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Patent Office Secretary 1 Name of Invention 2 Inventor's Address Nishi Ward, Osaka Edohori IJEye 47 Address Location Nishi Ward, Osaka City Edohori 1 "'147' Name ('(511,) I)" Shipbuilding
Company Month address Osaka City List of documents in the Kita Ward Kuhana-cho 2-chome,
No. 20 and No. 5 documents (5) Depart- ment in Tokyo-Eiji 11th ■ Japan Patent Office 0 JPA
51-14046 公開 Published Japan. (1976) 2.4 Japanese Patent Application No. Shogutsu 2, f77i
[phase] Application date: Sho, Z (197 f), 21 Office serial number 7, t, iv, l '! 7、iユど/!
Specification 1, Title of the Invention 1, Title of the Invention Microphone
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a microphone capable of
receiving a rising pulse of a sound wave and accurately measuring the distance from the near
sounding point. In general, radio waves, lasers, etc. are widely used for distance measurement,
but mainly for long distances. "Not suitable for measuring relatively short distances. -3 iav =
:::::::::::::: ", BI" Sound level meter, volume meter, E force meter etc. are widely used for
measurement, but sound and ne・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・
・ Condenser type microphones can not be used as a point receiver for sound waves.
Inappropriate. Also, recently, in designing and manufacturing a plant, a so-called model
engineering method has been developed, which is performed by creating and drawing a model,
and on the occasion of taking out data necessary for design and an actual body of the plant from
the model, Analysis of three-dimensional solid coordinates of each point of the model is
performed. That is, in the measurement space, reception points of sound waves of three known
coordinates are provided, and all sound waves are transmitted from the measurement points. And
the distance is calculated from the arrival time of the sound wave to each reception point, and
the three-dimensional coordinates of the measurement point are calculated. Therefore, although
it is desirable for the microphones at the three reception points to receive the sound wave in a
point shape, as described above, the material of the microphone and the structure of the
microphone can not be used as a two point reception object. False EndPage: 1 due to area,
producing a difference. With this point in mind, the present invention is designed to be able to
measure an accurate distance by receiving a rising edge of a sound wave and converting it into
an electrical signal. An example will be described with reference to the drawings. (+) Is a
vibrating membrane, made up of a non-metal plate with a hole and a metal foil on the surface
and a film-like back on the back surface so as to operate for all pulses, and it is spherical or flat It
is done. (2) is a receiving blind pole, that is, a fixed electrode, which is formed into a spherical
surface or a flat surface so as to fit the vibrating membrane (1), and whose particle surface has a
size corresponding to the rising pulse characteristics of the received sound In the vicinity of the
periphery, holes (3) for improving sensitivity are provided in place. The diaphragm fil and the
fixed electrode (2) form a condenser type microphone. In addition, the same edge of the vibrating
membrane (1) is fixed to the case (4) by the fixing ring (6) inside the opening (5) of the case (4),
and the periphery of the fixed electrode (2) The portion is also held by the annular electrode
terminal (8) rI'i and the insulating support (9), and the first sound hole 0 is transparently
provided in the insulating support (9). An acoustic resistance material (11) is provided on the
lower side of 9).
In addition, a second sound hole (13) is provided through the holding plate (12) of the acoustic
resistance material (11). Therefore, according to the microphone of the present invention, the
rising pulse of the sound wave can be received by the diaphragm and the fixed electrode of the
capacitor type, and the received signal is converted into an electric signal, and the arrival time
from the sounding point is obtained. Based on this, it is possible to accurately measure the
distance from the sound generation point at a short distance. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE
FIGURES FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of one embodiment of the microphone of the present
invention. m · · Vibrating membrane, (2) · · · Fixed electrode. Attorney Patent Attorney Mr. Fuji 1)
Futaba 12813116 Other inventions and patent applicants! S3 Sekino Satoshi Hakuya Tatsuya
Haya 7 Yo / Kazu Name Hayashi-Representative Hayashi Yoshi-EndPage: 2
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