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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawings illustrate embodiments of the present
invention, and FIG. 1 is a plan view of the confectionery box of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a
transverse view on the line AA of FIG. Fig. 3 is a cut-away schematic cross-sectional view of a
confectionery, Fig. 4 is a plan view of a second example of the confectionery box of the present
invention, and Fig. 5 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line B-B in Fig. 4 FIG. 6 is a partially
enlarged sectional view showing the relationship between the handle and the frame. 65 Japanese
Utility Model 47-28426 (2) -66
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention relates to a transducer used for an
ultrasonic detector such as a fish finder and a sounding detector5. Generally, the transducer is
installed in the sea, especially on the bottom of a ship or an underwater structure. To use. As
described above, when used for a long time in the sea, marine organisms such as algae and
fussob adhere to the transmission / reception wave surface, and the performance of the
transmitter / receiver decreases, and accurate underwater information can not be obtained. In
order to prevent the performance degradation of the wave device, in the past, measures have
been taken such as applying a substance that prevents the adhesion and growth of marine
organisms on the transducer, or placing a substance that generates toxin near the transducer.
However, not only the shift by 1) can not obtain partial effects, but it also causes marine
pollution due to the generation and outflow of toxins, and there are also problems in terms of
ring load maintenance and the like. This invention was made to solve these Q problems, and the
transmission / reception wavefront 2 of the transducer 1 housed in the case 6 was covered with
a coating / gate 5 formed of a polymer material and filled in the case 6 This invention provides
an ultrasonic transducer that prevents the migration and exchange of seawater 16 and external
seawater 14 and prevents the adhesion and growth of marine organisms. explain. The case 6 is
formed in a rectangular box shape having four corners, one surface of which is opened, and a
flange 10 having screw holes 12 on the entire inner circumference is provided. The transducer 1
is received in the case 6 with the transmission / reception wavefront 2 and the opening face 11
oriented in the same direction, and is fixed from the rear face of the case by means of a screw 9.
The cover 5 is a polymeric material such as polyethylene or polyester, and is formed in a y-shape
or in a plate shape, and is fitted to the corresponding portion of the screw 8 of the flange 10
according to the shape of the opening surface 11 Make a hole. The gaskets 4 and (2) and the
gaskets 6 are elastic and resistant to corrosion, for example, formed of a rubber plate or the like,
and mounting holes are provided corresponding to the screws 8 respectively. The transducer 1 is
housed in the case 6 with the screw 9, and while filling the seawater 16 in the case 6, the gasket
4 is added to the furanone 10, then the coating / gate 5 and the gasket 6 and the holding plate 7
in order. 3 and tighten them to the furanone 10 with a screw 8 3. By such a configuration, the
case 6 is sealed with a sheath 5 and the seawater 13 filled in the inside does not flow out 5, and
also outside Seawater 14 does not enter the inside of case 6. According to this invention, the
seawater 16 filled in the case 6 is not moved or exchanged between the seawater 14 and the
outside, so that the supply of oxygen etc. necessary for the growth of marine organisms is not
carried out. Marine organisms do not grow, and since the overturned / -to 5 is formed of a
polymer material, the surface of 7) has low contact resistance with seawater etc. in V-slip, and
marine organisms adhere and grow. In addition, if the cover 5 is damaged or some marine life is
attached, it may be replaced with a new other cover 5 and heat exchange (3) J, which can be
easily replaced by the screw 8. No. 8
Because it is good if it is filled with sea water in the case 6, because it is possible to replace it
while the transducer 1 is installed on the ship bottom or underwater structure, it has advantages
such as low cost. .
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