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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of the present invention, FIG.
2 is a partial sectional view when a microphone is not used, and FIG. 3 is a sectional view
showing a conventional example. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 10 ... Mask 11, 11 ... Through-hole,
12 ... Mounting tube, 14 ... Microphone, 15 ... Flange, 16 ... Male thread part, 11 ... One shear 18
... For fixing Screw, 19 ... bag-like rubber cover. : 4 ku-81-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a mounting
structure of a microphone on a diving mask, a gas mask or the like. Conventionally, for example,
the mounting of the submersible microphone to a submersible mask is carried out by partially
thinning the thickness of the / 1 疏 mounting portion 2 of the rubber mask 1 and projecting the
recess or the like into the inside as shown in FIG. In general, a structure in which the microphone
4 is mounted in the recess 3 of the shape release type. However, in such a structure, the
thickness of the thin portion is limited because it is broken by water pressure and is I / c +, and it
is impossible to thin the microphone to such an extent that the sensitivity of the microphone is
not reduced. There was a problem that there was not. The present invention addresses such
problems, and the configuration of the present invention will be described in detail below based
on the drawings shown as an example in FIG. In FIG. 1, a 101-t mask main body, a through hole
11 drilled at a place where the human body's mouth of the mask main body faces, 12 has an
outer diameter slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the through hole 11 and has a
microphone 14 inside. A mounting tube with a small diameter, 7 flanges provided at one end of
the 15 mounting tube 12, 16 a male screw portion 16 similarly attached to the other end of the
mounting tube 12, 17 a washer, 18 screws for fixing such as thumb screws, 19 The opening 19a
has a flange-like shape, and the rubber has a h1 bottom 19b-A (a bulging bag-like rubber cover
20 is a cover of the shell when not in use. 2-) 1 '+: A microphone 14 is attached to the mounting
tube 12, covered with a bag-like rubber cover 19 on the flange portion 15 and inserted into the
through hole 11 of the inside of the mass 10. At this time, the flange-like open 0 end 19a of the
bag-like rubber cover 19 is spread out of the mask 10 (ill to be fixed by the fixing screw 18
through the washer 17. The fixing screw 18 is not limited to a thumb screw, but any screw that
can be screwed with a tool or a screw may be used, but with a thumb screw, attachment and
detachment of the mounting tube is easy. Furthermore, the bag-like rubber cover is not limited to
rubber but may be a flexible synthetic resin material. When the microphone is not used, the
microphone 14 is removed as shown in FIG. You can screw in the Reference numeral 21 denotes
a female screw portion, and 22 denotes a thumb screw portion. Since the present invention is
structured as described above, the water tightness and air tightness of the inside and outside of
the mask can be sufficiently maintained, and it can be used not only in a mask in water but also
in a gas mask and various other masks. Also, since the thickness of the rubber cover may be
reduced, the sensitivity of the microphone is improved, and 3-) the conventional problems are
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