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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view showing a conventional
receiver structure, FIG. 2 is a sectional view showing an embodiment of the present invention,
and FIG. 3 is a partial sectional view showing an acoustic slit in the embodiment. And a
perspective view. 31 ...... frame, 3.1a ...... Lji shaped portion, 31b. 31c ...... end, 31d ...... projections,
32 ...... diaphragm 33 ...... moistureproof film, 34 ...... protective plate, 36
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room, + 2 ... 2nd back room.
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention is a paternator with a reduced
number of parts. Among the receivers conventionally used in telephones and the like, there is
one having the structure shown in FIG. 111 figures! Is a frame, and the first VC chamber 2 of the
frame 1 is arranged in the front VC diaphragm 2 or the bMI, and the pack cover 3 is arranged in
the far side of the second back chamber ? +2 It is formed. The holding ring 4, the moistureproof film 6, and the holding plate 6 are layered next to each other on the side of the diaphragm
2, and the end portion of the holding plate 6 which has sailed backward is caulked to pack (1)! ; 11 ? ?! Nisato i Secare 3 has B15z :. 7 is the inner pole, 8 is the inner bottom plate, 9 is it? ??
????? A coil wound around a bin 9, IZ is an outer pole, 12 is a magnet, and a magnetic
circuit facing the armature 13 which is mounted on the diaphragm 2 is formed. The edge plate
14 has a terminal 15.16 or a fixed terminal tl, which is attached to the center of the pack pack 3
but is connected to each end of the coil 10. An annular spacer J7 intervenes between the frame 1
and the outer electrode 11, and a tone changing slit corresponding to the thickness of the spacer
17 is the first back air chamber v +. And the second back-end! It is formed between v + z. The
handset with the above configuration loses the spacer 17 to form a sound slit, and the pack cover
3 is generally provided with rounding to form-* lR2 back chamber v + 2, so the number of parts
is low and the cost is low. Becoming an obstacle to The present invention seeks to provide an
easy-to-use handset structure that reduces the number of parts and reduces the cost. (2) i2 iJ
Hereinafter, one embodiment of the present invention will be described based on FIG. In the
figure, reference numeral 31 denotes a frame formed cylindrically by molding, and a drop
portion 31a is provided inward from the middle portion. A diaphragm 32, a moisture proof
summarizer 33, a protective plate, 94 are disposed in the first half of the frame 31, and these are
circulated through the end 31b. The second half of the frame 31 includes an outer pole 35, an
inner pole 36, a coil 38.7 ? h 39 wound around a povin 31, and an inner 1111 shield plate 40,
and a magnetic circuit portion facing the armature 41 of the diaphragm 32. Is f. Before winding
the coil 38 in the 42.43 i pin, the coil pX @ is a terminal fixed in advance to the bobbin 37 before
winding, each end of 98, иии is connected and integrated by soldering etc. . The handset of the
above structure is simplified in the following points.
(1) The end of the inner electrode bottom plate 40 is crimped by the end 31e of the frame 31
extended rearward, and the second back air between the rear half of the frame S1 and the inner
and bottom plate 40 A chamber v + t is formed. As a result, the conventional puncture cover 3
(FIG. 1) is omitted. (2) As shown in FIG. 3, the frame 310 annular portion jJa is provided with the
projections JJd selectively on the annular portion facing the outer pole 35, and these projections
31tl are brought into close contact with the outer pole 36. Thus, a sound box S) corresponding to
the thickness of the protrusion 31 d is formed, and the first back air chamber v + and the second
back air chamber ? + 2 are communicated. By this, the conventional spacer 17 (FIG. 1) is
abbreviate | omitted. The above-mentioned receiver can be automatically assembled in the
following steps. That is, the outer pole 35 is inserted into the rear half of the frame 31, and then
the I-bin 37 in which the pile 38 and the element 42.43 are integrated is inserted, and the
magnet 39 and the inner pole bottom plate 40 are arranged. Squeeze the end JJc of 31. After this
step, the inner electrode J # is press-fit into the hole of the inner electrode bottom plate 40, and
the tip thereof is flush with the outer electrode J5. Next, the frame 31 is reversed, and 1
diaphragm 32, moistureproof $ 33, protection plate 34 are disposed in the front half portion
thereof, and the end 31b is crimped. (4)-Partially in the above assembly process, it is easy to
make the tip end face of the inner pole 36 and the face of the outer pole 35 coincide with each
other, and omit the cutting process for making the surface opposite to the armature 41 flat. be
able to. Further, since the terminal 42 ░ 43 is directly attached to the r-n 37 and exposed to the
outside through the hole set in the inner electrode bottom plate 40, the coil is mounted after the
terminal 15.16 is attached to the pack cover 3 as in the prior art. The step of semi-circle
attaching the end of 1? becomes unnecessary. As described above, with the Honma-style feeder
structure 'fe', the number of parts can be reduced, so that the price can be reduced, and the
configuration as in the embodiment described above is automatic. It is disadvantageous for
assembly. ?, the present confectionery is variously modified to be limited to the abovementioned example-1
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