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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic perspective view of an
embodiment of the present invention living body transducer length, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal
sectional view thereof, and FIG. 3 is detected using the device of the present invention FIG. 4 и и и и
и и и и и film-like piezoelectric body, 18 и и и и protective film, 16 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и elastic body.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, a transducer made of a
flexible membrane-like piezoelectric material is adhered on an artery at a constant pressure, and
pressure fluctuation due to pulsation is directly converted to an electrical signal Kf: pulse wave
The present invention relates to a transducer WC for a living body that can be detected, in
particular, when the detection unit is brought into close contact with the skin surface of the
subject and subjected to static pressure, or in this state as well when it receives pressure waves
such as pulse waves. The transducer for living body V is related to the fact that f7yYID2 is
present via a detector that transmits pressure waves between the membrane-like piezoelectric
member and the membrane-like piezoelectric member so that only tension in the same direction
is applied to the film-like piezoelectric body. Although the applicant has already proposed the
Japanese Patent Application No. 5174740 as such a biological transducer, in such a conventional
one, the main body? If the body is pressed against the body strongly, the membrane-like
piezoelectric material may be broken due to excessive stress (V), and if the body is pressed
against the body, LL of the pulse wave and detection ratio of the body becomes worse, sometimes
the answer becomes worse. As shown by curve a in FIG. 3, the float can not follow the original
pulse & shape as shown by il. The present invention has the disadvantage of ? ии [Swimming, an
elastic body made of rubber or the like is provided on the outer side of the detection element to
widen the above-mentioned situation and at the same time, slack or wrinkles etc. It was made not
to be a teacher, and to make it not overtake the draw on the floor. An embodiment of the horse
proposal with a bad thltic will be described in detail below. In FIG. 1, 1 is a main body, 2 is a low
three noise cable for guiding the electrical signal from the main body 1 to an amplifier (not
shown). In the main body 1 as shown in FIG. 2, the film-like piezoelectric body 4 is horizontally
held in a cylindrical case 3 with an open upper surface, and in the figure of the film-like
piezoelectric body 4, the lower surface, ie, ? node 1i4IiL, The electrode layer 5 is covered with
the core wire 6tl of the cable 2 by the conductive contactor 7 and the electrode layer 8 deposited
on the upper surface 1, that is, the cathode weir of the membrane-like piezoelectric body 4 A
shield dll (c-conductive adhesive 12) provided between the sheath 9 of the above-mentioned
cable 2 and the sheath 9 of the lead wire 6 and the object elt 1 of the cable 2; Close to the ring
14 made of urethane rubber foam elastic rubber 13 on the lower surface of the film-like
piezoelectric body 4 and a plastic or fR rubber or the like on the lower surface of the lower
surface. The film-like piezoelectric body 4 and the 1j1L2 13 and the ring 14 are surrounded by
an aluminum foil, a tin sleeve, etc. and a 0 shield 15 from a gold wind exhibition.
The shield 15 is electrically connected to the shield heart 11 electrically. In the center of the
upper part l of the shield l) for bending the film-like piezoelectric body 4, plastic or its part 11! A
ring-shaped elastic body 17 is provided which abuts on the lower part number of a spherical #
moving element 16 made of wood chips, and is made of soft plastic rubber etc. The upper
portions of the detection element 16 and the elastic body 17 project from the upper edge of the
case 3 and are surrounded by the elastic retention membrane 18. In the upper case, the film-like
piezoelectric body 4 is a disc V having a thickness of 1 u ?? and a diameter of 105 m + phase,
and a thin gland, and its mechanical impedance is excellent in flexibility similar to the mechanical
impedance of the furrow. A vibration transmitted by a man or float I lb is detected with high
sensitivity by the IIIN Technician, and can be efficiently converted into an electric signal as
described below. That is, the film-like piezoelectric body 4 may be a natural oriented polymer
such as cellulose or protein, a stretched film of poly-r-methyl-L-glutamate synthetic sieve
molecule, polyvinyl fluoride, polyvinylidene fluoride, polyvinyl chloride, ^ Molecular
Piezoelectric, zircon, obtained by polarization treatment of stretched films such as
polyacrylonitrile and polycarbonate. Ferroelectric ceramic 5 ramix 90 to 10 parts, such as
titanate acid, barium titanate yarn, and synthetic resin lO и ? capacity ji such as polyamide,
polyvinylidene fluoride, epoxy resin, polyacetal resin, etc. It is possible to use a piezoelectric or
molecular complex compound temple obtained by grinding and kneading a molded film and
polarizing it. The composition used in this example is mixed with a polyacetal resin at a
compositional ratio of ferroelectric ceramic powder (zircon ef) -lead tanate k / cress and molded
into a film, Electrodes are formed on both sides thereof. This is a film-like piezoelectric material
obtained by performing total polarization treatment, and a piezoelectric constant d :: Li-X10-N0N. Elasticity 4. ???? (Supported) X10-/ ? и 11, excellent in softness, good adhesion with the
human body, good processing, because there is no anisotropy, it is easy to process, and the
mound attachment is a direction finger -Not. The transducer of the present invention, which has
the above-mentioned structure, has its protection line 18 $ 111, for example, the skin surface VC
on the II + pulse of the upper arm densely, the force of pregnancy of the 3rd cuff, adhesive tape,
jig The pulse wave is detected by pressing the pressure against the skin surface with a constant
pressure by another means of hair. The curve -a in FIG. 3 shows the pulse wave measurement
bond in this case.
According to the present invention, according to the present invention, since the float of the
present invention is widely held by the elastic body 17v'rc provided outside of the outer shell
1III11c, it is possible to contact the measuring point of the living body accurately and Since the
lower surface pushes the periphery of the film-like piezoelectric material, the occurrence of slack
or wrinkles in that portion is prevented, and one uniform is not generated. Furthermore, in the
present invention, since the elastic body 17 is disposed in parallel with the float 16 to transmit
pressure, the main body is strongly pressed against the living body, partial over-biasing of the
film-like piezoelectric body is prevented, As it prevents, '#-Koki moves to prominence
independently of the elastic body, so it does not cause the pull-out phenomenon of the relics, and
the biological veins ll (:, the wave exactly the electric signal It is possible to convert it into J. Fig. 1
is a perspective view of an embodiment of the transducer for living body of the present
invention, Fig. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view thereof, and Fig. 3 is a device using the device of
the present invention. It is a detected pulse wave waveform diagram. 4 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и float ... elastic body. Attorney Attorneys Original Ishito original 1-no note 1
figure 2 ? included и) 2 figure! ??? 3 ? 2 2 2 fl 19 ? 3 ?-(7-J '-"6, Inventors other than the
above, utility model applicant ? (1)) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Kyoto Prefecture
Kyoto Prefecture City No. 1 Nishinokyo Kashiharacho, Chukyo-ku, 5Ht7rt ? C "6 Nakayama
Toshio Nakayama ? ? ? ? ? 111 111 111 s s s simm 2 kunio Kamimura Kunio Ibaraki ? ?
? 777 ? 315% m Mitsubishukachuuoken year 1 Ujo Pui Mitsubishi Yuka Co., Ltd. Central
Research Institute Uchiseo Kei ** $ ? ma / ', /! ????? 75 ? 3151, Shear tail stock 1 article
? Yari t Tomomo / Pu Yaguchi Tomonobu (2) Utility model applicants Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto
Station Naka Station District Kawaramachi Totsu Nijo 278 Roots 379 Funato Town 199 body
Ansha shaft It's been a successor to the next generation. .
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