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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment, FIG. 1 is a sectional view,
and FIG. 2 is a bottom view. 1 ...... sound receiving element, 2 ...... exit cable, · O covering, E · · · ·
receiving surface, B ...... Sebbutsuen. −69−
Detailed Description of the Invention In this invention, the sound tf F generated by an object such
as a construction or material, the sound transmitted through the object, etc. is transmitted to the
external world and disconnected from the external sound 1 [I + microphone 11 t K −-+ h C @ Kk
is a conversion element for converting mechanical vibration of the sound receiving element 1 # i
into electrical vibration, the output of which is taken out by the extraction cable 2 +, and the
extraction cable 2 to the sound reception element 1 And the waterproof cover 3 の a of
waterproof material such as neon thul ・ com. Its receiving direction is removed (8 を ク ゴ ム ど
の t 海 海 海 橿 橿 橿 0 そ の 0 受 受 受 と と 、, 、 114 警-2 <'; + '. Object rim B and upper
surface part CI-except for the periphery Neonpren · rubber and other waterproof materials
waterproof outside 115 f 8 and 4 h K, its upper extension? Form into smoke and water! 16
taking, the upper end KIk * Bf setting Ht 0 according to the microphone of this structure, from K
putting water in water * 6, the contact edge BK always K exudes a K exudation shim. When the
object ± ff 1 L +, pressing the upper water smoke 6 to squeeze, a water mass is directed on the
object, and this water and the spongy softness of the contact edge B make the kiss edge B% f 'l 密
着 adhere It will be in the state, and it will be possible to do jlll Fr before the outside world and to
receive the object sound completely), e, mM-like rear number is only the 14 letters added to the
top edge. It may have a shape K. 4) Brief description of the drawing: 1 shows an embodiment
according to the present invention, # 1 is a sectional view,-2 is a bottom view. 1 ... 9 sound
elements, 2 ... drawn cable, 3 ... waterproof side, number ... spongy, 5 ... waterproof outer bond, 6
... 1 ... water amount, water ... water , 8 ... gold cover, A ... f surface, B ... contact edge. Utility model
registration information-People, Ltd. Optoelectronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 1. , 88,---, ",-,-,-,-,-,-,-,,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,--------------------------------------second part Si S "Applicant, Inc., Opto-
electronics Mfg. Co., Ltd., Softwood) 1. ). 部 part → 月中 磯 go 7. n15 5 5
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