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■ Electromagnetic Electroacoustic Transducer Referee Akira 42-829 ■ Japanese Patent
Application No. 39-59800 [Phase] Application No. 39 (1964) October 20 @ Inventor Yoshida
Tomio 880 Kojima-ku Kojima-ku Kojima-ku Hiromachi machi Matsushita Communication
Industrial Co., Ltd. In-house company Toshimitsu Sendai-do-do Doshisha-do Doshi-do Doshi-do
Doshi-cho Katakura @ Doshisha Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Kadoma city Ogata
Kadoma 1006 [present] Attorney attorney Toshio Nakao
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side sectional view of a conventional
electromagnetic electroacoustic transducer, FIG. 2 is a side sectional view of one embodiment of
the electromagnetic electroacoustic transducer of the present invention, and FIG. One
improvement example, FIGS. 4 and 5 are operation explanatory diagrams.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an
electromagnetic electroacoustic transducer, which has improved bass characteristics and reduced
leakage loss. Conventionally, as shown in FIG. 1, as a converter of this type, a convex inner pole
61 made of a magnetic plate, an outer pole 52 having a flange 52 ', an annular permanent
magnet 53, and a protrusion around the inner pole 51 It is formed of a wound coil 54, a
diaphragm 65, an armature 56, and a support 57 made of nonmagnetic material for supporting
the diaphragm 55. Therefore, a direct current magnetic path of permanent magnet 53-4 pole 52armature 56-inner pole 51-permanent magnet 53 is formed, thereby performing electroacoustic
conversion. Inner pole 51-armachu [111111] pole 6-outer pole 52-outer An air gap between the
pole 52 and the inner pole 51-An AC magnetic path of the inner pole 51 is formed. However, in
this converter, the inner pole 51, the permanent magnet 53, and the outer pole 52 produce a
leakage flux as shown by dotted lines 58 and 59, and most of them are leakage losses. For
example, in the case of a 600 type telephone, the effective magnetic flux reaching the armature is
about 2.5% of the total magnetic flux generated from the permanent magnet, and the external
magnetic flux leakage of 59 is about 20%. The present invention concentrates the abovementioned leakage flux in one place, thereby raising the sensitivity of the bass region and
providing an electro-acoustic transducer with a small leakage loss. Referring to the embodiment
shown in FIG. 2, 1 is made of a magnetic material, and is an inner pole having a ridge 1 'and
having a ridge 1', 2 is made of a magnetic material like the inner pole 1, and its inner periphery
and outer periphery And 2 ', 2 "at the outer pole, 3 is an annular permanent magnet, 4 is a coil
wound around the central projection of the inner pole 1, 5 is a diaphragm, 6 is a vibration An
armature 7 is a support made of a nonmagnetic material for supporting the diaphragm 5 and 8 is
a portion between the support 7 and an outer shell 9 made of a nonmagnetic material. A damper
is provided to support the converter A, and the damper 8 vibrates in the same phase as the
vibration of the diaphragm 5 as determined by the stiffness S and the mass M of the converter A.
. Reference numeral 10 denotes a ring-shaped magnetic portion provided on a part of the inner
surface of the outer shell 9. With this configuration, a permanent magnet 3-outer pole 2armature 6-inner pole 1-permanent magnet and a permanent magnet 3-permanent magnet 3outer pole 2-magnetic body portion 10-inner pole 1-permanently for direct current magnetic flux
Two magnetic paths with the magnet 3 are formed, and for alternating magnetic flux, a magnetic
path consisting of an inner pole 1-armature 6-outer pole 2-magnetic main portion 10 [111111]
EndPage: 1- inner pole 1 is formed In addition to the vibration of the diaphragm 5 itself, the
converter A is moved up and down with the damper 8 as a fulcrum in accordance with the
change of the AC portion of the magnetic flux passing through the path of 2 "-magnetic material
portion 10 one by one.
As it has a number, the vibration of the transducer A is at maximum frequency of vibration at this
frequency. Although the driving force generated between the transducer A and the magnetic
body portion 10 also has a component in the radial direction, this is only one of [111111]
[1111111 [111111] * if the entire formula is only one formula, Corresponds to the handset of
Formula 3 is [111111] EndPage: 2 [111111]. 111111] EndPage: 3 down. Now, assuming that fo
is the lower limit of the audio frequency, the vibration valley f1 generated at lower frequencies is
irrelevant to the acoustic characteristics and there is a large loss of bass when crimped or
inserted in the ear like a receiver, ear phone etc. According to the present invention, since the
sensitivity in the low frequency range is increased, it is possible to improve the frequency
characteristics of the drum [111111] film surface in the state of being closed to the ear.
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