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Name of the invention 3 Patent applicant address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oji Kadoma
address 100 (58'2) Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. representative Matsu, Shimo Shoji-4
agent ? 517 Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oji Kadoma Address 1006-Description 1-Title of the
invention--1-Title of the invention-Method for producing a tug of a town for video discs The
scanning element and the piezoelectric conversion element are in a row contact by heating ** by
the heat. . -Method of manufacturing a quad
How to make a ? ? ? ? ? for Seika Hoku Hoku Video Disc (#! ????
8. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention provides a method of
manufacturing a pick ag for a video disc KW! ???? The schematic structure of a conventional
video disc pick Ig in the conventional suppression reproduction system is shown in a rotating
direction, and the operation principle is as follows: "1" "r" in Fig. 1; Consists of an ? scanner, 2 is
a 16 layer joining the piezoelectric transducer 8 and the #scanner 1 ?, 4 is a damper, 6 is a
force squeeze, and it is in the form of a @ convex on the record surface. Is scanned in the form of
a piezoelectric conversion * 5 ec-material via a # scanner, and converted into an electrical signal
by a # piezoelectric transducer. Toshido-Tote is a turtle that performs re-doing. The large damper
4 is from the cantilever 6 * 1km-to suppress intuition 1? To ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? SS ** pressure change or ? JIK '?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ?, ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?
?One thin 11Kmk scanner 1 and the piezoelectric transducer Sstm, if not eft et al.-0 Others,
form a wedge junction layer wt * vs. c Ik in terms of what should be done. First of all, when the
temperature of the piezoelectric transducer rises to at least the constant aI temperature (9 points
in the middle) of J141 in general, the II shape 11 is adversely affected and the piezoelectric loss
is at the maximum. Since it has a characteristic of il, it can not be more than ? at the time of
formation of the lock-joining layer and KTot is higher than -t. The next # C interface layer 2
transmits the ultrasonic liquid vibration from the scan I 11 with high efficiency by I # ? ?
(Piezoelectric transducer sK is transmitted because it is necessary to be ToJ1, ie, the scanner and
the bonding layer and the bonding layer Piezoelectric conversion-mechanical mechanical
invisibility of dance (matching of II acoustic acoustic impedance) is a seven-fold, and Osaka's
solitary loss of fine sound ***-O is a stratum EndPage: 1-Fishing. However, in the conventional
video disc bitter art, in the case of m-, a wedge bonding layer is formed by I1 bonding, and a scan
и 1 and a piezoelectric transducer $ are joined? -In the case of 11, in the case of 11, the influence
of the temperature ll at the time of forming the bonding layer on the piezoelectric conversion 11
is no less than the distortion qII after the formation *, and the machine with the scanner or
piezoelectric transducer Impedance matching-even with ims ltn. In the case of the next Kat
connection, the bonding after formation of the bonding layer is close to mm also in the point of II
<, mechanical alignment, and Bid 1 alignment, but the above-mentioned Ki. In such cases, it is
necessary to polarize the piezoelectric transducer after forming the bonding layer, or to use a low
temperature solder or the like to lower the pressure below the point plate. Once you see three
methods in a row, you will find that the method is э ? l) m9 contact material is scooped.
As a result, it is necessary to heat the material sufficiently without applying heat to the
piezoelectric bulk-sized scan 11 as described above. Generally as Takaoka liquid heating,
dielectric heating and induction heating # IT o ya, dielectric heating is high l! It is a turtle that
heats up lead by using dielectric loss that is easy to add to the dielectric field, and induction
heating is high in dielectric! l) Add an induction column K) Heating is performed by utilizing the
eddy current loss generated in the conductor и When 0 sag is caused by welding this induction
heating with t Thus, by forming a bonding layer for bonding the scanner and the piezoelectric
transducer, heat can be applied mainly to the bonding layer member. In this range, it is
considered that ringing of dielectric loss also occurs in the piezoelectric transducer which is a
dielectric due to the electromagnetic induction action, and il is the dielectric loss of 2 of the
general K11 Il number. Because it increases in proportion to the power, the same solution
number of the induction magnetic field can be selected appropriately. By the way, in the case of
induction heating, a high m electromagnetic field lower than Jd-general K @ OO s is used, and in
the case of dielectric heating, a high local electromagnetic field of 1oQ-sOk11iI 111 degrees is
used- . A more specific method of -W will be described next. In the hearing of the piezoelectric
variation mis and the scanner, CI? In addition, make the material into powder form, and measure
it temporarily and temporarily, and apply an induction magnetic field, and 1-material is brought
into contact with 1 ml of molten metal. More than K9 * ?-by induction heating ? a? The
bonding layer between the scanning and the piezoelectric transducer can be selectively heated.
Since gIl does not apply much heat to the piezoelectric conversion *, the key of the piezoelectric
transducer can be selected without any temperature limitation, so it is possible to select an
excellent material. When conducting two polarizations of the transmutation vh, the * method
must be 41 (become.) !! In addition, the heat loss is small and the thermal efficiency is large, ?1
░? A brief explanation of t '& "III'1 Ml" f "boils 111 and 4 and IOm-Iig plane is a diagram
showing a schematic structure of a video disc I pickup according to the suppression reproduction
system. 1 иии Scanner 1! 10-и и Bonding layer 1 ? и и и и и и Piezoelectric transducers, al, ..., ',' r umper,
6 ░ 01. Perch to force. "Name of agent ^" attorney Toshio Nakao a or one name End Page: 26
Inventors and agents other than the above Name 1 '1 village-advanced address location (2) agent
End Page: ?
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