring diagram of the flat speaker in FIG. 1 and its accessory device.
Hereinafter, it demonstrates using FIG. 1 and 2. FIG.
First, the flat speaker 2 is directed upward so that the flat speaker 2 comes to the shoulders of
the predetermined clothes 1 at a slightly necked position, and more specifically to the clavicle
position of the body when the clothes are worn. The connection terminal of the flat speaker 2 is
waterproof sealed, and the terminal is connected to the amplifier 3 and wired.
The amplifier 3 is connected to the receiver 4 and the battery 5 via the battery 5.
In the figure, 14 is a wiring.
In the above, the attachment of the flat speaker 2 to the clothes 1 is embedded and sewn inside
the clothes 1 shoulder.
On the other hand, the amplifier 3 other than the flat speaker 2, the receiver 4 and the battery 5
are accommodated and fixed inside the clothes, for example, by attaching a dedicated pocket or
using a normal pocket.
Here, the waterproof sealing process of the connection terminal of the flat speaker 2 is
performed using, for example, a self fusion tape or caulking material.
The connection between the flat speaker and the lead wire should be soldered but use removable
plug-in pins to avoid corrosion due to exposure to bleach etc. when washing the clothes.
In addition, for the amplifier 3, receiver 4 and battery 5, which are ancillary devices to the flat
speaker 2, also use water resistant specification products according to the usual method in order
to prevent water immersion due to rainfall etc. Is desirable.
Even if these are not water resistant, they should be equipped on the clothes so as not to be
exposed to rain or snow.
Thus, it is necessary to use the water resistant specification or to optimize the mounting site in
order to achieve the expected performance of the flat speaker 2 when used under continuous
working conditions in rain It is.
Also, in case the clothes come into contact with pebbles, gravel or other objects during work, a
metal or plastic punch metal cover to prevent damage to the flat speaker and its accessory parts
You may cover them beforehand.
By mounting the flat speaker 2 and its accessory (amplifier 3, receiver 4 and battery 5) on the
clothes 1 as described above, the operator can use both hands freely and the load of the
equipment load Because there is almost no work efficiency is increased, there is no discomfort
due to attaching the earphones, and furthermore, the surrounding sound can be heard in a
normal state, which further contributes to ensuring the safety of the operator.
In FIG. 1, one flat speaker 2 is provided on each of the shoulders, but if one shoulder is to be
used for another work depending on the type of work by the worker, only the other shoulder is
used. Clothes equipped with a flat speaker 2 may be desirable.
In addition, even when the above-mentioned one shoulder part is used for another work
application, when it is possible to continue the work with the flat speaker 2 mounted on the
shoulder part, during this time, the third flat speaker 2 is additionally provided. It may also be
desirable to wear a flat-speakered garment that is also equipped at a position near the shoulder
of the garment 1, for example the chest. Alternatively, one shoulder and chest may be equipped.
Furthermore, depending on the work content, it may be sufficient for the flat speaker 2 to be
equipped on only one of the shoulders. Furthermore, depending on the type of operation, the flat
speaker 2 may be mounted on only one shoulder, or if it can not be attached to the shoulder by
any means, it may be mounted only on the chest as a workaround.
Thus, in the clothes of the present invention, it is a major feature that the flat speaker 2 is
attached to the shoulder. This is for the operator to accurately listen to the instruction from the
commander even in the noise without attenuating the vibrational energy oscillated from the
planar sound source of the flat speaker 2 and by fully utilizing the strong directivity. is necessary.
By doing this, the distance traveled by the voice becomes a close distance from the vicinity of the
clavicle to the ear, which greatly contributes to reliable information acquisition.
Next, as a flat speaker used for clothes with a flat speaker according to the present invention, it is
possible to hear a clear voice even in the time of noise or strong wind, even when the use
environment condition is during rainfall. It is desirable to use a properly modified conventional
flat speaker. Therefore, as the flat speaker 2 shown in FIG. 1, it is desirable to use the flat speaker
2 having the following structure and performance.
The following is used as a flat speaker which is light in weight, small in size, thin and completely
waterproof, and in which a large amount of vibrational energy generated from the vibrating
membrane can be secured and the vibrating membrane can be used even in water.
In order to allow the diaphragm to act as a surface sound source together as a unit to act as a
surface sound source and to enable underwater driving of the speaker (ie to give the speaker
"perfect waterproofness") A high-speed polymer film with high sound velocity is used as a
vibrating film, and a vibrating film to which a voice coil is written on both sides is applied.
Combine this with a powerful magnet. As a polymer film, a film such as polyimide or
polyethylene phthalate is used in consideration of giving the above-mentioned complete
waterproofness, and a coil written in such a polymer film has a copper thin film attached to this
coil arrangement portion or Then, vapor deposition is performed, and etching is performed so
that the planar shape of the copper thin film becomes spiral, to form a required voice coil.
FIG. 3 shows an exploded perspective view of the main components of a flat loudspeaker suitable
for use herein. In the flat speaker 2, as shown in the figure, the magnetic shield member 7 made
of a magnetic material is disposed on the upper surface side of the vibrating film 6, and the air is
sequentially aired from the side adjacent to the lower surface side of the vibrating film 6. A
damper 8, a permanent magnet 9, and then a yoke 10 made of a magnetic material are disposed.
The number of voice coils 11 formed by vapor deposition on the vibrating film 6 using a polymer
film is limited to a plurality, for example, at most several per side, in consideration of reducing
the planar area of the vibrating film 6, Each coil 11 is covered with an insulating material. Then,
the peripheral portion of the vibrating film 6 is fixed to the frame 12. The permanent magnets 9
are arranged corresponding to the arrangement positions of the plurality of coil pairs formed on
the front and back surfaces of the vibrating membrane 6.
It arrange | positions so that the pole face of the permanent magnet 9 may become parallel to the
plane-shaped surface of a coil. The coils 11 of each coil pair are formed so as to be spirally
wound so as to be substantially similar to the outer edge of the pole face of each permanent
magnet 9, and sandwich a portion corresponding to the outer edge of the pole face The inner and
outer peripheries of the spirals are located at positions, and the outer peripheries of the coils are
arranged so as not to overlap with each other. A soft material such as non-woven fabric, sponge,
glass wool, or urethane foam is used as a pole between the vibrating membrane and the plurality
of pole faces in order to prevent contact between the coil and the pole face due to vibration of
the vibrating membrane. A thinly compressed air damper 8 is sandwiched. Thus, as a material of
the air damper 8, a thin non-woven material or the like that allows air to pass uniformly is
desirable as a sound control material inside the speaker.
The permanent magnet 9 uses a high magnetic flux rare earth magnet to obtain higher speaker
efficiency. As the high magnetic force magnet, for example, an Fe-Nd-B sintered magnet or the
like is desirable. The permanent magnet 9 is a yoke 10 corresponding to a portion surrounded by
four adjacent holes 13 (in FIG. 3, nine holes in FIG. 3) formed in the form of a matrix in the platelike yoke 10. Placed on the bottom side of the The permanent magnets 9 are fixedly arranged
with the magnetic pole faces directed upward so that magnetic pole faces of different magnetic
shapes are alternately positioned in a flat square shape.
As in the case of the yoke 10, a plurality of holes 13 are formed in the form of a matrix in the
above-described magnetic shield member 7 disposed on the upper surface side of the vibrating
film 6.
In the present invention, it is desirable that the flat speaker 2 be completely waterproof as
described above.
However, even if it is not completely waterproof, if it is a waterproof type that satisfies a certain
standard, it can sufficiently withstand even when used in a desired working configuration.
With the flat speaker 2 configured as described above, it is possible to listen to the received
audio current as a clear received audio under noise environment or strong wind conditions, even
in a lightweight, small and thin shape. For example, according to the experiments of the present
inventors, the listening performance under strong wind conditions shows that the voice flows up
to a speed of 60 km / h when listening to music on an open car when equipped with the flat
speaker of this invention. It was confirmed that there was not.
Next, even if the flat speaker and the accessory attached to the flat speaker-equipped garment
according to the present invention are worn on clothes other than work clothes, for example,
winter clothes, vest or sportswear, the functions of the respective clothes It exerts its effect
accordingly. In particular, when equipped with sportswear, when practicing team play sports
such as soccer and rugby, it is possible to hear surrounding voices while listening to instructions
from a director or a coach at the ear. You can also control your movement while listening to the
instructions given by a coach or coach to a particular player. Furthermore, by causing the
instruction of the director or the coach to oscillate at a different frequency, it is possible to
selectively instruct the receiver in the red and white practice game and the like. Therefore, they
can practice with higher quality. In addition, all of these clothes are given a fluorescent paint
finish treatment to add an alerting effect at night and the like, and the effect is exhibited.
In addition, by preparing clothes equipped with a transceiver appropriately added to the flat
speaker and the accessory device described above, bidirectional intentional transmission is
possible under the same conditions as the use environmental conditions of the clothes. Become.
As a mounting position of the microphone, the vicinity of the shoulder or chest pocket of the
clothes is suitable. Therefore, by wearing the flat speaker-equipped clothes, it becomes possible,
for example, to transmit an answer to a query from the commander, and the usefulness thereof is
further expanded.
According to the present invention, the flat speaker which is completely waterproof type or
waterproof type according to this, and generates a plane wave with strong directivity, has
instructions for giving information to the ear with open air. It is attached near the clavicle
position of the clothes worn by the recipient. Furthermore, the information is wirelessly
transmitted, and the distance over which sound is to be propagated through the air is remarkably
shortened from the position of the clavicle to the ear of the ear, which significantly contributes to
the transmission of reliable information. In addition, since it is open air, the surrounding
atmosphere can be detected without blocking the ears as in the earphone, which greatly
contributes to the improvement of work safety.
Thus, by wearing the flat speaker-equipped clothes according to the present invention, various
workers are free to use both hands and wear earphones even under severe weather conditions or
weather conditions such as rainfall, strong winds, storms, snowfall, etc. As described above, it is
possible to clearly and quickly hear the intention transmitted from the work commander while
performing the required work without occluding the ear and feeling almost no load on the
listening apparatus. Therefore, the clothes with flat speakers according to the present invention
contribute to the improvement of the safety, particularly in the work performed by a plurality of
workers in a group, and even when the workers are hidden behind objects. Helps to improve
work efficiency. In this manner, it is possible to transmit the contents of the command accurately,
centrally and quickly to all the predetermined workers, particularly according to the commands
from the work commander, and the worker's safety can be further enhanced. Contribute to
In addition, by wearing the flat-speaker-equipped garment according to the present invention in
the practice of team sports, the instructions of the director or coach can be more effectively
transmitted to the player, enabling more efficient practice. . Furthermore, by wearing clothes
with flat speakers capable of two-way communication, it is possible to further improve the safety
of work or to improve the practice results of team sports.
Thus, according to the present invention, it is possible to provide a flat-speaker-equipped
garment that can exhibit the various effects described above, and provides industrially useful
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