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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a diagram showing the basic configuration of
the electromechanical transducer according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a diagram
showing a specific configuration example of the transducer having the measuring circuit added
to FIG. 3 and 4 show how to select the crystal orientation of the closed magnetic circuit element
used, and FIG. 5 shows an example of measurement of pressure-voltage change characteristics. 1
ииииии Manganese zinc ferrite single crystal closed magnetic circuit element EA 7 иииииии Amplifier. Fig.
165-Actual open 5l-69576 (2) Fig. 2 Fig. 4 Fig. 4 <100> ? 1 / P 00 00 A A7 PB <1 oo> j 10)
Voltage Fig. 165-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a safety-to-air
conversion element which generates an in-plane stress of 1 using magnetic field effect. Feces
rice, so-called "one hundred percent of the unification of one by one" by reverse magnetism when
stress is l: ll] / Jll to the ferrite material which shoulders Shousuke as a transformation rice nest
of this billion. Reverse Wiedeman's assistant-You know that the magnetization of one side is
changed by f. However, this is using a poly-Pakishon book four-like child, and since it is strange
(hi is weak, @ -type ? lll11 is hidden, the thing of tank l is put to practical use ( It is not convex.
According to the experiment of the present inventors et al., A closed magnetic path is formed of a
manogan subsupposed ferrite single crystal, and the pressure or tension of this closed loop
element is 7Jl. From the effect of I11 anisotropy, it was found that the permeability changed to
? or large 1 @. This examination was made on the basis of the above-mentioned findings, and an
object of the present invention is to provide a mechanical turtle A conversion element f capable
of detecting mechanical stress with high sensitivity. That is, as shown in FIG. 1, the basic
configuration of the R beautiful element according to the invention VC is a closed magnetic
circuit element IVC1? The IIJ magnetic coil 2 and the detection coil 3 are combined to detect the
mechanical stress on the first closed magnetic path tree 1 as a change in the 1 difference signal.
The configuration of the measurement circuit is shown in FIG. The exciting coil 21 / C is
connected to the power supply / source 5 via the jiL load memory 4. Further, the amplifier 11i is
connected to the detection coil 3 through an integration circuit 6 composed of a resistor R1
capacitor C. That is, when a mechanical stress is applied to the magnetic path main element 1 in
a state where the magnetic path main element 1 is excited, a large change occurs in the magnetic
flux density VC, and the mechanical stress applied l: l] to the output of the binding table 1 There
is a large voltage change in response to the In the closed magnetic path 41, it is possible to freely
select the rounding orientation which is a single crystal, and to select the direction of pressure or
tension applied to the axis of easy sulfidation by magnetic anisotropy. It is tasted by learning the
conversion characteristics of. For example, outside g4 ? ? О 4 ? ? x 3 t (m to inner true NX 2
W x (m ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? m m m m) As shown in FIG. 8, VC all [11-, 1 uL +,>
direction] and 4th section (C side direction 11 On direction, thickness diagram waits for <tUU>
direction I will try to make everything. Such a closed magnetic circuit main circuit is incorporated
in the definition circuit yc as shown in FIG. 2, and the output to be applied is #!
As shown in Fig. 8 and Fig. 4, the thickness 10,000 ulil pressure P, the pressure in the side
direction P, and the pressure car area when the binding is performed are shown. In Fig.5, if
1fflsja is the element of Fig.8 and pressure P is applied, if the element of Fig.4 is IJO, the curve
tfiicrj is also tfiicrj and the element of Fig.4 is applied pressure PB In addition, it is fCC meeting
characteristic. The mJffraft field is ft0-20e. In the conversion element according to the present
invention described above, the range of good linearity of the characteristics is wide, the
hysteresis is small, and the reproducibility is also excellent. Also, since the closed magnetic
circuit element is made of single crystal, its reliability is also good. Furthermore, tearing is at
each station, and pressure is applied to the pressure with an element of the same shape by
appropriately advancing the crystallographic force meter and the pressure direction. The degree
of pressure and the range of pressure can be left freely. Pl This 4J is not limited to the above
embodiment, and it is highly possible to carry out a change cedar. For example, in the case of a
5a unit capable of hunting the pressure between the thick side, the element may be circled IJI ?
V. 4 ? 1 ? ? ? 1 ? 1 is a diagram showing the purchase of 14 machine screw conversion
element according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a concrete example of the conversion
element to which the measurement circuit is added in FIG. Structural Examples The drawings
showing FIG. 8, FIG. 8 and FIG. 4 show how to select the crystal orientation of the closed
magnetic circuit element to be used, and FIG. 5 is a drawing showing a measurement example of
pressure-voltage change characteristics. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Manganese zinc 7 Elite
ratio Ligation closed dlllrJlc child, 2wJ magnetic co-coil 3 ... Detection coil, 4 ... Negative
resistance, 5 ... Parenting, 6 ... Integral circuit, 7- .. Booster. Applicant agent Patent attorney ^
Takehiko 7? 1 @ 13 Oki 2 Figure 413 "67 и ']-J ? ? ? ,. 5L--1 ") 'J brush 7 + 37,490GG
application Daito 3P, Shibaura [-gas company 745989 series K human ripening cost t piece 3 @
piece 4 @ PAPAl, / PBJ, / PB 6 ? ? 7 ?? " <10 o> 7 F ? Eaoo> $ <10 of-/-/--10 0> 00> piece
5 @ ? voltage a. '012 (in 9) ? и j-', / 'L' applicant Tokyo Shibaura 's ???? Inc. 745989 similar
C monument person 4G 3 chome ? cold bite 5 list of attached documents (1) proxy letter 1 (2) 1
specification (3) drawing 1 (4) axis element secondary 1 1 6 Inventors other than the above,
utility model registration applicants or agents <1 company Kogawa, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-ku
Komukai Toshiba Town No. 1 Tokyo Shibaura Electric Research Institute Inc. Takeoka Mikatsu
Dojo Hirose Hirose (2) Agent Address Minato-ku, Tokyo Shibishi Kubo 2nd Sakuragawacho No.
17 & Building Daichi Mitejin Name (5743) Patent Attorney Miki Minoru: : To Toshiha Hazumi 06,
2; To 17 Name (6694) I r I 1 Komiya-G ? 7 M Address same place Noriyuki Name (6881) Patent
Attorney Tsuboi i ')-x "Address 11 "Momo-Name (7043) Patent Attorney Kawai t p ,,,.
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