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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a cross-sectional view of an ultrasonic
transducer according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a front view of the board of the present
invention, and FIG. 3 shows a conventional board. -135-\ real opening 51-35159 (2)? 0000000 o
■ (α (/-) q I tea 00000 o 000 Q O 0 (() (Mecha 2 Figure 000
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides a non-uniform disc
having a porosity (hereinafter referred to simply as the porosity area per unit area of the board
surface) in the direction of lW of the transducer of the ultrasonic transducer. Depending on
things, the directional characteristics as well as the frontal sensitivity (in the transmitter, the
purpose is to make both the sound pressure 1 better. The front face of the transducer of the prior
art ultrasonic transducer is provided with a board or a board in which a large number of small
holes can be evenly opened, as shown in front view in FIG. 1 altk ++. As a result, although the
front sensitivity is improved if the porosity is all high, the directivity characteristic (based on the
general concept in general that the level characteristic J of the special distance at a position
deviated from the front by a certain angle is significantly deteriorated). If the diameter is small,
then the front sensitivity deteriorates and it is not possible to use it. The entire structure of the
present invention will be described in detail below. Figure 1! As shown in the whole crosssectional view of the embodiment, the vibrator 4 comprising the ceramic 4 and the resonator 3 is
supported by the support S on the mold base t on which the terminal 7 is to be erected. Mount
the various skies below the plate c for setting the porosity. The directional characteristics of the
vibration name with 17jl F input are considered as 1st base of P779.1933 + in superdirective
sound sources (Pritchard, R, L, Jour, Acout + Sou, Amer, Vol + 25 No, It will have to be. In the
case of in-phase vJ oscillation, the phase of each part of the vibrator seen from the level of the
support is not the same. In the case of a circle, the central part is in exactly the opposite phase to
the outer shoulder. The directional characteristic according to the shape of a general vibration
target has been clarified conventionally (Nishimaki positive part translational acoustics + dZ in-
camera movement system has almost no. For this reason, it is necessary to show good points in
both the frontal sensitivity by experiment and the directional # note which is exclusive to the
case of bias. As a result of the actual situation, in each part as shown in the figure, the difference
in void porosity and the difference in porosity tl, that is, the purpose of achieving the purpose
with a flat plate, is shown in FIG. The front sensitivity characteristic of the thing which replaced
only the board ty of the ultrasonic wave transmission and reception tool, and it was the blow of a
blow. zAkP Invention 1al frontal sensitivity-A /, 3 <d 吟 j-% (il 'bias sensitivity-3.3 (dB / v $) "(bl"
6 /, 3p-乙 O 2 "tel' -A 3.0 〃 right-to 3 (, left-7 QO # (al #-AlO y-63, 0 conventional 1 al N-,!
The shape of the vibrator is an external diameter of 110 M / M, a thickness of 075 M / M, an
inner diameter of the exterior support 2 of 765 M0 N, and a thickness of 03 M / M of the disc.
The sizes of the holes are large = go, xo, r + 框 1, sM / M, respectively. ! M / M outside kt-u,
OM7M interposing angle 30 'in FIG. 3 (a 6 o mesh string was used for al). In this case, nonuniform porosity in the whole panel abd according to the draft iff4 is high in frontal level,
directivity is also good TL, and in ci, special directivity which is asymmetric is obtained -3, 2 'However, in the conventional type a the front sensitivity is good but the directivity characteristic
value is 1 72eLB, and in the case of misery and not good, not only the front but also low
lightness and comfortable, ib> not If it depends on this invention, the same angle of transmission
and reception is 4 temporarily! In the case where O 'base total 1 rO-is biased, it is possible to
obtain a sensitivity characteristic of 4 times by tiBf, i.e., udB' 4 pressure conversion, respectively,
as compared with the conventional type.
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