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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention is an
improvement of a waterproof vibration microphone invented by inventor Kitamura.
2. Description of the Related Art As prior art of the present invention, there is K1201 by inventor
Nomura Kitamura.
[0003] As prior art of the present invention, the inventor of the present invention is to improve
the sensitivity of the improved K 1201 by reducing the noise, to reduce the noise, discomfort
when it comes in contact with the skin The challenge is to solve the problem.
[Means for Solving the Problems] By using a suction plate, which is a means to solve the
problems, the suction plate uses a soft plastic, so it adheres well to the skin, experiment As a
result, the audio signals of cheeks and otoles are also without amplifier, the required high
sensitivity and good audio signals can be obtained, and there is no gap, so external noise can not
enter, and it is soft so that it contacts skin But there was no sense of incongruity, I was able to
solve the problem with this.
BEST MODE FOR CARRYING OUT THE INVENTION At the recess side of the suction plate, the
central portion of the recess contacting the voice vibration source is thinned, and at the opposite
side, an air chamber is provided, and at the position contacting the air chamber A microphone is
placed, sound air vibration from a sound vibration source is converted into a vibration type
microphone by vibrating air in an air chamber, vibrating an air vibration microphone in contact
with an air chamber, and an adsorption plate Use a suitable material such as soft plastic that
adheres well to the skin.
DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT An embodiment will be described below with
reference to the attached drawings. In FIG. 2, numeral 1 designates an adsorption plate which
adheres well to the skin of the throat and cheeks even if it is in direct contact with it. A suitable
material such as plastic is used, the sound vibration source is in contact with the center of the
dent, and the sound vibration is well transmitted to the air chamber on the opposite side by
Reference 2 in FIG. 2 denotes a general air vibration type microphone.
Electret type is easy to use, but dynamic type and ceramic type can be used,
Reference numeral 3 in FIG. 2 denotes a support for the microphone, which may be used in
common with 1 in FIG. 2 in which an air chamber can be configured by forming a gap in the
upper part.
The air chamber 4 in FIG. 2 is a necessary air chamber for converting the air vibration type
microphone into a vibration type microphone. The conventional vibration microphone has no air
chamber and directly mechanically vibrates the sound vibration. It was converted to a signal.
A suction device 5 shown in FIG. 2 is a device for suctioning air in order to bring the suction
plate 1 into close contact with the skin better, but it may be used without the suction device.
Reference numeral 6 in FIG. 2 denotes a cord for extracting an electrical signal.
FIG. 3 is a front view of a usage example in which the vibration microphone with a suction plate
according to the present invention is attached to an earmuff.
FIG. 4 is a side view of a usage example in which the vibration microphone with suction plate
according to the present invention is attached to an earmuff.
7 in FIG. 5 is a vibration microphone with a suction plate invented this time, embedded in a
cushion, and by making the cushion and soft plastic of the suction plate adhere well to the skin,
to prevent the entry of external noise, and high sensitivity. Provides a clear audio signal.
In the section 8 of FIG. 5, a sponge, a gel-like substance and water are used in the section of the
earmuff, and they can be used without any discomfort for contact with the skin.
In FIG. 5, 9 is a support for supporting the cushion, and 10 is a case.
[Effects of the Invention] An improved type of the waterproof vibration microphone previously
invented, which uses a suction plate, the suction plate is a suitable material such as a soft plastic,
and the adhesion to the skin is good, and it is awkward Use a material that is not intended,
improve adhesion to the skin, and obtain an audio signal with high sensitivity and good sound
quality, and also adhere closely to the skin even under noise, so external noise In order to
prevent intrusion, good communication is possible, and there is an effect that it can be used
comfortably even if it is in contact with skin for a long time.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 Front view of vibration microphone with suction plate
Fig. 2 Side view of the cross section of the vibration microphone with suction plate
Fig. 3 Front view of the earmuff with vibration microphone with suction plate
Fig. 4 Side view
Fig. 5 Iamuff with vibration plate with suction plate Partial cross section side view
Explanation of sign
1 suction plate 2 microphone 3 microphone holder 4 air chamber 5 suction device 6 output cord
7 vibration microphone 8 with suction plate cushion 9 cushion support case 10 case for Iamuff
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