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Yukio Miyake, President of the Patent Office, title details of invention, ?, 1, title of invention 1,
title of invention echo lens
Acoustic lens ? address 8-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 12-15, (4) Power of attorney -1, 35.5 knee
17. .
In the detailed description of the invention-the invention relates to a diffuse four acoustic lens,)such as can be eliminated, for example, not only in the directional all-horizontal direction of the
loudspeaker but also in the vertical direction The purpose is to obtain an acoustic lens.
Conventionally, there is a method of using an acoustic lens as shown in FIG. 1 in order to make
the speaker omnidirectional. In this case, a plate 1 'provided with a notch at its center is disposed
in a car row at an interval of 14 or less of the wavelength and inclining with respect to the
direction of two lines of sound. When a plane wave is incident from the direction of arrow A,
since its path is inclined downward at the end of the day between ? 1, it becomes an ugly line V
? invasion 2 more than the actual path length 2 ░. Because the width is small in the vicinity of
the center of the board 1 at one place, the path of the sound that passes that part! Is shorter than
p. Therefore, there is a phase difference between the sound of one vortex and the sound of width
one floor in the central part of the plate 1, and the sound incident as a plane wave is radiated
with a cylindrical wave [7] . That is, a plane wave having directivity has a cylindrical surface that
does not have directivity in the horizontal direction. By the way, depending on the purpose of use
of the speaker, there is nothing for all directions of the front of the 'Sbi' car. Directionality: (There
may be a need. However, depending on the above-mentioned '#', it can not achieve its purpose.
The present invention does not make this possible, and EndPage: 13/3 (/ 'i shows an example
thereof. 6 и 6 Figure (. I) shows a cleavage view of an eyelid 2 which is a material of an acoustic
lens. The plate 2 is shaped like a trumpet shaped like a quadruple with one curve Q-5, Oh,> hb,
and has a length of 1 and it is a symmetry axis, 2. As shown in 1), ?Become to be bent. In this
way, as shown in Fig. 8 (5 ? 2 ? N '5 (f и) K), the vertex lines are aligned at one point, as shown
in Fig. 8. It arranges in [11 cedars] like Tahif 6 feathers centering on a point. ? In that case, even
if it is the outermost ? of the 1 v I interval of each 1 2 2, it is less than (i. ?? The 7 f + 1 / l's 5
configured as above on LA are yellowed in front of the speaker (ии 1 9 9 self-yellowing), and the
sound is produced in the direction of ?? 4 on the paper surface in 6 (c). Between the plates 2
and 2 'is formed a <curved-square,...' Bent path, and the path area is the outer circumference l (1
In the past, this sounding rod was completely overwhelmed by the center: 5f + has one standing
phase more than one sound passing through the outer peripheral part 71. (9, plane waves
become spherical waves. Change to something close: fish. That is, a characteristic close to the
eyebrow directivity over 3600 is obtained. The difference in path between the center and the
periphery is changed 1:13 The distance between the plates 2 is changed by measuring the
curvature of the curves of the upper and lower aa and ob curves of the plate 2 and measuring the
troublesome ki Because they can be selected at will, they will decide their quality according to
the non-directional request. In addition, since the edge ab of the board 2 does not have a
civilization in the characteristic of the sound bowl, any shape can be adopted. In the above
embodiment, the plate 2 is fully bent to form a path, but it is not necessary. For example, the
shape obtained by dividing the plate 2 by its folding line Od May be arranged like fan blades. In
order to do this, it is sufficient to change the line 8) from the central part toward the outer
peripheral part so as to be longer. As described above, the present invention arranges a large
number of identically shaped plates radially like a turbine or a fan of a fan with a constant
inclination and circularly so as to form a grid at intervals, and each plate Of the sound waiting for
it, so that the path length of the path changes so as to increase from the center to the outer
periphery, even if the sound incident on this acoustic lens is a plane wave, that is, Even if it has
? -ffs tropism? The convex curved surface wave can be diffused, and it can be diffused not only
in the horizontal direction but also in the vertical direction, that is, in the vertical and horizontal
directions of 360 degrees as in the conventional case.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a conventional acoustic lens
and Fig. 2 'is a side view thereof. Fig. 5 shows an embodiment of the present invention, wherein
(a) is a developed view of the plate, (b) is a perspective view of the -1 plate, and (c) is a part of the
acoustic of the present invention. It is a perspective view of a lens. 2.2 '... board, 5 ... sound
"group lens. 1311 (C) EndPage: 26 Other than the above inventor, agent (11 inventor's address
No. 3 Nagisa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Moriya-cho, No. 12 in Japan Victor
Co., Ltd. Nori name P Sawa Takenori address same name Susumu Konishi Address same place
name Matsu 1) Ken-(2) Agent address Chuo-ku, Tokyo 8-12-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku Tokyo EndPage:
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