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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a conventional vibration
detector, FIG. 2 is a sectional view of the same, and FIG. 3 is an exploded perspective view of an
essential part of a vibration detector according to an embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 4
is a sectional view of the same, and FIG. 5 is a sectional view of another embodiment of the
present invention. E и metal plate, 10 ...... bag shaped holding member, 11 '...... support piece. Fig.
1 3-173-Japanese Utility Model Application Publication No. 51-27177 (2) Fig. 2 Fig. 3 ? = Yo 1
ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии. ) Fig. 93! ?????????
?Detailed description of the invention? и The main shock dormitory is a vibration machine that
detects vibrations of machines, firewood, etc., and has a flat horse liquid number characteristic,
excellent sensitivity in the local liquid number region with a low 41 IK, and large It provides a
vibration detector. IEIll about the conventional Muno's ear vibration detector. This will be
described together with 111211. 1g1ai + IIalNc * Ec, '+, aa Piezoelectric 11111 [, 1', 1 ', fi'4' HA
1 electrode formed on the surface of 111 E 1. 20, S is the case, 4 is the coaxial cable ?,! H ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?-xIllIJ?) ? ? line 4 ░ 01 и s # i ? ? ? ? \ 2 ? or a plastic plate such
as phenol, e is a case $ and a piezoelectric ceramic plate 1 * 2 + ? I-de-bell 4 The lead side wire
L7 is connected between the electrodes 11.21 of the piezoelectric ceramic plate 1.2, and 8 is a
solder or conductive adhesive. 0 This vibration detection I11, piezoelectric ? The vibration state
of the object is detected by attaching it to an object vibrating in a plane parallel to the electrode
[1 + 2 [1 + 2], for example, a machine or a user. That is, since the (@ 111 + 1) piezoelectric
ceramic 91.2 gives @@ vibration of the object, a lead connected to the electrodes 1 'and 2' of the
piezoelectric ceramic plate? 114 ', 8 ? 4 tt's electric signal on the cabinet. In the case of the
conventional example shown in 11211, since epoxyphenol resin and epoxy resin for filling are @, sensitivity to vibration at relatively low frequency is low. In addition, detection SO correlation is
present in relatively high horse waves, and because of resonance of ?, it is used as a ? 11M liftdetector, and ?detector ? amplifier ? speaker ? air ? ? ? ? As in the case of ?detector,?
vibration is transmitted 1 and howe 9 ? O cause K t & ? ?, because of this resonance, the
sound quality is black and $ 9 and it has a drawback that injuries are emphasized in specific
sounds. . The purpose of the present invention is to eliminate the defects of the above-mentioned
Budo and to obtain the 9 II vk detector which is excellent in the sensitivity of the low wave
number domain and flat in the same wave number. About one embodiment of the following one
invention 111111. Regard to the same figure 2-with the thought of Okaichi first in the Shinshin
for explaining with ll5-. In Fig. 3, и is a metal plate that is cleaned in the shape of a square, and
the caustic of the metal 1 [9 is pressure electromagnetic @ 1 [1, 2 strongly adhesively attached
with K 1-K 11 . It is to be noted that the electrical KI [follows] through the lower surface O
electrode w11 '' of the piezoelectric ceramic plate 1 and the metal plate 9, the electrode W on the
piezoelectric device @ 2e and the metal plate and the company's adhesive. 1o is a rubber holding
wood or stone 1 or the vibration of a tree 1 or the like, and it is an ambassador-like holding body
in the form of a bag) and the bag-like holding body 100 of the kernel is integrated with the
support piece 1?. In order to hold the support piece 1? with a metal plate of a more U-shape
than that shown in ll5-, the above metal go is mounted on I!
In order to put in the bag-like holder 1o, ?Owi, i a small amount of the binding agent is inserted
into the bag-like holder 1o, 1, N! The metal plate 9 is fixed in the bag-like holder 10 for +4. The
metal plate 9 is housed in the above-mentioned container, the surface #C adhesive of the ninebag-like holding body 10 is attached, and as shown in FIG. It is filled with Evoquino resin, 31 is
the lid of case 3. Fig. 6 shows another example of the present invention--in which a piezoelectric
porcelain & 1 is adhered to the gray hair of one piece of a U-shaped metal plate 9, the other C of
the metal plate 9 is a shield. It acts as a plate, and the tZ0 vibration system has the same
structure as the above 1), and according to the present invention, the following effects can be
obtained. A1 case and piezoelectric ceramic plate are m-contact * 11! In the case of dangerous
connection, high I] wave number OII motion is transmitted, K <<, round and used as a vibration
detector for musical instruments at 9 o'clock, the prefecture has excellent qualities and the
resonance of the detection element is high. In the case of the wave IkllCTo 4 4, the output of
resonance is small 1 ik ?, and the high-frequency linear quality is low, so I ? Urinda tends to < t
и 6, B1 bag Since the bag-like carrier is made of vibration absorbing material such as cork or
rubber in the stone layer, the co-grip of the detection element is suppressed, and the frequency
characteristic becomes flat. Further, since the adhesive layer inside the bag-like holder is thin, the
effect of the vibration absorbing material is large. Since the C1 assembly is a good product and
assembly time is not required, the industrial lI value is large.
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