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[Problem] In recent years, the spread of hybrid vehicles has progressed, but in the electric vehicle
mode, there is a scene where drivers such as pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles in front of
cars feel danger because driving noise is small It is increasing. In the case of electric vehicles,
which are expected to be popularized from now on, it is predicted that the problem will further
increase because of the silent mode. The present invention is to suppress this emerging risk.
According to the present invention, danger is avoided by allowing a pedestrian, a bicycle driver, a
motorcycle driver, a car driver, etc. in the car to selectively receive a sound wave that causes the
car to approach. In addition, a method is provided in which the driving mode can be adjusted by
detecting a pedestrian in front of the vehicle, a bicycle driver, a motorbike driver, or the like.
Safety measures for electric vehicles
The present invention relates to safety measures for hybrid cars and electric cars with low engine
In recent years, a danger signal has appeared to maintain this green earth.
As one of the solutions, the spread of hybrid vehicles has been accelerated in place of
conventional petroleum fueled gasoline and diesel vehicles. In addition, the electric car also
debuted in the market.
However, when a hybrid car runs in the mode of an electric car, compared to the case of a
gasoline engine, much less noise is generated while the car is driving, and people such as
pedestrians and bicycles in front of the hybrid car There are many cases where the car is not
noticed approaching from behind, and there are more and more scenes that are tempted.
If this becomes an electric car, the noise generation will be further reduced, and the dangers of
pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers of motorbikes will increase.
The present invention provides a means for suppressing in advance the accident expected to be
caused by the small driving noise of the silent hybrid car and the complete electric vehicle.
In order to prevent the above-mentioned problems, it is sufficient to give an audio signal
intended only for people in front of the car and to generate sound waves not intended for people
spreading from the front to the left and right.
That is, the problem is solved by the vehicle generating a directional sound wave and
transmitting it forward.
There are several ways to create directional sound waves.
The simplest method is a trumpet speaker.
The spread of the sound wave is determined by the spread of the speaker wrapper, and the
distance is determined by the power of the speaker and the amplifier.
The second method is a method of arranging a plurality of sound wave sources on a straight line
about the width of a car.
In this method, as the number of sound sources increases, the forward reach increases and the
relative intensity component on the side of the perpendicular method decreases.
The third method uses a speaker called a parametric speaker.
This is based on the non-linear nature of ultrasonic waves, and it is possible to transmit sound
waves in a certain space on the front of the car.
The shape is such that dozens of small speakers are arranged in a two-dimensional matrix.
As safety problems on roads are all national issues, not only private companies but also preferred
distribution and strength of the front of the car are determined by organizations such as the
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, in cooperation with private equipment
companies. It is desirable to
Also, the design of the noise level and the distribution on the side are the same.
Not only the intensity distribution and level of the sound wave, but also various kinds of sound
can be considered.
A sound simulating a conventional engine sound, a 1 / f sound source, music, etc. may be
considered, and it is preferable that the user has the option of selecting it.
In particular, the sound quality for the visually impaired should be considered, and it is desirable
to seek the opinions of experts and users in that direction.
People who are blind may use the echo sound of their own sound waves to identify their position,
but from the car side, they detect pedestrians, bicycles, bikes, etc. ahead by echo and use this
signal as a sound source. In addition, the option of emitting a directional warning sound is also
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