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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view showing a conventional
receiver structure, and FIG. 2 is a sectional view showing an embodiment of the present
invention. 20 ...... frame, 21 ...... vibration M, 22 ...... moistureproof film, 23 ...... back cover, 24 ......
protective plate, 25 ...... outside pole, 26 ...... magnets, 27 ...... coil bobbin, 28 ... ... coil, 29 ...... in
L30 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 31 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · contact pieces, 33 · · · · · · ·
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a magnetic circuit
structure of a receiver which can omit the cutting process. Among handsets conventionally used
in telephones and the like, there is one having the structure shown in FIG. In the figure, reference
numeral 1 is a frame, and a diaphragm 2 is disposed in front of the frame 1 to form a first back
air chamber V + 1, and a bank cover 3 is disposed behind the second back air chamber V-). Form
two. In the front of the peristaltic plate 2, a pressing ring ', a 1-force dampening membrane 5,
and a protective plate 6 are sequentially laminated, and a back cover 3 is fixed by caulking a part
of the protective plate 6 extending backward. 7 is an inner pole, 8 is an inner pole 1-J.meal "1.1
'bottom plate, 9 is a bobbin, J (+ is a coil wound around bobbin / 9, no is an outer pole, 12 is an
outer pole As a magnet, a magnetic circuit facing the armature 13 provided on the peristaltic
plate 2 is constituted by these. One terminal 15.16 is fixed to the insulating plate 14 attached to
the central portion of the back cover 3, and these terminals 15.16 are connected to each end of
the coil 10. An annular spacer 17 intervenes between the frame 1 and the outer electrode 11,
and acoustic slits corresponding to the thickness of the spacer 11 are the first back air chamber
v and the second back air chamber V + 2. It is formed between. In the receiver of the above
configuration, the upper end surface of the frame 1 in contact with the end of the diaphragm 2
and the outer electrode in order to accurately realize a small gap between the lower surface of
the movable plate 2 and the upper end surface of the inner electrode 7 A cutting process of the
upper end surface of the upper electrode 11 and the upper end surface of the inner electrode 7
and the subsequent anticorrosion treatment are required. Therefore, it takes time to assemble,
and has the disadvantage that the cost reduction can not be achieved due to the large number of
steps. The present jl scheme seeks to provide a receiver magnetic circuit structure which
eliminates the need for the above-described cutting P31 + process and can simplify the assembly
2- ') 屯 L-jN +' process. An embodiment of the present invention will be described below with
reference to FIG. In the figure, a zouy frame, 21 is a diaphragm, 22 is a moisture-proof film, and
23 is a back cover, which are integrated by caulking the end 24G of the protective plate 24. A
first back air 4v + t is formed between the frame 20 and the diaphragm 21, and a second back air
chamber VH is formed between the frame 20 and the back cover 23. Further, the holes 20 # of
the frame 20 # An acoustic slit is formed between I and the recess 236 at the upper end of the
back cover 23. 26 is an outer pole, 26 is a magnet, 27 is a coil bobbin, 28 is a coil, 29 is an inner
pole, 30 is an inner electrode bottom plate, and these form a magnetic circuit portion facing the
armature 31 of the diaphragm 21. .
A U-shaped contact piece J2 is embedded in a 7-lange 2761 of the coil bobbin 21 and the end
(not shown) of the contact piece JJK and the coil 28 is soldered and assembled. . 33はバック
3−1t! 'One child attached to the cover 23, its spring part! Close contact with the contact
piece 32 by the repulsive force of 311. In the receiver of the above configuration, the outer pole
25, the coil bobbin 21 assembled with a coil, the magnet 26, and the inner electrode bottom
plate 30 are sequentially inserted into the annular holding portion zoh of the frame 20, and the
end 20C of the annular holding portion sob is crimped. After that, the upper end side of the outer
pole 25 is received by a jig, and the inner pole 29 is press-fit into the inner pole bottom plate 30
to be matched with the upper waterfall face of the upper 4 straight pipe outer pole 25 of the
inner pole 2g. It is assembled by overlapping the pack cover 23 to which the moisture proof film
22, the diaphragm 21, and the frame 201 terminal 33 are attached one after another by fallK,
and caulking the end portion J 4111 of the protective plate 24. In the above assembly process,
the upper end direction of the outer pole 25 and the inner pole 29 is set to the same half plane,
so that the cutting process on the magnetic circuit portion side is performed to realize a minute
gap with the diaphragm 21 with high accuracy. It is said that it is unnecessary. Therefore, anticorrosion treatment as a post-fuisance is also unnecessary, and it is possible to reduce the
number of man-hours. 4-14 j Since the terminal 33 has a spring property, it can absorb
dimensional error of each part and maintain a reliable contact state. In addition, since the
conventional soldering operation of one coil and the coil end is omitted, automatic assembly
becomes easy. Further, if the frame 20 is formed of aluminum die casting or the like, the
magnetic circuit portion can be unitized, and the final assembly process can be further simplified.
The present invention is not limited to the above-described embodiment, and various
modifications can be made.
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