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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of
a skier box according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a front view thereof, FIG. 3 is a side view
thereof, and FIG. is there. 1 ...... scan beaker box body, 2 ... - ... back 7 Le E-shaped member,
6At6bt6c ...... wave diffusion path, 7 ... - - engaging member. Fig. 1-85 = Japanese Utility Model
Model No. 51-89435 (2) Fig. 2 Fig. 3 = 86-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a speaker box. In recent years, with the development of audio technology, the performance of
record players, tape decks, tuners, preamplifiers, main amplifiers and speakers has been
fundamentally improved, and good music has become relatively easy to perform 114L. In
addition, many of these machine numbers are manufactured with excellent decoration and
design. There has been significant development in recent years with regard to the speaker box in
the above-mentioned O in 1441. That is, so-called speaker systems, in which a speaker such as
Uno-, S-He-1 =,) coker, tweeter, etc. is mounted and stored inside the speaker box are widely
distributed in the market. Recently, the above-mentioned speaker box attached a critical material
called a saran net for dust protection to be attached to the iio 11 m before the hox to a wooden
frame so that the arrangement state of each speaker can be seen from the outside. Accordingly,
there is one in which the wooden frame is detachable. Since the above-mentioned wooden frame
is detachable 6, a cone rod or the like of the speaker may be damaged by an impact from the
outside S. Therefore, it is preferable that a metal holding net is attached to the front or the mouth
of the speaker. However, when this & li net is attached to the woofer speaker in particular, it is
thickly projected on the front of the baffle plate of the speaker box. For this reason, the thickness
of the wooden frame also increases in accordance with the protrusion of the holding member 1.
Therefore, the propagation of the sound generated from the speaker to the 1111 part of the
wooden frame becomes very bad. That is, the listener who faces the speaker box can hear the
sound as an optimum sound, but the person who is at the buttocks of the wooden frame
arranged can not take off the pickup sound. In particular, there is a ten-no-one property-it
becomes mesmerized, it becomes less and the lower it becomes. This invention eliminates the
above drawbacks and improves the directivity 41 to widen the optimum listening range, and at
the same time provides a speaker box t that can be made into an excellent structure. To aim. In
order to achieve the above object, the present invention is a sound wave diffusion passage device
comprising a plurality of plate shapes on the side of the frame of a cover member which is
detachably mounted on the front surface of the speaker box and attached to a wooden frame. It
is four of it to set up. An embodiment of the present invention will be described below with
reference to one aspect. FIGS. 1 to 4 show an embodiment of the speaker box according to the
present invention. In the first to fourth members 1111, 1 is a speaker box main body, a front face
portion of the O speaker box main body 1, that is, a baffle plate 2 The speakers such as woofer,
squawker, tweeter etc. are not shown.
A reference numeral 3 denotes a frame-like object body which is detachably provided on the
front of the speaker box body 1 and on which a 01 runnet force for protection and decoration is
attached. The both ends of the non-Ja-cover 3 are opened, and the plate-like member 5 bent into
a substantially U-shape in the opening is a sound wave diffusion passage 6a. It is variably
mounted by a plurality of sheet holding members 7 with a predetermined interval so that @b, @e,
etc. are formed. As described above, the sound wave diffusion passage 6 a in the Ma body 3. sb +
se @... All the components are transmitted forward through the sound wave covering member 4t
that is emitted from the speaker and are also transmitted diagonally forward through the
acoustic wave diffusion path "+ 6b + 56 @ e. As a result, the range in which it can be heard as a
strictly suitable sound is greatly expanded, so that the directivity characteristics can be improved.
In the embodiment, the listening range can be freely changed by changing the directivity
characteristics of the paths 1ia, 6b, 6e,... As described above, according to the speaker box
according to the present invention, a plurality of plate-like sound wave diffusion paths are
provided on the side of the frame of the bonded member provided on the front of the speaker
box and mounted on the wooden frame. Since the apparatus tWi is made available, a range of -42 lines can be expanded to a large wheel at Yayoi it good Kii). According to this invention, the
front part of the main body of the speaker box can be made to have a decoratively excellent
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