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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an
ultrasonic transducer dome, and in particular, to an ultrasonic wave in a scanning sonar for
emitting an ultrasonic signal in all directions and detecting a school of fish or the like from its
reflected wave. The present invention relates to an ultrasonic transducer dome that
accommodates an ultrasonic transducer in which a number of ultrasonic elements that transmit
and receive in water are formed in a cylindrical or semi-cylindrical shape.
2. Description of the Related Art Conventionally, this type of scanning sonar arranges in phase
the received signals of each of ultrasonic elements by arranging a large number of ultrasonic
elements in a cylindrical or semi-cylindrical shape to be directional. And receive sound waves
coming from each direction to perform underwater detection in a wide range of directions. FIG. 3
shows the outline of a conventional transducer, and a large number of ultrasonic elements 1 are
arranged in a cylindrical or semi-cylindrical shape to constitute a transducer 2. The transducer 2
is accommodated in a cylindrical sonar dome 3 made of an acoustic wave transmitting material,
and the sonar dome 3 is filled with castor oil 4 in order to prevent transmission attenuation of
ultrasonic waves. FIG. 4 shows an outline of the transducer 2 installed in the ship, and the
transducer 2 is installed from the bottom of the vessel through the shaft 5 for protrusion, and it
is more than all directions and angles (vertical direction). Transmit and receive sound waves.
When underwater detection is performed, sound waves are emitted uniformly in the
circumferential direction of the cylinder of the transducer 2. Then, a plurality of ultrasonic
elements 1 are combined and received by phase synthesis, detection in a specific direction is
performed, and detection in different directions is performed by changing the combination.
The directivity formed by combining the phases is configured to receive ultrasonic waves only in
a predetermined specific direction, and to minimize the reception sensitivity in unnecessary
However, there are sensitivities both in the directionality formed by the transducer configured in
this way and in the unnecessary direction in practice.
That is, in FIG. 5 showing the directivity of the cylindrical transducer 2 in the circumferential
direction, the sensitivity shown by reference numeral 7 exists in the unnecessary direction with
respect to the sensitivity 6 in the direction specified in advance. Therefore, when there is an
excessive noise with respect to the sensitivity 7, there is a disadvantage that a false image is
generated in a desired detection direction and becomes an obstacle to detection accuracy. This is
often caused by noise generated by the screw 8 and the engine 9 in the stern direction of the
ship. In addition, it is also affected by the generation of vortices in which air bubbles are caught
in the stern direction of the sonar dome 3 as the vessel travels (sea running noise).
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In the ultrasonic transducer dome, the present invention
provides a streamline sound insulating material on one side surface of the dome, and further, the
dome and the sound insulating material as a sound wave transmitting material. In order to solve
the problems of the prior art, the
Embodiments of the present invention shown in the drawings will be described in detail below.
In FIG. 1, a sound insulating material 10 configured in a streamlined manner is attached to one
side surface (preferably a stern direction side surface indicated by arrow A) of an ultrasonic
transducer dome, and the sound insulating material 10 and the rest of the dome The side surface
is coated with a sound transmitting material 11. As the sound insulation material 10, for
example, neoprene rubber having a large number of closed cells in the inside, a cork material
containing a large amount of air, or the like can be used. Further, as the sound wave transmission
material 11, for example, FRP resin or polyurethane rubber may be used.
According to the present invention relating to the above-described configuration, the noise
generated from the propeller or engine is significantly attenuated in sensitivity by the sound
insulating material 10 installed in that direction. That is, as shown in FIG. 2, the sensitivity in the
stern direction is suppressed by about 10 dB or more as compared to the sharp sensitivity in the
bow direction. Also, the reason that the sound insulation material 10 is streamlined (droplet type)
has the effect of suppressing the generation of vortices caused by the inclusion of air bubbles by
the dome during the travel of the ship, and it has the effect of reducing running sea noise It is.
[Effects of the Invention] As described above, by providing a sound insulating material on the
side of the sonar dome in the stern direction and making the shape streamlined (droplet type),
the influence of acoustic noise generated from a propeller or engine or It is possible to effectively
suppress the sensitivity in this direction while suppressing the influence of seaborne running
Brief description of the drawings
1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of the present invention.
2 is a graph showing the directivity characteristics in the embodiment.
3 is a perspective view showing a conventional ultrasonic transducer dome.
4 is a side view showing the ultrasonic transducer dome provided on the bottom of the ship.
5 is a graph showing the directivity characteristic in the above-mentioned conventional example.
Explanation of sign
Reference Signs List 1 ultrasonic element 2 transducer 3 sonar dome 4 castor oil 5 projecting
shaft 6 specific direction sensitivity 7 unnecessary direction sensitivity 8 screw 9 engine 10
sound insulating material 11 sound wave transmitting material
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