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1) [Industrial field of application] The directivity of the ultrasonic distance measuring apparatus
is extended by about 80 ° as shown in FIG. 1, and side waves are distributed in the vicinity of
the transmitter-receiver. The side waves are diffusely reflected by the surrounding objects and
significantly affect the signal-to-noise ratio. The present invention prevents irregular reflection of
side waves and enables highly sensitive and stable measurement. As a result, if this device is used
to measure the physical level of various tanks and the like, it becomes possible to measure a
conventionally unmeasurable part, such as having a mounting nozzle or the like and having a
narrow mounting space.
2) [Prior Art] Because of noise due to side waves, it was difficult or very difficult to measure at
thick places of mounting nozzles and concrete slabs, etc., and large holes and trumpet shaped
horns were needed .
[3] [The problem to be solved by the invention] Measurement of the level by the stable
ultrasound that is not affected by the area around the installation part.
(4) [Means for Solving the Problems] There are a method of making a cylinder as shown in FIG.
[Operation] Side waves are absorbed, noise is reduced, and it is possible to measure locations that
could not be measured conventionally.
EXAMPLE As shown in FIG. 3, the noise due to the side wave is eliminated by mounting on the
upper part of the tank, so the measurement in the tank can be made from the narrow hole.
[Effect of the invention] The installation cost can be reduced because the mounting hole can be
made smaller.
Also, since the side waves are absorbed, noise due to diffuse reflection from the vicinity is
eliminated, and the signal to noise ratio of the signal is increased, so measurement can be
performed regardless of the installation conditions, and measurement sensitivity can be
increased. Stable measurement is possible.
(Example) Since the mounting hole is small and long as shown in FIG. 3, the side wave affects and
a normal signal can not be detected.
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