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■ Cartridge 0 Japanese Patent Application No. 46-24487 [Phase] Application No. 46 (1971)
Published April 19 A. No. 47-38004 @ Sho 47 (1972) Dec. 4 0 Murayama Naohiro Wide Biwaichi
City Kashiwacho Maehara 16 1 Takao Ikio Iwaki City Ochiai 28 28 1 Dokubo Kotani Hidetoshi
Iwaki 16 Oshimachi Maehara 10 Applicants Shiba Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Tokyo Naka-ku
Nihonbashi Horidomecho 1 8 [present] Attorney Attorney Shinobu details DESCRIPTION The
present invention relates to a cartridge of a record player and uses a vinylidene fluoride resin
film treated under a high voltage electric field as an electro-mechanical converter of a
conventionally known cartridge. A magnet, a piezoelectric crystal, a piezoelectric ceramic, etc. are
used as elements for converting the vibration of the record needle into a current in a
conventionally known cartridge, and in particular, the piezoelectric ceramic has excellent sound
characteristics and is used for high-grade products ing. However, ceramics are poor in impact
resistance, and may be damaged or cracked by careless handling in manufacturing,
transportation 2 assembly, etc., resulting in an accident that their functions are significantly
degraded, and many troubles occur in cartridge assembly inspection. It takes [111111] Further,
the cartridge using the ceramic is deteriorated when the number of times of use is increased to
generate noise, and the sound quality is deteriorated and the life is short. In addition, a
mechanical-electrical converter has also been proposed in which the bending vibration of the
polymer film is converted into an electric current and taken out from the electrodes attached to
both sides of the film. The force conventionally known film uses only bending vibration. -A
conversion efficiency of electricity is poor, and practical voice current can not be obtained in a
very small area that can be accommodated in a cartridge, and the island is vinylidene fluoride
resin in which the vibration of the record needle of the cartridge is processed under high voltage
electric field It is transmitted to the film, and the current generated by the vibration of the film is
taken out through the thin film electrode attached to both sides of the film. The vinylidene
fluoride resin film processed under high voltage of the present invention is polyethylene or
polypropylene. The mechanical-electrical conversion efficiency is higher than that of Teflon,
nylon, polyvinylidene chloride, polyvinyl chloride and other general-purpose polymer films, and
aluminum that is vapor-deposited on both sides of these general-purpose films is used as a
pickup for commercial record blurs. When used, although the volume of the amplifier was
maximized, no sound was heard, whereas where the vinylidene fluoride resin film treated under
the high voltage electric field was similarly used, it was sufficiently audible as it was. Sound was
The vinylidene fluoride resin film used in the present invention is a homopolymer of vinylidene
fluoride or a copolymer containing 90% by weight or more of vinylidene fluoride and a
copolymerizable monomer with vinylidene fluoride. It has properties close to homopolymers and
contains substantially all polymers considered to be equivalent to polyvinylidene fluoride. It is
known that these vinylidene fluoride resins mainly have two crystal structures of α-type (helical
type) and β-type (planar zigzag type), and [111111] EndPage: Even if the film is used, a higher
performance pickup can be obtained than in the case of using a conventionally known polymer
film, but in particular, a film obtained by processing a vinylidene fluoride film containing many
β-type crystal structures under high electric field is more excellent. It has performance.
According to the inventors' research, a vinylidene fluoride resin film mainly having a β-type
structure or a vinylidene fluoride resin film in the process of transition from an α-type structure
to a β-type is subjected to high pressure of 150 to 1500 KV at a temperature of 40 ° C. to one
point. Under an electric field, it has been confirmed that the processed film has a piezoelectric
constant of 10 = ~] 0 'c, g, s, e, u in the direction of expansion and contraction, and the
piezoelectricity of flexural vibration is likewise high. This was confirmed from the cc of the
present invention, and one having extremely high mechanical-electrical conversion ability was
obtained even when only flexural vibration was mainly used. The car 1 tori according to the
present invention will be described with reference to the example of FIGS. 1 to 3. In the vibration
plate 1 inside the cartridge, the vibration is squeezed by the needle 5L from the record groove.
An audio current is generated by the film piece 3 on which aluminum is vapor-deposited on both
sides of the vinylidene fluoride resin film processed under an electric field attached to the
moving plate 1 and is connected to the output terminal of the player through both terminals 2.
Similarly, two pieces of a vinylidene fluoride resin film piece 3 are used as a wire so as to enable
two-stereo reproduction, and both ends thereof are held by a fixing plate 4. Example A 50 μmthick film obtained by uniaxially stretching a vinylidene fluoride homopolymer sheet at 110 ° C.
by 4 times at a temperature of 90 ° C. is subjected to a DC electric field of 1,200) α / 慕. The
applied film was used. The film thus produced had a piezoelectric constant of about 10 -7-, -cog,
s, e, s, u. Cut two 10 wl 1 x 2.5 wl 1 samples from the aluminum film deposited on both sides of
this film and disassemble the cartridge of the r-o commercial record player (Victor Inc. 5RP5503- eta) and disassemble the ceramic piezoelectric body Except for this, the above-mentioned
test piece was removed instead and the first to third ones were remodeled into the structure
The fixed plate 4 was H / L (it was in a state in which both ends of the film were light (no tension
was applied to both ends. When this cartridge is used as a player (playing music records with this
player, it is possible to obtain a sufficiently audible volume even without using another amplifier,
and it is excellent without feeling any distortion or noise of the sound quality. When the same
vinylidene fluoride film was used without electric field treatment, no sound was heard at all even
if the volume of the player was maximized.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of a cartridge according to the
present invention, and FIG. 3 is a sectional view taken along the line A-A of FIG.
[1111111EndPage: 2
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