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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view showing a part of a conventional
spherical sound source speaker with a notch, FIG. 2 is a sectional view of the same, and FIG. 3 is
a half sectional front view of one embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 4 is a side sectional
view of the same. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 3 ... Board | substrate, 4 ... Yoke, 5 ... Magnet, 6 ...
Pole, 7 ... Bobbin, 8 ... Voice coil, 9 ... Danher, 10 ... Support plate, 11 ... 11 '... 7-ilm diaphragm, 12
... glass wool, 13 ... rubber, 14 ... projecting piece. Fig. 1 Fig. 2-97-Japanese Utility Model
Application No. 52-64534 (2) Fig. 3 Fig. 4-98-
[Detailed description of the invention] 1 @-book 1, 4-ball bowl of consideration-Sby Kamakura, 1
slaughter model ll-claim category ■ (! l[villWK+n(ry111に1!
11t*lkK@IIIL。 □ Place a pois coil bobbin on the magnetic tape t of the air flow of
each n, top I! Pois Oil Pobin supports at-job, supports the pen 11 [K hemispheric pot @ I [a]
attached ball source speaker. $, 肴 111.0 詳 111A1 * 本 1311 wax 、 食 放射 放射 放射 放射 ス
ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス j l l 為 為. , M1lIOζO @ ball speakers, 111 m1. 纂, 2! As shown in, a
large number of speakers sphere A. I le j IKIljk O Gango (with m is a round thing · L $ L while the
above-mentioned conventional Sugamo source Subi ★, is a twee I his niece, rounding that is
convenient to Kuha, Takao and Because of this, there is a disadvantage in the behavior of の beka
depending on the position and position of the speaker, and there is a drawback that requires 苧
歇 劇 劇 農 # # # # # # # # 本 本 本 本 従 来 従 来 従 来In order to explain the defects of the
island 1 in the island battle 1 below, 5-τ-$-1 building 4- and 4 according to the present
invention. In the 4th at @@, in the case of 4g, there is a 1st insult, a 2nd insular, an o @@@ s, and
a fL4: Cao-Yo 4 is attached. Chi f L E Mada net 6 is this magnet 61 Kll attached fi E pole, the
above-mentioned Baku-E4 4, w / net life, pole · magnetic · magnetic system is a system fLA · 7 is
a bottle of Amida soft The bobbin 7KIIi poi JL coil is 8111 n. ・はダンパーでA1. The abovementioned pobber 7 is supported by this member 9 in the magnetic gear of the magneticstepped-g-j '. 1o 紘 f1 y7 end 1m1k glued 1lfL nine-pole-like support plate in the island, this
support 11100 outer horse portion hemispherical 0111kl [11 # job ら ho ho this hemispherical
O 籠[email protected] 11 set A film with a thickness of 100 pm and an elastic 61-polyester film or the like can
be formed into a hemispherical shape by a press. 111 is a glass wool squeezed in the outer 1111
of the 冨 -14, 争 $, an island dispute, ラ ス I's a raswool 黛 argues the opening of the 輩 41 IIII in
the ball. Ehime ni Saka 1 “171” 1.1. Training 11 m 11 k 1 M 1, 1. . The edge is tightened, so it
is thin. 14 is an integral piece of KIII and is a mourning piece integrally attached to the abovementioned group 1N1, this island, this shim, the above-mentioned shim 1s is attached to 14, and
it is% I%.
The above-mentioned O-ball plaster Sbi-pak K--, a voice quill, a compensation paradox- for adding
a direction, an I-pinch 紘 la 麿 1 a direct direction KIIIIIL, a tribute board, a raw spherical moth 叡 11 @ 11 tl [1 IltJi 6 ** 2 pieces eli * l 111 s 11 'to the group 1 N 1! It's symmetrical, so it's
symmetrical, island, eall 161 [11, 11'0lllk K て, rubber 1sq, stretch A%, IJ & so. . More than, home
l! Insert the fL and tllll IL1 circuit into both the a @ and the a @ 11, insert a support plate into the
sn * pois 諧 il pobin inserted in the eel I l -11) O 111 L # * # b It is a spherical object, and it is not
necessary to have a large number of speakers as in the conventional example, but two speakers
must be based on only one unit. An SK with a fist, and the conventional glue 4 as in the example,
the change of the mounting rod device IIl 虻 時 時 、 宜 (, 、 、 宜 も も 容易 容易 容易 容易 刹
為 刹 島 島 島 島 島Because.
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