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(SooO yen (1972 12712C) Exit 20 same as inventor patent applicant 41 ? 1 ? Maki address (+,
I place) Tokyo Seta e ward cord winding 6-210-5 Name Etominami Telephone 480- 'i! 4783,
patent applicant. 4. List of attached documents (1) 1 specification ? Japanese Patent Office ?
Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 49-85794 @ ???????? IF "Specification 1,
title of the invention
Double hose type for water conversation
3. Detailed description of the invention In the current underwater conversation method, 0 using
ultrasonic waves using a helmet using a helmet or a mask that covers the face integrally is used
for industrial use etc. However, underwater conversation is not conducted in the diving method
using the I lip 'mouthpiece which is widely used and widely used in leisure and the like. However,
in the mouthpiece system, which is easy to handle and widely used, it is extremely useful for the
communication of diving with a bear, the communication of cooperative work, etc. if it is possible
to easily communicate near distance by voice. It is self-evident that improving the safety of
diving, reducing the feeling of individuality, doubling fun and so on are effective. An object of the
present invention is to enable short distance <rFaa voice communication which has not been
conventionally illuminated in the double hose type -1 reduction non-correspondence. For this
purpose, the entire mouthpiece for conversation is used, and a vibrating membrane is provided
on the opposite side of the mouthpiece to transmit an acoustic wave, that is, a word, into water
for conversation. Next, referring to the drawings showing the embodiment, in FIG. 1, FIG. 2, (1) is
a mouthpiece for speech, (2) is its speech membrane, and (3) is a lip, (4) is a holding piece which
is bitten by teeth. (5) is a megaphone main body, and a vibrating membrane (61 'ft) provided
with waterproof processing on a thin cloth of synthetic fiber is provided at the end thereof, and a
thin metal diaphragm (7) is totally adhered to the center of the water contact surface. (8) is a
protective cover of the vibrating membrane (6), and the front surface thereof is a grid (9) which
is made as small as possible in a shielded area tube. The retaining cover (8) and the megaphone
(5) are screwed together at the heel and sandwich the vibrating membrane (6). If the
convergence is an air supply pipe attachment port and 6 is an air supply pipe, Q4 is an exhaust
pipe attachment port, (C) is an exhaust pipe, and ?2 is a pressure reducing valve main body. If a
double hose type vocalization mouthpiece and a pressure reducing valve with a diaphragm are
used, the mouthpiece (1) has a vocalization membrane (2) made of a thin rubber film and the
pressure on the lip EndPage The sound of Pappi Bepo and Mamimu memo, which could not be
squeezed by a conventional mouse 4 ? piece, can be uttered and can utter all the sounds
necessary for conversation. The sound wave uttered by this mouthpiece (1) vibrates the
diaphragm (6) and the diaphragm (7), transmits the sound wave to the water outside the body,
and transmits a sonic sound wave in the water. The sound wave can be detected by the ear and
the words can be heard. In this way, in the submersible which uses the double hose type pressure
reducing valve used as the mouthpiece, the conversation mouthpiece having the voiced
membrane is used as the mouthpiece, and the megaphone (5) and the vibrating membrane (6)
are used on the tip. By providing it, it is possible to have an underwater conversation extremely
In this way, if you use the double hose type -1 reduction non-conversation for underwater
conversation, it is extremely useful to bring a word to the world of whales as described in the
near-field vocal conversation extremely easily in water. Although I do not wait for theory, it is
obvious that one of the group members can have long-distance contact by having an ultrasonic
conversation system, and see an extremely large event that benefits both industrially and
leisurely. JP-A-49-85794 (2)
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of a double hose type -1 reduction
non-alignment according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a mouse c ? f
7 ((1). ....... mouthpiece (6) иииииииииииииии vibrating membrane applicant Tamio Egashira EndPage:?
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