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Description 1, title of the invention
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a speaker system, and
more particularly to a speaker system called a horn road type in which a horn is attached to the
front or rear of the speaker 2. To emphasize the low range with a cone type speaker.
Loudspeaker system using a volume horn from the back of the speaker unit It is widely known
that the system is extremely efficient, and that it is possible to obtain rich volume even with a
small aperture diameter speaker because it is powered on. However, since the cabinet needs to
be of a very large size and length to reproduce low tones, it tends to be large, and it is extremely
troublesome to manufacture, and it has the disadvantage that one price is high. The present
invention has been made under the present circumstances, and it combines the restrictions such
as geometric rounding-off and large traffic associated with the Paclo-F system into a listening
environment, and makes it possible to reproduce a compact and inexpensive broadband The
purpose is to make it possible. In other words, the characteristics of the conventional speaker
system are evaluated in anechoic room, but in consideration of the actual EndPage: 1 listening
environment, various factors such as reverberation 2 reflection, resonance, 7 rats, etc. There is a
problem, and it is the present condition that thins the meaning of the anechoic room
characteristic and talks, but the actual listening environment is a space surrounded by wall
numbers, furniture or bookcases etc. is there. Therefore, it is intended to utilize all the loads of
the enclosed space in the house as described above. The contents of the present invention will be
described in detail with reference to the following nine drawings). FIG. 1 shows an embodiment
of the present invention. In FIG. 9, a small cabinet 1 has a speaker unit 2 attached to the front of
the cabinet 1). A hollow protrusion formed at the lower rear of the three-company cabinet 1 is in
communication with the cabinet 1). An exponential type horn 4 has a throat 5 of the horn 4
vertically pivotably supported by a shaft 6 at a central portion of the projecting portion 3 of the
cabinet 1 as shown in FIG. Are configured to communicate with each other via the protrusion 31.
Therefore, the opening of the horn 4 can be freely changed upward or downward and its angle
depending on the place where the cabinet 1 is installed. The virtual horn can be freely selected
according to the listening environment, and the configuration shown in FIG. 1 is merely an
example, and other models of IIk can be easily considered, for example, 1 The horn has a sevenlexiple structure so that it can be freely selected from the cabinet vertically and horizontally, and
in a range 8 of a 360 degree scale.
Fig. 3 shows the frequency characteristics (specifically) obtained by experimenting the speaker
system of the present invention, but the five curves have the aperture 77 of the speaker and the
volume of 2t of the cabinet and 9 of the present invention. Loudspeakers are shown, and when
installed at the corner of a concrete office, the b curve shows the frequency characteristics
measured with the same speaker as the 5 curve, and the 0 curve shows a speaker with an
aperture of 160P The speaker system was measured at the same corner of the concrete office as
the speaker system 1a curve with a cabinet volume of 10 L, but the speaker system of the
present invention has the aperture of the speaker unit in both the high range and the middle
range. Better in frequency than W characteristic of C curve of speaker system by 2 times, volume
of cabinet is 5 times That. As described above, according to the present invention, a bankload
assimilation horn is communicated with the rear face of a small cabinet having a speaker unit at
the junction with the cabinet and is freely assimilation according to the listening environment for
the virtual horn ff1 1 F. Because it is provided so as to be able to rotate freely, the wall of
furniture assimilating horn connected to the cabinet, furniture. Since the virtual horn can be
freely selected using the space of the bookcase, the corner of the room, and the corner of the
deck in the car, the effect of the low range can be remarkably improved by the application
method, and the presence effect is large. is there. Furthermore, because the cabinets F are
smaller than conventional ones, they are lightweight and portable, and EndPage: 2 of the
abolished EndPage: di-inclusive speaker units without broadband, inexpensive, directivity It has
features such as little deterioration.
4. Brief description of the drawings shows an embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 1 is a
perspective view of a speaker system, FIG. 2 is a partially cut away plan view, and FIG. 3 is a
speaker of the present invention In the characteristic diagram showing the comparison of the
system with other speakers, 1 is a cabinet, 2 is a speaker unit, 3 is a protrusion, 4 ri horn, 5 is a
throat, and 6 is an axis. Patent applicant Hokuto Acoustics Co., Ltd.,-2:-, Applicants' attorney
attorney's room 1) Zenhiro 1-, Nohe Tsuji Fig. 1 Fig. 2 EndPage: 3
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