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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view of one embodiment of the present
invention, FIG. 2 is a side view of another embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a
line for explaining the operation of the present invention. Figure. 1 ..... Support stand, 2, 3 .....
External extraction electrode, 4 ... E .... Support rod, 9, 9 ..... Side wall. e) A1. One international
standard: 2 times-3 real opening 50-48602 (2) stem ': 31 "IA = 4
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of vibrators for electromechanical transducers such as pink-up cartridges and microphones.
Heretofore, since a vibrator belonging to the relevant technical field is configured by bonding a
pair of vibrators with an adhesive, manufacturing and assembly become complicated, and manhours, 1) and cost are unnecessarily required. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In view of the
above-mentioned disadvantages, the present invention provides a non-adhesive bimorph
oscillator which does not require bonding of a pair of oscillators with an adhesive. The following
nine embodiments of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. In
FIG. 1, reference numeral 1 denotes a support made of an insulator, and reference numerals 2
and 3 denote external lead electrodes. 4 is a bending piece made of a conductive metal or the
like, and the middle portion has a recess 6 into which a pressure-sensitive element 5 made of a
piezoelectric ceramic or a semiconductor is fitted. The other end is fixed to a support and is in
electrical communication with the external lead-out electrode 3. 7 is a support rod whose one
end is pressed against the middle portion of the pressure sensitive element 5 with an appropriate
force to prevent the pressure sensitive element 5 from falling off from the bending piece 4, and
the other end is fixed to the support base 1 And at the same time as the external lead-out
electrode 2. The support rod 7 doubles as one lead wire. Further, electrodes 8, 8 ′ ′ are
provided on both surfaces of the pressure sensitive element 5. Next, the assembly and operation
will be described. First, bend (2) [【(11tI field, − bend piece 4 in the A direction, bend piece 4
and support rod 7, bias :,! When the pressure sensitive element 5 is inserted and inserted into the
concave 3 and the portion 6 of the bending piece 4 in a state of being blinded by a cabinet, i'W'n,
the bending piece 4 returns to its original shape, and the pressure sensitive element 5 Is
supported by the bending piece 4 and the support rod 7, and the pressure sensitive element 5 is
always preloaded by the side wall 9.91 of the recess 6. Furthermore, if the preload is sufficiently
applied by positively bending the bending piece 4 in the B direction, the movement of the
bending piece 4 is sufficiently transmitted to the pressure sensitive element. As another
embodiment, as shown in the second L) :, bending the main body 4 'of the bending piece slightly
downward in the normal state, and applying sufficient pressure to the pressure-sensitive element
5 is also for detection of the minute vibration part. It is desirable to have. The reference numerals
correspond to those in FIG. FIG. 3 shows an example of the drive waveform of the device
according to the present invention. The driving pressure acts to apply or subtract to the preload
P), and in the detection of a small amplitude, the driving waveform is outside the preload slightly
above the driving pressure and within the resonance range of the oscillator. (3)) I wonder if you
want to play faithfully. Since it is necessary to bond the present invention as described below, it
is easy to manufacture and assemble, contributes to reduction of the number of steps, and also
makes the impact resistance dog and improves the mechanical strength.
In addition, the material of the pressure-sensitive part is small and the cost is also reduced.
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