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j specification l 1 name of the invention
Mesh mounting method for ceramic microphone cylinder
3. Detailed description of the invention (object of the invention) In the known example, the hole
is collected in the upper bottom of the cylinder, the inside of the cylinder, the inside diameter of
the cylinder and the mesh plate of a small diameter are stretched and glued It is customary to
attach it. However, in this construction method, the gluing paste is peeled off and the mesh board
inserted from inside of the cylinder is attached to the lower side of the inward facing section
obtained by sprouting a hole in the upper bottom of the cylinder. Satisfy the hand, because the
working efficiency is not good, increase the% m cost, and fire resistance is poor, yet it is not easy
to be glued, appearance appearance is not uninvented The invention was invented for the
purpose of providing a method capable of cleaning up the secondary defects such as 2nd grade.
EndPage: 1 (Structure of the Invention) The construction of the present invention will be
described in detail by referring to a drawing showing an actual tumor example, with reference to
Shiro. 1 to 5 show the process of the method of the present invention. First, the covered top
portion (2) of the cylinder (1) shown in FIG. 1 is reversely squeezed to the inner cylinder side to
form a recessed lid portion (3), and the annular lid portion (3) The hole (5) is drilled leaving the
portion (4), and the mesh plate (6) is placed on the upper surface of the ridge portion (4), and the
annular ridge portion (4) and the annular ridge portion (4) The mesh plate (6) is held by the
upper and lower inside and outside polymerizing tubular portion (7), and the tubular portion (7)
is inserted into the mesh plate (6) and the caulking portion (8) by the same method. The present
invention relates to a method of attaching a net to a ceramic microphone cylinder characterized
in that In the practice of the present invention, the cylinder may be made of aluminum, or copper
and brass may be used, as well as metals other than those described above. Also, do not limit to
the cylinder used for the ceramic mike (and perform for old people by applying to all miter
clutches. It is not a question that the outer shape of the west cylinder is polygonal when it is
cylindrical. (Operation and Effect of the Invention) According to the invention, compared with the
gluing method in the known example, the lower side of the inner b1S of the anastomosis in which
the hole is pierced in the upper and lower sides of the cylinder without fear of peeling of the
gluing right From the inside of the cylinder, it takes time and effort to the method like in the case
of the method of making a net plate inserted into the @ cat, work and defect in operation, high
production cost, poor durability, appearance irreversibility due to the four glued appearances
This invention is capable of achieving four effects that can eliminate the drawbacks of the others.
4 is a longitudinal sectional view of the main part of the cylinder, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional
view of a state in which the upper part of the cylinder in FIG. Fig. 3 is an 8 'ls longitudinal section
[1]] in which the hole (5) is drilled leaving the inward annular collar portion (4) in the lid portion
(3), and Fig. 4 is the above-mentioned corner portion (4) is a cross-sectional view showing the
steel plate (6) placed on (4), and FIG. 5 is a main part in which the inner and outer combined
projecting cylindrical portion (7) is swung in the center and the caulking portion (8) is formed.
FIG. 6 shows a longitudinal sectional view of a main part of a known example in which a net is
mounted on a cylinder. In the figure, (1) is a cylinder, t2) I'I covered top, (3) a concave lid, (4) an
annular ridge, (5) a hole, (6) a mesh plate, (7) a The outer and inner polymerizing tubular parts,
(8) show caulking parts. Attorney Attorney Yoshiki Yoshio Attorney Attorney Yoshiki Yuzo
EndPage: 2 Fang 3 Procedure Supplement iE? (Spontaneous) ill ?1 item 151 ? 11 eyes jl ? day
Patent Office Secretary Katyama Ishibe Forging 1 act display 1959 frame confession No. 1
g6569 Name in the 2nd round of the ceramic microphone cylinder Ks mounting method ░ 8
correction The amount of "N ░", "░ -1 ░ Datami, Osaka, Osaka" "Shin-Kon-Senjo 4-Chome
Recreation Area". Daisuke Ekimae-Hill (G floor) Noodles episode 1 Osaka (06) 848-s + aa number
1 (?) Name (11 556) for valve 1 ? 1 1) Resignation place University of Osaka Prefecture Osaka
City Kita-ku Sone Sho 4-chome Address large 1917i14 front-Hill (9th floor) Tortoise 1 story
Osaka (06) 848-2661 (representative) Mr. 8 (6571) # ? Yoshiki Yuya 5 self 6 supplementation
column 7 correction content ill ? l lf Correct the in crime of the petition detained by the number
of penalized corrections in the attached sheet l (2) Details ? page 3 line 6 ?Squeeze
ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Round book No. 4 self-reliance, line X 5 [according to reverse frequency f] is
corrected to ?1 by edge shaping?.
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