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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention.
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the horn-type speaker of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a
cross-sectional view of the same. In the drawings, 1 indicates a horn and 2 indicates a foamable
resin material. Fig. 1-41-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to horn type
speakers. As a speaker as a final device of a record performance, a horn type speaker in which a
pregnancy motive and a space are mediated by a horn 4 is widely used. Thus, a horn to go to
such a horn type speaker has conventionally been resonated and suitably made of a K-shaped
rigid and hard material, and has generally been made of wood or metal. However, in such a
conventional horn-type speaker, in addition to the temporal shift of the sound wave due to the
fact that the length of the sound path is different between the surrounding wall portion and the
central portion, diffuse reflection by one angle occurs, which is harmful to the horn-type speaker
The camera was producing motions (a so-called horny noise in the customs (1)). Therefore, as a
countermeasure against this, the vibrator is made to have a high precision, but this too has not
been able to sufficiently improve the distortion peculiar to the horn type speaker. The present
invention has been devised to eliminate the drawbacks of the conventional horn-type speaker as
described above, and 7 is also designed to be 0 ′ ′ ′ * m! 'The purpose 6 and 0 is to obtain a
high quality reproduced sound with a simple structure KtPij rate] and to provide a novel horntype speaker capable of the character 1. Thus, in the horn type speaker of the present invention,
the horn body is made of the foamable resin. That is, with regard to horns, it is generally
accepted that, in the prior art, it should not be moved per se, but should have a rigid resonance
and be made of a single material. It was said that the insulation properties were good and it was
roughly unsuitable as a material for horn construction. However, according to the fact that the
inventor of the present invention has studied on the matter, the foamable resin has flexibility and
sound absorption as its material characteristics, and conversely, harmful sound waves and harms
such as noise caused by parasitic vibration are harmful. It has been found that it acts to absorb
vibrations properly and produces a very natural phonetic tone with a slight amount of distortion.
Therefore, in the present invention, a foamable resin is used as a structure of the horn, and the
horn is made of the foamable resin. An embodiment of the present invention will be described
with reference to the attached drawing K. The illustrated one is an embodiment of the present
invention implemented as a multicellular horn type speaker, (1) is a horn body, and the horn
body (1) is From the rear end to the front end, it is composed of a peripheral wall (b) expanded in
diameter with a trumpet-shaped button and a partition os (2) for sound path formation which is
divided into vertical and horizontal pressure in this peripheral wall α. Such a structure itself is
the same as that of the conventional multicellular type, but in the present invention, the horn
body (1) including the peripheral wall portion (b) and the partition portion, / is formed of a
foamable resin material (2) K, The cone type speaker (4) is fully mounted via the baffle plate (3)
in the rear end portion (3) of the horn body (1), and the outside 111e pack case (5) of the cone
type speaker (4) is covered It will be
Here, as the above-mentioned foamable resin, suitable ones of thermosetting resin, thermoplastic
resin and cellulose derivative are used to form an independent air phone type or continuous air
form type, and some examples thereof! : There are styrene, styrene, urethane and the like. Thus, a
method of forming a horn made of such a foamable resin may be integrally molded into a shape
as shown in the figure, or may be molded into a state of being divided into two vertically and
horizontally or horizontally and seamed together by an adhesive or Alternatively, the peripheral
wall portion (b) may be integrally molded all around the circumference or may be formed by
seaming each wall plate, and a separately formed partition wall portion (6) may be fitted or
bonded. The horn (1) can be applied to other multi-cellular ones, exponential types, conical types,
conical types, parabola types, hypex types, reflexes type types, and other seminal types (4). Of
course. Although not shown, an appropriate cosmetic material or exterior material may be coated
on the outer periphery of the peripheral wall Sa1 of the horn (1) as necessary. In the present
invention, as described above, since the horn (1) in the horn-type speaker is made of a foamable
resin, the horn itself vibrates due to the flexibility that is the material property of the foamable
resin, and the image pickup action of this material itself The noise caused by the parasitic
vibration specific to the material is absorbed by the sound wave and the movement that is
harmful to the high fidelity reproduction by absorbing or dispersing. The characteristic of sound
absorption is an ability to absorb harmful sound waves and vibrations and to appropriately lower
the peak values of the harmful sound waves and vibrations, and the combination of these
flexibility and sound absorption functions extremely natural with little distortion. It is possible to
significantly improve the harmful vibration (so-called horn odor f) due to reflection, which is a
defect peculiar to horn type speakers. Therefore, although the use of the driver unit is not
prohibited according to the present proposal 5), a sufficiently high quality reproduced sound can
be obtained without using the driver unit. As described above, according to the present proposal,
since the horn is made of a foamable resin, it is possible to obtain a high-quality, low-distortion,
high-quality reproduced sound. Therefore, without using an expensive driver unit, this normal
performance is required. It is possible to perform sufficient high fidelity reproduction only by
using the cone type speaker as a driver. In addition, since a foamable resin is used as the
structure of the horn, it can be mass-produced inexpensively because of its good processability,
and a driver can be inexpensive as well. Also, since the horn is made of a foamable resin, it is
preferable to achieve l / 'ILF ni conversion, and the support structure can be simplified even
when it is incorporated into a large-sized speaker. It is a device with a large effect.
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