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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawings illustrate embodiments of the present
invention, and FIG. 1 is a front elevational view in longitudinal section, FIG. 2 is a perspective
view seen obliquely from below, and FIG. It is an A-line cross section enlarged side view. 1 ......
speaker box, 3 ...... upper bearing, 4 ...... frame, 5 ...... cone speaker, 6 ... Kawakami unit shaft, 7- ...
Lower support shaft,. 8 иии Sphere, 10
ииииииииииииииииииииии иии 14 ...... external thread, 15 ...... washer, 16 ...... thumbscrew member, 17 ...... straight
slot. Calculation-Fig. 91-Actual opening 50-74331 (2) Calculation 2 Fig. 3-92
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an area wide-area
wide-area broadcasting loud speaker capable of freely changing the direction of a speaker in a
speaker box. In the conventional loudspeaker system, the speaker is fixedly housed in the
speaker box, the directivity of the speaker itself is already constant when manufactured, and the
structure housed in the speaker box is also fixed in manufacture. Therefore, conventionally, there
has been no method other than changing the mounting angle of the speaker box itself in order to
change the directivity of the loudspeaker (1). This is not desirable in terms of aesthetics,
especially when the wide-area broadcast loudspeakers in the area are installed on a station
platform, hall, theater, etc., and it is not desirable in terms of aesthetics, and it takes time and
effort to change directivity. There was a drawback such as requiring time. The present invention
has been made in view of such a drawback, and by making the speaker housed in the speaker
box variable, the speaker box can be freely and easily changed in directivity only as identified. It
is an object of the present invention to provide the above and solve the above-mentioned
drawbacks. The configuration of the present invention will be described below with reference to
the drawings. Reference numeral 1 denotes a speaker box, and an upper bearing 6 for universal
coupling is fixed to an upper plate 2 in the speaker box. 4 is a frame and a plurality of cone
speakers 5, 5. и и Are mounted in tandem, and upper and lower support shafts 6 and 21 (21 and
lower support shafts 7 respectively project in the overlapping direction) at the center of the
upper and lower portions of the frame. A ball 8 is fixed at the upper end of the upper support
shaft, and is rotatably fitted to the upper bearing 6 to support a frame 4. The bottom plate 9 of
the speaker box 1 is provided with a lower bearing 12 having a circular guide groove 10 and a
guide hole 11 in the front-rear direction. The lower bearing inserts the lower support shaft 7 of
the frame 4 into the guide hole 11 to guide it so as to be able to swing in the back and forth
direction, and a hand ball 16 provided at the center of the lower support shaft 7 is used as the
guide groove 10. It slides inside to support the frame 4 so as to be able to swing back and forth.
The lower end portion of the lower support shaft 7 projects below the lower bearing 12 (that is,
below the bottom plate 9 of the speaker box 1), and a male screw 14 is engraved at the lower
end portion of the lower support shaft. The ring screw member 16 is screwed through 15 to fix
the rotation of the frame 40 and the swing in the front-rear direction. Reference numeral 17
denotes a minus groove provided at the lower end edge of the lower support shaft 7, and is a
groove for engaging with a driver when the frame 4 is rotated.
(3) As shown in the first drawing, the front surface 18 of the speaker box 1 is formed in a convex
shape with a cross section in the form of a hand arc so as not to prevent the rotation when the
frame 4 is rotated. Next, the operation of the above embodiment will be described. The cone
speakers 5, 5,. When changing the finger M of the so-called column speaker in the vertical angle
direction, loosen the thumbscrew member 16 screwed to the lower support shaft 7 of the frame
4 and guide the lower support shaft to the lower bearing 12 By swinging the groove in the
longitudinal direction along the groove 10 and the guide hole 11, the direction of the column
speaker is changed from obliquely upward (elevation angle is about / j ? ?) to oblique
downward (depression angle is about / J0) Can. Further, when changing the directivity of the
column speaker in the horizontal angle direction, the screw connection between the hinge
member 16 and the lower support shaft 7 is loosened, and a minus groove 17 provided at the
lower end edge of the lower support shaft The frame 4 is also rotated by engaging the driver etc.
with the driver and rotating the lower support shaft in the same direction, and the direction of
the column speaker can be changed to either left or right direction (4). The lower support shaft 7
is fixed to the lower bearing 12 by screwing the thumbscrew member 16 to the lower support
shaft 7 at the position where the rigidity is obtained. In the above embodiment, a large number of
cone speakers 5, 5,. The direction in which the sound is radiated like a stereo speaker by
providing two or more columns of this column speaker (so-called column speakers) and
arranging two or more frames 4 corresponding to the column speakers. Various effects can be
obtained, such as being able to expand freely to the left and right. Also, only one speaker may be
attached to the frame 4. Since the present invention has the above-described configuration, a
frame in which two or more cascaded speakers are mounted in the speaker box is pivotally
supported in a horizontal angular direction and pivotably supported in the rear direction and
stored. The speaker box can be mounted in a fixed state by allowing the lower support shaft
provided at the lower end of the frame to project from the lower surface of the speaker box so
that the rotation and swing operation can be performed from the outside. As it is, (5) the frame
can be pivoted or rocked from the outside via the lower support shaft, and the directivity of the
speaker can be freely and easily changed. Therefore, according to the present invention, it is not
necessary to attach the speaker box upward, downward or sideways as in the prior art, and a
large number of loudspeakers of the present invention can be used in theaters, halls, station
platforms, etc. When arranged, only the directivity of each loudspeaker can be freely and easily
changed while the appearance of the speaker box of each loudspeaker remains the same, so that
a uniform alignment beauty can be obtained, which is aesthetically superior. It produces effects
such as
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