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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a waterproof type
acoustic device according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIGS. 2 to 4 are
perspective views showing a waterproof type acoustic device according to another embodiment
of the present invention. FIG. 1 · · · Case · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 4 centerline, 5 · · · water line. 69- Japanese Utility Model Application Publication No. 51-15927 (2) (FIG. 4-70)
[Detailed Description of the Invention] 1 specification 1, title 2 of the invention, claim of utility
model model construction b Case which constitutes the equipment body v! When the valve body
for internal pressure adjustment which equalizes the internal pressure and external pressure of
the case Ilc case is closed, and the device main body is floated with water 11iK, part or all of the
cost is reduced. Waterproof sound equipment that can be made to stand on top of the water tank.
3. Invention O 詳 at 貌-The present invention floats the case into one water and one water, and
makes it possible to equalize the pressure of the case and the external pressure O in order to
make the waterproof sound-S formed as such. ^ When the equipment for adjusting the internal
pressure is floated and the equipment is drained, a part of the above-mentioned cost or the gold
will always be placed on the water drawing, and the function will be always prevented. The
acoustic machine S, which has a sealed structure with a 1 ° water resistance, has a difference
between the internal pressure and the external pressure of the case due to changes in air
temperature and atmospheric pressure. There is a problem that pressure is applied to the cone
paper of the speaker internally or externally, and the function of the speaker is deteriorated. For
this reason, in this type of acoustic device, in order to equalize the internal pressure and the
external pressure of the case, it is necessary to provide a valve which passes only air and blocks
the passage of water. Zero-row, tt-is a water-proof h stone that is configured as b) where a part or
all of the above-mentioned valve is located on the water surface) even when using a waterproof
horiban equipment by floating it in water. The following is a spot product with a single groove
groove vlm- and an IA′′C diagram ■. About 1m-菖 4alK, 1 is the case that composes the
device body, +1 is the speaker, 3 # i only passes through the air, and the valve of the internal
pressure IIAW layer that bells through the water, 4 is the case 1 The scientific center -16 is a
spring, and-is water. If the center-4 of Case 1 and Draft-6 are located close to each other (1 @ 4
Oka), the difference between the position of center edge 4 and spring 6 in this case The case 10
internal pressure in 2111 minutes located on the draft line 6) even if the control case 1 is
reversed), even if the control case 1 is reversed). Can be adjusted. 慕 2: 11Im adjustment when
the case 1 is light and the center lI4 of the case 1 is on the water line S). If you install a valve $
on the central weir 4 if this. Even if the case 1 is reversed, the internal pressure of the case 1 can
be Mll. mswa is 61 mag in the case where the key x1 is located under x <, the center @ 4 of the
key x1 is under the draft @Iswf). I.
However, in the case of i13mK show main. In other words, even if you put a valve on your side, if
you do not use valve a to go up, please do not overturn case 1 and if it is a circle, then it will be a
valve in the case of a circle. $ Is submerged in water, so that the internal pressure can not be
adjusted, so that it becomes cloudy or mA, and thus, the center 4 is located under the draft line 6)
so that it is located under 1; IKI x x 1 D 111 N after fll, H H,) 4 喫 内 内 (−6 れ 弁 れ (If valve 、,
8 8 、 8 位置 位置 位置 位置By means of the valve 11 it is possible to carry out an internal
pressure check. As mentioned above, since the waterproof type acoustic device according to the
present invention is large enough to be located on the internal pressure of the case-one side of
the 71110 valve and all the water on the i) * Even if w11 @ is removed, the internal pressure of
the case can be 111111, and the sound pressure drop due to the deformation of the cone paper
can be prevented, and the generation of the Nakajima sound can be prevented. I can prevent the
damage of! 11 N 謙 O is a big thing. 4. Simple drawing of the drawing 11I is a perspective view
showing the waterproof sound equipment in the first line of the present invention Ill, reluctance
2g11- $ 114 Figure showing the other type of waterproof sound equipment in the present
invention 賽 jitlK Because it is 4IiI +. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ..... Case, 2 -..... Speaker, 畠 .....
valve, 4 .... center -16 .. Draft line. Name of agent Attorney Nakao Toshio Nakao or 1 person) · I!
11162∼/□。 2 "h division 1" ° 5 4 \ \------□ □ 4111 →) mortar 34 generations ■
person's name increase 't ニ ー knee 纏 敏 尾 敏-1-14-6/6 Agent address other than the above
Address in Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oda Kadoma address Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,
Ltd. Name (6152) Patent attorney Shigeno Shigeno e ;, "I '-· 1 for one soul" ! −)
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