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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a conventional ultrasonic
vibration apparatus, and FIGS. 2 and 3 show an embodiment of the apparatus of the present
invention. FIG. Fig. 1-73 = Actual opening 49-36928 (2) Fig. 2 C-? ] -74
[Detailed description of the invention] As shown in FIG. 1, the conventional ultrasonic vibration
device performs ultrasonic vibration on the bottom surface of the ultrasonic horn aO'1 with the
ultrasonic horn 61 The tip of the screw C, which can be inserted into a plurality of screw holes d
provided in the pigeon chest of the holding frame C consisting of an endless ring, abuts on the
outer periphery of the non-oscillating node of the ultrasonic horn to hold the ultrasonic horn a. It
is held in the frame C and loosens the screw C by the vibration of the ultrasonic horn, and
reduces the tip 21 ′ ′ of the screw by loosening of the screw and reduces the contact vibration
of the ultrasonic horn, adversely affecting the elastic vibration of the ultrasonic horn Had the
disadvantage of · · The proposal can be easily removed · · · 11 to overcome the disadvantages of
the conventional 11 as described above, the following implementation of the mallet 1! 1/1] will
be described based on 4q-Q ('1ss n) in the drawing, 1 is an ultrasonic horn, 2 is an ultrasonic
transducer, for example, a piezoelectric crystal piece is properly mounted with a pair of
electrodes When a high frequency voltage is applied between a pair of electrodes, the
piezoelectric crystal piece vibrates in resonance with the frequency of the high frequency
voltage, and the ultrasonic transducer is fixed to the bottom of the ultrasonic horn 1 by The sonic
horn is elastically vibrated. Reference numeral 3 is a holding frame, and in FIG. 2, the holding
frame 4 is made of a quadrilateral wire, and the central part of one opposing side of the
quadrilateral wire is welded to the outer circumference circle of the non-oscillating portion of the
ultrasonic horn 1 In the embodiment in which the ring-shaped portion 4.4 'is bent at the central
portion of the other opposite side, and in the case of' 153f; 4L: 't3, the holding frame 3 is a flat
plate having a through hole 5 In this embodiment, the ultrasonic horn 1 penetrates the true
through hole 5 and the stepped portion 1e of the non-vibrating portion of the ultrasonic horn is
welded to the side surface of the flat plate. Thus, according to the present invention, the nonoscillating node portion of the ultrasonic horn that is elastically vibrated by the ultrasonic
vibrator 2 is welded to the holding frame 3 and the ultrasonic horn 1 is held by the holding
frame 3 to form 1 □. As the ultrasonic horn is not vibrated, the '29, 49-36928-03 nodes are
welded to the holding bar, so no external force is applied to the outer circumference of the
ultrasonic horn, so that the ultrasonic horn does not vibrate. It has the effect of being able to
stably and elastically vibrate the ultrasonic horn.
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