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Specification L Title of the Invention 2 Clock Claim L Directing the directivity central axis to the
same sound source, and during excessive time p! h and two or more 指向 -directed microphones
and a delay circuit 2 connected in series to each microphone for correcting the delay time
difference and level reduction) difference due to the microphone distance difference from the
sound source A super-directional musical tone apparatus characterized by having a decision
circuit A11, and an addition circuit for calculating D of the information n of each microphone and
summing the output for total borrowing.
Super finger same note sounding device
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a finger guttering
device. In order to apply a single point to the noise in the noise, it is necessary to narrow the
directivity of the microphone. As a method of adding directivity to the microphone at tA, (J) open
the microphone t & surface by 8t and give directivity by internal pressure or the like. (B) collect
sound in one direction, using a parabolic reflector, (c) collect sound from open tips of different
lengths, and move one diaphragm entirely with its generated sound法 law etc. Sometimes Bi →
linear microphones have a narrow J1 homosexuality, also known as the can microphone.
However, in order to make the directivity of the H-shaped microphone narrower (it is necessary
to increase the length of the long field P and the number of bones, and along with that 2L, [the
increase in L causes problems in movement and the like. 明明 は 包 む τ 早 線形 線形 −1 −1
−1 マ イ ク ロ マ イ ク ロ 音源 音源 谷 谷 谷 谷 谷 谷 谷 谷 谷 谷 谷 谷 谷 谷 谷 谷 谷 線形 線形
線形 線形 線形 線形 線形 線形 線形 線形 線形 s For the sake of t)! ! The super-directive Jiangdong
sound system which proposes power to the DO nose gear through the chopsticks circuit and the
chanter and the chanter 5. The following describes one embodiment of the present invention
with reference to FIG. (Miel), (Mie2), (MiC3) are directional microphones, which can be rotated
between each finger center [Il] t-sound source (S) to obtain -I [# M and an appropriate gap. Are
placed. (T) Ri valley microphone (miat) EndPage: 1 (Mic2), microphone output synthesized from
the output of (Mtea) nest I. 6g sweetheart circuit for busy, each microphone (Mlct), ( delay
circuits (τ,), (τ,), (τ8) connected to nicz), (Mtea), and the delay circuits (τI, (τ, (τ, l))
Amplifier (-). The outputs of (Gs), (as) and its amplifier (false> + (Ch), (Gs) are equipped with a
manual output unit (A). The arrangement of the microphone (MiCl) one microphone away from
each of the delay circuits (τ1), (τ), (τ8) I / i 晋 yA (S) and the microphone (Mic2) slower than
that (MI03) Delay 4 to compensate for the departure and arrival is to overcome the principle, the
delay time of the valley microphone is determined by the following equation. τ = X / (331 +
α6t) here! -Breakdown between micro 7 on and valley measurement microphone (→, 1 =
temperature (boiling, unit of τ (separating and each term 1-device (false), (Gs) , (Gs) is a profit
factor A (corrected so that the level of No. 16 which is a manual power of six microphones af on
from fm (S) becomes the same.
When the output of the adder (A) is one incident from the direction of the sound source to the
incident M from the direction of the source, the difference in gain due to the distance of the
microphone lsi Since the vulgaris' * received 鏝 at random, even if the microphone is used for N
inconvenient, 7 JO calculations for N lines are not made, but less than that, and the directivity is
the upper microphone alone You can do it better. These four elephants become more
pronounced as the number of microphones increases. Fig. 2 shows another embodiment. The
microphones (M2O3), (MIC2), and (M2O3) distribution tIt is a straight line. It is slightly shifted
from 1 and 1 when the directivity of sound # (8) is a little wide! i! For pI. FIG. 3 shows still
another loosening 1 flJk, and the arrangement of the microphones (miax), (ntcz) and (mtca) [(t) is
further shifted to a fan-like shape from the case of FIG. It is a stool For disease at the time of S
directivity. According to the above 4th invention, by assembling the microphones, the sound
collecting apparatus having the narrow finger tongue becomes the oT rudder. And because it can
be divided if you move. Very convenient.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a schematic block diagram of a stick showing one
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 and FIG. FIG. (8)... F source, (Micx) pivot MiQ
3)... A forward microphone, (τ1) to (τ ha) delay device, (Gl) to (G,) term multiplier, (A) ... Add J!
4 Agent Yumi Hirohiro Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 2 EndPage: 2
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