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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an outline view of an example of an ultrasonic
transducer according to the present invention. E. The opening of the horn, the small hole at the
base of the 3 ・ ° horn. −137−●
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION One of the methods of detecting a rear pupil
document and giving a driver's attention when a vehicle such as a car is moving backward is
using ultrasonic reflection. The present invention relates to the improvement of an ultrasonic
transducer used in such a case. In general, transducers which emit or receive ultrasonic waves
for this purpose are usually mounted at the lower part of the rear member of a car or the like,
but when mounted close to the ground in this way, the ground Detect the upper gravel and slight
unevenness, and issue an unnecessary alarm to make the crystal 1-turn off. To avoid this,
sharpen the directivity characteristics of the transducer. Although it is necessary to use means
such as directing the main beam slightly above the button, if such means is used, detection of
small projections etc. on the ground can be avoided while the directivity in the lateral direction
becomes sharp. The drawback is that the detection range of the obstacle is narrowed.
Conventionally, in order to eliminate this drawback, a method of installing a plurality of
transducers in the left and right direction has been used, but in this case the device becomes
expensive as a matter of course. In order to relieve various uneconomical reasons, only one
ultrasonic transducer is used, and by using a horn of a special shape for this, ultrasonic waves
with extremely sharp in the vertical direction and broad directivity in the horizontal direction The
present invention provides a transducer and will be described below with reference to the
drawings. The drawing is an outline view of an example of an ultrasonic transducer according to
the present invention, and 1 in FIG. 1 is a transducer for converting electro-imaging into
ultrasonic pregnancy by an ultrasonic transducer, for example, titanate 1) ram system The
electrostrictive film moving member 2 is a horn having a flat elliptical shape whose opening 2 a
is added 2 to 1, and a small hole formed at the bottom of the horn 2. Although this transducer is
used in a direction in which the major axis of the horn opening is perpendicular to the ground,
the directionality of the ultrasonic wave in the major axis becomes extremely sharp and the
minor axis It is characterized in that there is no malfunction due to small irregularities on the
ground because wide-angle directivity can be obtained within it. Note that such directivity is an
application of the principle of Hoigensu, and such an ultrasonic handset with a horn In a small
vehicle, it is possible to detect an obstacle behind the object and to know the distance to a certain
obstacle. In addition, although there are cases where it is necessary to use two or more such
transducers in a large-sized vehicle, it is far more economical than conventional ones in any case.
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