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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the speaker of the
present invention. 1.1 'is a diaphragm, 2 is a connecting member, 3.3', 4 DEG 4 'is a voice coil,
7.7' is a yoke, 8, 8 'is a magnet, 9.9' is a plate, 10 DEG 10 'Is a protrusion.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, the inner and outer
peripheries, the small-motion annular diaphragms are arranged relative to each other, and they
are made omnidirectional in the water east direction, and are directed to the direction of
flooding. It also relates to an omnidirectional speaker that exhibits very good directivity. In the
present invention, as shown in FIG. 1, an annular magnet 8 is attached to a mountain-shaped
yoke 7 having a cylindrical shape 772 and 2 projecting portions (10) in the center, and an
annular grate 9 is attached to the upper surface of the magnet 8. The magnetic circuit to be
configured is disposed opposite to each other, and the respective 'protrusions (10), (10') are
connected by the nonmagnetic connecting member 2, and the respective annular diaphragms 1.1
' The inner edge of diaphragm 1.1 'is affixed to the upper end of voice coil 3.3 located at the
center of the inner magnetic gear knob formed by the inner wall of plate 9.9' and the outer wall
of projection 10.10 ". The outer edge of the diaphragm 111 'is attached to the upper end of the
voice coil 4.4' disposed at the center of the outer magnetic gear rough formed by the outer wall
of the plate 9.9 'and the inner circumferential wall of the yoke 7.7. Play the outer circumferential
screen 1 of 5.5 'and the inner circumferential edge of damper 6.6' 19 'Adhered to the upper
surface of the damper 5.5' 9 'and dampers 6.6' voice coil 3.3 omnidirectional speaker to hold the
voice coil 4.4 'at. Since the present invention is configured as described above, the blind is
radiated horizontally from between the diaphragms 111 ', and becomes a highly efficient
nondirectional speaker. By making the gap between the diaphragms 111 'small even in the
vertical direction, the directivity is very good. Since the diaphragms by the voice coil 2 point 1
drive are opposed to each other, the combined pressure is increased.
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