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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of the present invention. 1 ...... insert, 2 ...... cavity portion 9 ...... vibration pickup type microphone,
10 ...... through-hole, 11 ...... Openings 12... Openings 13 .. tubes 14 .. earphones.
【Detailed description of the invention】 4 high places, say 4 construction sites, work 444,
factories, empty places etc. during the work call during work □ there may be a case, Mayen
other self m In cars, motorcycles, etc., in sports, etc., 1 foil is used while 1 eye is used for 1
history, and there is fcl / '14 sweetness, but close talk as a means to decide the point of feces The
method of using the microphone and @ jet microphone in combination with the head cent has
been taken, but with these microphones, the noise of Boya's noise fills up, and the drawback is
that it is h at 14 minutes of calling was there. The present invention is unreliable from the point
of view, and it is possible to send and receive voice simultaneously with only one ear while
working with both hands while working on high Iff, and it does not cause any howling
phenomenon. It is an attempt to provide an internal ear canal microphone built-in earphone that
can listen to # voices to Lj + 1 貴 at your side. In order to make it easy to insert in the ear canal
with synthetic resin or metal, it is easy to insert an example of the central part 1 of the present
invention into the figure and make it easy to insert it into the ear canal. → The same part 2 (ilprovided, 1 part can be attached with a lead wholesale 3 to the part 2 of the bond, and can hold
the bimorph 5 which has another dance 1 # 1 with 詠 侍 俸 4. This bimorph 5 · is attached with a
ceramic ceramic 4 x 7 in a ring of titanium 叡 6 (consists of an afterglow, and a pole is attached
11 on a ceramic reed 7), and rc @ VC continues At the same time, a bone pickup is used to
transform the external ear and tomb of the eyebrows into a signal to pick up a signal that it
recommends to form an impulse pickup type microphone 9. Then, a through hole 10 is provided
in the upper part of the human body 1 toward the region from one side, and the one opening 11
is beatened, 2. 4 to connect L pieces on one side, and connect an unblowing f-tube 13 such as a
vinyl tube to one opening 12 and add an earphone 14 to a cough-tube 13 pond 1 I will pass. The
arrows in the outer ear canal are said to be a test line, and the instigation of the jaws is vague,
and the outer four branches of the spine are curved upwards, so an elongated human body 1 is
When inserted into the ear canal, the main 10 part of the main body is blown out [・ bite bites
out naturally, and when soft and o move together by vocalization, self-injection of the first pickup type outsider microphone 9 and shooting fc The body 1 is up and down, and the bimorph 5 is
made to show the bimorph 5 by the i13 of the bimorph 5-4. The sTa is cut off and guided
through the tube 13 to the sTa 托 10, and the tidal port 11 is sent to the 砿 妓 411 surface.
At the same time, even though one of them is sending, receiving, or alive, it is said that the other
party is sending 'Saki's' ti' r to be able to pick it up. Howling wolf never happens. (As described
above, the space-intersection 2 vcs of the lower part of the push-in body 1 forms a microphonetype microphone 9 at the lower part of the push-in body 1 and the opening j Since the speaker
11 is located in the front of the branch 4 and the flexible tube 13 is connected to the local
opening 12 and the earphone 14 is t, m on the ground of the tube 13, the talker has four tones 1
Even if you want to send a small number of people to the other party, you don't need to seal the
ear with the pink-out type external ear cane microphone 9 dM. You can escape from many girls
even at construction sites. In addition, since the activity of the other party is sent to 1 sum before
the abscission directly from the 1 autopsy part 11 through the through hole 10 with a hair curl
'n' to aggravated by the earphone 14, it is less Sound in the volume, t to the sound St, * <power;
can be further tongue, so as to make the reception and dbVC its ball work system gold) · Urling
border house does not occur, simultaneously sent with only one ear, received ti As IAPjKl is
different, it is common to work at construction sites, four construction sites, and 94 mag.
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