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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a sealed ultrasonic
transducer according to the present invention. 1 ... electrostrictive vibrator, 3 ... vibration
absorbing member, 4 ... insulation jacket. −67−
[Detailed description of the invention] Irradiate ultrasonic waves into the idea water or receive
dense 1 tlli that is reflected ll ll 5 II! It relates to a transmission / reception screw. An
electrostrictive vibrator made of lead zirconate titanate etc. is disposed on the outer surface
excluding the C11 l radiation end Ij @ and is densely sealed in a liquid tight manner by an
insulating outer shell together with a nine-row porous vibration absorbing member. Ultrasonic
transducers are suitably used for # 1 deep-in-the-field fishing detail detectors, etc., but generally
use different ultrasonic frequencies depending on the application). -Although the transducer
operating at a relatively low frequency of J0 Uig @ is selected and used for detecting a large
fishing group, a transmission / reception * @ operating at a medium to high frequency of J0 to
λooxnz is appropriately selected and used. In addition, in the recent fish detection detector, the
rounding co-frequency to increase its detection ability, such as F! ! A method is also adopted in
which a combination of horseradish solution number and brass is written on the recording paper
for # KH + 11 and 2ooKIizttl, and also in this case, the number of tweezers agglutination fluid to
be used is true, operating at each frequency To use a transducer. Therefore, in the case of the
above #i # l! It is inconvenient that each dedicated transmission / reception aS must be used in
accordance with the purpose of fishing or fishing school, and in the case of the latter, it is
inevitable that the cost of equipment will increase with the increase in the number of parts. If
using the electrostrictive vibrator operating at a frequency of two Oa as the electrostrictive
vibrator to be written together with the vibration collection member into the insulation outer
cover, the problem of elimination of the above-mentioned (2) O defect is realized by K
Hereinafter, an embodiment of the drawings will be described. In the drawing, / indicates an
electrostrictive vibration in which silver electric & J & l co b is attached to the back side of a
group of / with a barium titanate, a titanium titanate zirconate ship, etc. Jori, Jri The outside of
the metal gold vibrator 1 except for the radiation end (coa), such as cork, foam rubber, etc.,
arranged so as to color-enclose them on the reflective end face @ t2b> and 111 faces Porous
vibration absorbing member, 餉 li 餉 歪 t li tliJal λ b K Mil L 9 pairs of conducting wire & & #b
coated wire, j is the electrostrictive vibrator! Insulating outer shell made of synthetic rubber, acid
resin, etc., which has the same acoustic impedance as water, and is sealed in a liquid tight
manner by casting, etc. Although the construction up to this point is known, in the present
invention, it is assumed that the electrostrictive vibrator 1 is operated using an electrostrictive
vibrator operated with the number of the peripheral liquid of 2 oA. That is, the vibration in the
radial direction and the vibration of the thick square wall are presented, and the lower frequency
of the predetermined two different frequencies is used by the vibration of the radial square and
the high frequency is used by the vibration of the thick square. In order to obtain the diameter,
diameter (in the case of il, its outer diameter and inner diameter) and wall thickness, it is set to a
predetermined value according to the constants of the used piezoelectric material, and 9 circular
features or annular plates The electrostrictive vibrator of
Incidentally, the electromechanical coupling coefficient kp-JIS% kms-41%. In the case of a circle
IiW electrostrictive oscillator made of lead zirconate titanate exhibiting mechanical Qm-1000,
when the diameter is set to 10 mm, the thickness is 10 m! The radial oscillation of rOKJIZ and
the thickness oscillation of λoo KHz can be performed. In the ultrasonic transducer relating to
the draft, since the external image Kfillllk absorbing member except the width emitting end face
side is disposed on the electric transducer in the draft, the radial distribution distortion vibrator
is utilized using the radial direction movement. There is no ultrasound radiation from the
transducer O outer 1111 and the reflecting end facing side at all times, and always the @
emitting end face to the insulating outer end 0 & the ultrasonic energy)) which contacts the
emitting end itself through the ultrasonic energy)) The coating of the insulating shell so that it
can be emitted underwater without leaving the water, but this ultrasonic energy can be emitted
as it is without being attenuated in any case of the number of single fluids used. It is desirable to
set the thickness (1) of a to the speed of sound in the coating sja of the two frequencies used (a
value close to a half-wavelength integer multiple length. The above Ab honkaku band sword type
ultrasonic transducer aI unit comprises an electrostrictive vibrator operating at a specific ゐ I11
wave number, together with a 蚕 work collection member disposed outward except for the 4041
end of the chisel Since it can be sealed in a liquid tight manner by the insulating shell, it is
possible to use either a # 1 deep or a fishing probe as compared to the conventional transmission
/ reception S in which the electrostrictive vibrator operating at a single frequency is sealed
Because it can be used in 4 applications, it is extremely convenient and potassium, and it is
adopted in the cofrequency method in iik probe, and the number of transmission and reception aI
amounts to be used is significantly reduced in the case of 9 There are many O effects such as
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