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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of a conventional pickup, FIG.
2A is a side view showing a tip portion of the pickup 1 of the present invention, FIG. FIG. 4 is a
side view of the pickup according to the present invention, and FIG. 4 is a perspective view of its
construction. 1, 10
и Buffers for 4.18 ииииииииии Lead wire, 5 , 14 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и damping body, 12 12C 16 и и и и и
conductive adhesive, 17, 17 и и и и и и и rubber adhesive. Fig. 1 -3- 'Ino ("' f" '(H No., 7' ? .. 2, Person
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of the pink-up for video disc, in which the lead wire from which the electric signal reproduced by
the pickup is to be derived is from the pressure-sensitive element constituting the pink-up to the
support rod In regard to the pickup 2 to keep the empty laK free. A recording medium formed by
recording and recording an Einrinchi signal section in a spiral shape # of a brass carrier is known
as a so-called video disc. A pick-up as shown in FIG. 1 has been proposed for reproducing an
original video signal etc. from this video disc. This known pickup has a reproduction needle (1), a
pressure-sensitive element 2), a buffer (8),! J-Daw), support rod (6) and damping body (6). In this
type of pickup, the pressure-sensitive element (the second electrode and the lead wire 4) is
connected directly by brazing or a conductive adhesive. The connection is made. In this state,
since the lead wire (4) has a relationship 717 in the #i space other than the connection portion of
the company lead wire (4), the influence exerted on the pressure sensitive element by the lead
wire (4) is extremely large. That is, mechanical 'and vibration caused by the reproducing needle
or the motor of the player cause vibrations of the multi-lead 1ll KII by the weight, length and
tension of the lead wire (4). Then, this vibration is transmitted to the pressure sensitive element
2), which causes the moxibustion. In the space, the lead in the form of 7 lee-(4 contacts from
outside the company, for example, the contact of the finger with the hard-middle lead is pulled to
3 and the wire with the electrode of the pressure sensitive element (2) There is a great risk of the
part peeling off. In addition, it is extremely difficult to connect the electrodes and lead wires of a
very fine pressure-sensitive element as an assembly problem [6] and the workability is extremely
deteriorated. In the same manner, the damping body (6) for supporting the branch line 5) and
attenuating unnecessary vibration follows the displacement where the reproducing needle (1)
vibrates at low frequency in the vertical and horizontal directions of the video disc and is good. In
order to gain tracking, we have appropriate compliance. However, when the lead is connected to
the output ladder (the terminal from which the electrical signal reproduced by the pickup is to be
derived to the first stage amplifier circuit), the tension and hardness of this lead affect the
compliance of the attenuator (IB). Feeding tracking becomes very unstable. Thus, the leads
mounted in a conventional manner always cause an indeterminate element to the characteristics
of the pickup. The present invention provides a pickup for a video disc which argues for the
above mentioned drawbacks. Fig. 2 (a) (-shows an embodiment of the pickup according to the
present invention; Fig. 9) shows the head of the pickup 1a, and Fig. 9 shows an Oka 4 front end O
regular rT 381I.
Each figure is a pressure-resistant element with a pair of electrodes on both sides, a shock
absorbing body that fixes the upper surface of the pressure-sensitive element, am It is a
supporting rod made of an insulating material. At least a place where the shock absorber is
attached to the supporting rod ? ? is formed into a substantially concave shape in cross
section. From the viewpoint of manufacturing, it is better to provide a recess over the entire area
in the longitudinal direction of the supporting rod (b) as shown in the drawing. The supporting
rod ?41 is provided with a conductive layer C115 (G), each end of which is disposed to
individually face each of the electrodes 5a (2) k of the pressure-sensitive element (2) and extends
in the longitudinal direction KG of the supporting rod . The conductive layer may be formed by
plating, bonding, vapor deposition or coating of a conductive material. In the same manner, it is
fine if the position after the formation of the conductive layer 2 (g) exhibits such a shape, and the
supporting rod material has such a shape. It does not have to be. The electrodes of the pressuresensitive element and the conductive layer oa (mostly) CII are, for example, conductive
electrically conductive by methods other than by means of (the lead wire which is free in space).
Two lI for applying the agent (2)! The reliability can be increased by molding the conductive
adhesive resin with the rubber adhesive ?? in order to hold the adhesive Q ?. In the
assembling procedure of this pickup, first, a loose value body (d) is mounted in the recess of the
tip of the support bar (b) and a pressure sensitive element (b) is mounted thereon. Then, the
electrode of the pressure sensitive element and the conductive layer of the support rod may be
connected, and the best vIk FC regeneration needle may be attached to the pressure sensitive
element. However, even if the regenerating needle #i is initially deposited on the pressuresensitive element, it is good. This lI! A notable difference between the example and the
embodiment of FIG. 2 is that, as shown, the supporting rod is straight in the former and bent in
the proper angle in the latter. From the viewpoint of the producibility of the supporting rod
alone, the former 25 is turned, but the angle at which the reproducing needle abuts on the video
disc is different from that in the prior art 4 and it is necessary to devise this aspect. Since this is
beyond the scope of the present invention, its description will be omitted. M4 Fig. 9- # i This is a
view showing a desirable embodiment of the pick-up according to the present invention, in which
the lead 6 to be led out from the conductive layer of the support ? o 41 to the output terminal is
also devised. It removes the uncertainty that the wire exposes and the leads give to the
characteristics of the pickup. That is, the lead wire is removed from one end of the support rod
by brazing or adhesion, and the lead is molded with a damping body mK made of silicone rubber
or the like.
According to the present invention, since the conventional <11-lead wire has a configuration that
can not be compared to the space, the lead wire has an influence on the pressure-sensitive
element or the lead wire breaks due to external contact, and further, the lead wire The wire is
extremely useful because it can remove the conventional defects such as peeling of the
connection portion of the electrode of the pressure sensitive element.
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