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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a structural view of a cartridge according to an
embodiment of the present invention and a part of a wiring diagram thereof, and FIG. 2 is a
structural view of a cartridge according to another embodiment. The figure shows a part of the
wiring diagram in FIG. '1 иии и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и electrodes. Fig. 1-3-50-56 102 (2) Fig.
3-Fig. 2-4
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a piezoelectric
cartridge. Cartridges can be divided into electromagnetic type, electrostatic type, light W type,
pressure W type, etc. according to the #i at W @ structure, but the present invention belongs to a
piezoelectric type cartridge and uses a special rubber material showing piezoelectricity as a
damper It is a thing. Well, the waveform of the groove of the record desk transmits the needle
and the cantilever to distort the rubber damper. On the other hand, in the conventional cartridge,
in order to detect the movement of the cantilever separately from the strain of the rubber
damper, a sound pressure conversion element such as a magnet, a coil, a solar cell, a
piezoelectric material, blind movement for capacitance detection is used. . :-,, = (1) The present
invention focuses on the fact that the above-mentioned damper is distorted by the waveform of
the groove, and is rubber exhibiting piezoelectricity? ! It is an object of the present invention to
provide a cartridge which can be used as a 131 t total damper and can be configured as a
cylindrical tower at low cost and with a few parts of a small number of parts without using a
conventional sound pressure conversion element and with excellent characteristics. Hereinafter,
embodiments of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. The
damper 1 is made of a rubber material exhibiting piezoelectricity, for example, made of
chloroprene. FIG. 1 shows a part of the cartridge 7 wiring for single type stereo, in which the
damper 1 is formed in a square pole shape. , Fixing through the cantilever 3 provided with the
needle 2 at the tip and forming electrodes 4 and 5 by deposition or coating on the upper right
slope and the upper left slope; And resistors, and resistors 10 and 11 connected to amplifiers 8
and 9 as the other 1 m 'pole opposite cantilever 1 to 1 lirika or 5 respectively. DC power source
10 B connected to each other 4 and 6 through the respective lines D and D through DC As a bias,
which is considered to be chloroprene tII Ew. The second factor is a cartridge for differential type
stereos, and the damper 1 made of chromoprene is formed in a cylindrical shape and penetrates
the cantilever 3 and is an insulating rigid body integral with the cantilever 3 at the central part of
the front lens. 12 is fixedly fixed, and on its front face, the four divided 11 r & 4 x + 4 n and 51 +
51 are formed on the outer periphery of the insulating rigid body 12. The rear surface B is
attached to a rigid wall or the like, and the cantilever 3 is connected with the rear surface B as a
full-voltage electrode. FIG. 3 shows a part of the wiring, which is connected to the input end of
the differential amplifier 8 'through the electrodes 4t + 4g or the coupling capacitors 6 ? and
63, respectively, and the width W of the three sides is also the same. 10 or 10 connected to the
resistor 10.
Similar to the one shown in FIG. 1, a DC bias source B connected via a DC bias source supplies a
bias voltage that makes chlorgren piezoelectric, but in FIG. 3 it corresponds to the market "In" R.
и) (3) и и и и: 1 wiring is omitted, but more than the port connected in exactly the same way to
another differential amplifier According to the configuration of the present invention, with the
waveform change of the groove 1 needle 2 and The damper 1 is distorted via the cantilever 3
and this distortion converts it into a sound pressure signal, which can be extracted as a sound
pressure signal from an appropriate electrode. In the embodiment, the needle point 08lI
mechanical impedance is Zl In the case of = 5Qdyn, * a, b7-, when the needle tip speed V = 10
bows / 446, an output of about lO ? V is obtained, and although it is a cartridge with a simple
configuration, it is comparable to a conventional piezoelectric cartridge The output of It was.
Thus, the present invention can be composed of very few parts, is inexpensive, and has a very
simple configuration of rcm, so that the cartridge can have excellent characteristics (! :).
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