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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the Hornsby force
according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a schematic cross-sectional view of the same
thickness of the Dough users, and FIG. It is a schematic sectional view of a thing. 1・・・・・・
ホーン、2・・・・・・ディフユーザ。 Fig. 1 Fig. 2-101-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The book 44 relates to a horn speaker having a
directional diffuser and a conventional diffuser to improve the wedge * 1. The f-numbers
conventionally used to improve the finger 1I31 nature of the horn speaker are various in their
type and # construction, and 9.4 V in addition, for example, notches, 戚- The i-4 IIJ swash plate
horn is placed for opening, or the periphery is thickened compared with Kinuyu, and it is placed
flat on the Kunihon book resistance holder horn / opening ■-round etc. There is. '91 However,
as mentioned above, the nineteenth letter 't' letter 'N' is four 4's, so it takes time and effort to
make an effort, and the cost is high 1- defect 69's, soars too loud There is a risk that a selfindulgent, easy-to-play 9th "piling back" may occur. The 4th nest tries to rumor to eliminate the
defects of the above-mentioned honcho gramophone lens, and the l-o case is illustrated for
drawing! +! Light up. In the figure, 1 is a horn with a circular opening, and 2 is a diffuser. The
material reduction of the diffuser 2 is 69 for the ## burnout antibody around 66 pores of the
soft station injection like the 壜 pillow 庖 urethane etc., and has a semispherical outer #, and 2
for the 鵬 1 figure And hollow so as to expand in the direction of the traveling wave in the
direction of 7 o'clock. Facing, 1 is emitted from the opening of the horn, and the circulation is
close to 1 lll and the circulation property is 1 to 82, and this flll E passes through the diffuser 2 .
・ When the distance j which is outside j1 corridor t ′ ′ is to be treated as a mid-wives as
7′−1 per 1ll I (thicker) because it gets worse than the sound phase or S, after passing through
a diffuser The sound wave is in the form of widening and widening of the 9 fingers same
character. 2-In Fig. 2, in order to raise the above effects, the thickness t of the outer m portion
and the weir 1 of the t- central portion are also made larger. As described above, if you put an IC
# 讐 resistor in one row ^, it will cause decay in the castle, but you can use it in reverse for one
princess of f 逆. In the case of a speaker using a short horn for a whistle, the moment of seven
rises as the load becomes A, and this diffuser t-using the shoulder and shoulders register note flat
and also changing the directivity Can. Nao, fφ shielding antibody recoursely to the outside of the
@ vh お よ び 内 パ ン チ パ ン チ 尋 パ ン チ。 カ バ ー。 パ ン チ 6 + 6 [6]. According to the
horn speaker of this 4th song, the directivity can be changed as the upper ml, which can also be
used for the iIA of textiles, # the remains are simple, one is 8m, and the cost is also female・ "↓ :.
σ 'Also, unlike conventional C's, there is no occurrence of "biri-tsukui" due to the diffuser, and
Toshio of the temple, which is @ U-go, turns. 3−
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