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Description 1, title of the invention
Ultrasonic transducer array
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an ultrasonic transducer
array, and more particularly to a circular array type 5 ultrasonic transducer array with small
crosstalk and little cross talk between force transducers. 5 Examples of Conventional Circular
Array Type Ultrasonic Transducer Arrays All shown in FIGS. 1 (4) and (B). Figure 1 (turbid and
(13 to p. 1-1. ~. 1-NrIi oscillator group, 2 is wall moving group? Support post, 3 is a signal 10
AQL 4 is a water mold. 10 Fig. 1 (4) and (5) This is a structure that can be used in a circular array
transducer array of high frequency ultrasonic waves such as a megahertz band. Oscillators in
arrays for low frequencies such as underwater acoustics? Although they are individually
watertight molded and arranged mechanically 15, it is impossible in the megahertz band 15.
Therefore, as shown in Fig. 1 (4) and (g), the vibrators 1-1, ..., 1-N are bonded on a support 2
made of a hard material such as metal, and four pieces are water-moulded. Is a common method.
20 (2) EndPage: One point is that this super-child wave transducer array has the following
disadvantages. For example, when all voltage is excited from the signal line 3 to the vibrator 1-1
in FIG. 1? Let's think about it. At this time, ultrasonic waves are emitted from the transducer 1-1
in the direction of the arrow A in the drawing. 5) The ultrasonic wave is also emitted in the
direction of arrow B in the figure. The ratio of the energy of ultrasonic waves radiated in two
directions is ZA / (ZA + ZB) in the arrow A direction and ZE / (ZA + ZB) in the arrow B direction.
Here, ZA is the radiation impedance 'J 10 degrees when the arrow Ay 5 $ ”t is seen, and Z B is
the direction of the arrow B? It is the radiation impedance density when viewing. Since ZA is
approximately equal to the specific acoustic impedance of water, ZA = 1.5 × 10 'Kf, /' m 'crown.
ZBは。 For example, when the column is made of all stainless steel, ZB = 45; 715 × 106 kg /
ry + 'sec. Therefore, about 97 'of ultrasonic energy emitted from the transducer 1-1. It is emitted
in the direction of arrow B, that is, the inside of the column 2. Since this ultrasonic wave passes
through the column 2 gold and excites the other transducer groups, a large amplitude signal
from the transducer 1-1 is received by the transducer groups 1-2 to l-N20 (3). It will be done.
Therefore, the ultrasonic echo which can be obtained by the ultrasonic wave emitted in the
direction of the arrow A striking the object and reflected is the above mentioned large amplitude
signal. It had the drawback of being obscured by crosstalk once it was obscured once.
Most energy will be emitted in the direction of arrow A if it is made of material with specific
acoustic impedance equal to or less than the total water of the column 2, but such material is soft
material and is broken by water pressure etc. There is a drawback of 10 Therefore, the present
invention is the above-mentioned drawback of the prior art? SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is
an object of the present invention to provide an ultrasonic transducer array that is compact and
robust and has little crosstalk between transducers. The purpose of the present invention to
achieve this goal is to obtain a column of one column and a specific acoustic impedance of 10 ×
10 'h / n? A pillar made of a material of a crown or more, a skin layer made of a material that
covers the pillar in a cylindrical shape and has a specific acoustic impedance smaller than the
above value, and a plurality of ultrasonic vibrations 20 arranged along a cylinder on the outer
surface of the skin layer 4) With Soko? You have an ultrasound transducer array. Hereinafter, the
embodiments will be described in full by the drawings. FIGS. 2 (4) and 2 (5) are structural
examples of the ultrasonic transducer array according to the present invention, which are
described in 5-1. S- and 5-N are vibrator groups, 7 is a cylindrical support, 6 is a support 7 goldplated five skin layer, 8 is a signal source, and 9 is a watertight mold. In FIG. 2 (4), a skin layer 6
made of a material whose intrinsic acoustic impedance is lower than that of the material of the
pillar 7 is joined to the outer periphery of the pillar 7 so as to wrap the above-mentioned pillar 7
gold. If the thickness W ′ is% wavelength or an odd multiple of% wavelength with respect to the
wavelength 10 of the sound wave in the skin 786. Transducer group 5-1. Inside of the yen from
~, 5-N? The radiation impedance density seen is Zl / ZB. Here, ZS is the specific acoustic
impedance of the skin layer, and ZB is the natural sound 4 impedance of the support. Materials
usable as the surface layer 15 are water, rubber, epoxy resin and the like, and materials usable as
the support are metals such as stainless steel, ceramic and the like. The specific sound 4
impedance of these materials is as follows. 20 (5) epoxy resin; 5x to 'V4 / -gas water; 9 / rr to 1.5
x 10'? sec rubber: 1, 5 x 106 Kg / 1 sec stainless steel: 45 x 10 'Kf / m "sec ceramic; 30 X lo' Kf /
m 'sec, 5 eg epoxy resin as the skin layer 6, stainless steel as a post? It will be used. Therefore,
oscillator group 5-1. The ratio of the ultrasonic energy emitted from the ~, 5-NIO to the outward
circular sound field of 1 yen becomes a value of 70% or more. Therefore, the ultrasonic energy
radiated to the inside of the support 7 is not more than 30%, and the transmission loss is also
caused at the boundary while the energy is transmitted from the support 7 to the skin layer 6,
and the energy for exciting other transducer groups is extremely high. It becomes smaller.
Therefore, ultrasonic echoes which are emitted into the sound field and reflected by 20 (6)
EndPage: 2 ultrasonic waves strike the target and are obtained are ultrasonic waves received by
the transducer group of ultrasonic waves emitted in the column, ie, a mask depending on
crosstalk. It will not be. In addition, the thickness W of one skin layer. If the dead wavelength is 2
MHz and the wavelength is OKi 7 resin, 0.5 fl is sufficient, so there is no risk of destruction by
water pressure or the like. If the skin layer is water, the vibrator group? In a thin system, form a
ring in an annular array, and place a column of water inside the column to arrange all the
columns. As described above, according to the present invention, a high intrinsic acoustic
impedance as high as or more than metal? Is the specific acoustic impedance lower than the
support 7 around the support 7 made of material? Since the skin layer 6 made of a material
having gold is formed, and the thickness of the skin layer 6 is a metal wavelength of the skin
layer 6 or an odd multiple of 1/1 wavelength, the vibrator group 5-1. ~. The radiation impedance
density at the time of viewing the inside of 5-Ni- et al. Is extremely lower than the placement
acoustic impedance of the support 7 and the skin layer 6. And, a group of transducers 5-1. ~
External from? Since the impedance is lower than the radiation impedance density when viewed
(7), the ultrasonic energy radiated to the support 7 becomes smaller, and the transducer group 51. There is an advantage that crosstalk between ~, 5-N becomes small. In the above embodiment,
the skin layer rtμ wavelength is used, but as shown in FIG. 3 (, 41 and V3 +, the same effect can
be obtained by forming a boundary between one skin I- and a column -T! There is a case. In FIGS.
3 (4) and (5), 10-1 ° to 10-Ntfi oscillators, 11 is a skin layer, 12 is a support, 13 is a signal line,
and 14 is a watertight mold. In such a structure, the energy of the ultrasonic wave emitted from
the transducer groups 10-1.10 to 10-N to the skin layer 11 is ZS / (ZA 10 ZS). For example, if the
surface layer 11F is made of Eboki / resin, it will be 76 parts, but the emitted ultrasonic waves
are reflected toward the boundary with the support 12. At this time, since the groove 15 is cut in,
the boundary surface is not specularly reflected and scattered in all directions in time and space.
The scattered ultrasonic energy is slightly absorbed by the skin layer 11, and then the transducer
groups 10-1. ~. 20 (8) 10-N received by, but the initial excitation voltage? Since the short and
silence waveform and the double-scattered supersonic sound fl enter the oscillator group
disorderly in time, the received sound pressure level becomes an extremely small value.
The crosstalk therefore does not mask the ultrasound echo 5. Although FIGS. 3 (4) and (5) show
an example in which a gear-like groove is inserted, the same effect can be obtained with a screwlike groove. The present invention is a circular array type ultrasonic transducer array in which a
skin layer r made of a material having a specific sound # 10 impedance lower than that of the
column is also provided around the column. There is less crosstalk between the arranged
transducers, and it is possible to clearly capture ultrasonic echoes from targets in the sound field.
For example, the energy of ultrasonic waves emitted to the sound field is about 3% in the prior
art, and is 70% or more in the embodiment of the present invention, which is greatly improved.
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 ((4) and (5) shows a structural example of ultrasonic
wave transmission and reception 20 (9) wave array according to the prior art, and Fig. 2 (4) and
(h) Ultrasonic Transducer Array 0 Structural Example Third) 4 淘 and (5) are other structural
examples of the ultrasonic transducer array according to the present invention. 1−1. ~, 1-N ...
Oscillator group, 2 ... Post, 53 ... Signal light, 4 ... Watertight mold. 5−1. ... 5-N ... oscillator
group, 6 .. skin layer. 7 ... post, 8 ... signal line, 9 ... watertight mold. 10−1. ~. 10-N: oscillator
group, 11: skin layer. 12 post 13 signal line 14 watertight mall 10 de O Patent applicant Oki
Electric Industry Co., Ltd. Patent application agent 15 patent attorney Megumi Yamamoto-0 (lO)
EndPage: 3 measures IQtln 1W (8) Bon 2M (AI Figure 2 CB) EndPage: 4
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