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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of a curved frame of a linear array
microphone shown as an embodiment of the present invention, showing a partially stretched
state of a piezoelectric polymer film. Fig. 2 is a front view of a curved frame having a film
stretched thereon showing another embodiment, Fig. 3 is a sectional view of a curved frame of a
linear array microphone showing a conventional example, Fig. 4 is a front view thereof, and Fig.
5 is Main part front view showing area ratio in the frame, Fig. 6 (2), (3) is a sectional view, front
view and side view of the curved frame unit provided on the back side of the frame in Fig. 4, Fig.
7 is a piezoelectric polymer Electrical schematic in film. 1.........
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is an lEE turtle high
molecule molecular transducer, the purpose of which is to use an external electronic circuit using
a plurality of units of equal microphone 1 chromaticity as in the prior art. Microphone sensitivity
(1) q. Instead of performing weighting control with G, instead of performing directivity control,
weighting is given to microphone sensitivity by changing the ratio of the vibration area of the
piezoelectric polymer film and the adhesion area of the film and the curved frame, and
directional site lobes Try to make the Conventionally, a linear array microphone in which a
plurality of microphone elements are linearly arranged in Q is considered as a method of picking
up only the target sound except for the ambient noise, but the wave receiving sensitivity of each
microphone element is considered. When it is equal, directional side lobes appear louder. Then,
when the directional site lobe is large, it is easy to pick up questions other than the target sound,
so the external electronic circuit adjusts the reception sensitivity of each microphone element,
and the central part of the array has a height of llS. There is known a technique for reducing the
directional site loaf by performing marketing so that the lower end of the array reaches 18
degrees. (Electro-acoustic study group ☆ fee EA 78-51, gold, Abe, Kido [Linear array directional
microphone in conference loudspeaker, 8 papers in Acoustics (2) Lecture 58.10 gold, Abe, Kido
[straight line Use of a row finger homosexual micro Hoshi to a loudspeaker system]]]. Between
the bending directions of one thousand (the conventional linear array microphone using the EQ
molecular film is a curved frame 16 as shown in FIGS. 8 and 4), the fIE city 5i molecular film (5)
is made to coincide with the stretching direction The film 15) is stretched on the curved frame
16), and the film (5) is metal-deposited on both sides, and the electrodes are received from both
sides. The curved frame (1) has a plurality of openings (7), the opening area of each is equal, and
the area of the same flex (8) of the curved frame for holding the if film is also equal to b In the
same manner, as shown in FIG. 5, the areas of the hatched portions of the inside (9) surrounded
by a broken line indicate that they are equal to each other. The curved frame 16) described
above is used as a common electrode, and the other deposition surface of the film 15) is a curved
frame unit 110) and a curved frame unit 110) which are common using a curved frame unit t101
as shown in FIG. The piezoelectric polymer film (51 is stretched by
The open area and shape of the curved frame unitization and (3) are the same as the common
curved frame (6), and the open area and area of each of the films are equal so that the film
vibration area and bonding area are equal. Equal and isomorphic. As described above, in the
linear array microphone using the conventional piezoelectric polymer film, the area of the
vibrating portion of the film (effective area) and the area not contributing to the vibration of the
bonding portion of the film and the frame (ineffective area) are equal among the units Therefore,
the sensitivity of each of the microphone units is extremely equal, and therefore, there is a site
lobe between the fingers. The capacitances of the effective area and the ineffective area are
represented by an effective capacity q, an ineffective capacity C1, and an n effective capacity Ce
and an ineffective capacity, respectively, the sum of C1 as a total capacity CT. If the microphone
output electrons are EO when all films are vibration parts and there is no bonding area as an
ideal reason, the output voltage of the microphone of the festival, which has the bonding part of
the film and the curved frame, is According to the equivalent mountain circuit shown in FIG. In
the present invention, the capacitance of the film vibrating portion is changed to change the ratio
of the effective capacitance and the total capacitance of the film (4) according to the above
theory, and the microphone output scheme is changed. As shown in FIG. 1 or FIG. In FIG. 1, the
opening area of the common curved frame (2) having a plurality of openings (1) is changed, and
in FIG. 2, the area of the common bending frame (3) 4) is Indicates the case of change. Note that
both of these may be performed simultaneously. In addition, the stretching of the rice-type
polymer film is the same as that of the conventional example. Since the present invention has the
above configuration, the ratio of the effective capacitance to the total capacitance is larger at the
center than at both ends of the linear array microphone using the piezoelectric polymer film, and
the microphone sensitivity is higher at the center. It was high. Therefore, without changing the
sensitivity area of the piezoelectric polymer film to the adhesion area of the film and the curved
frame, the directivity side-loop is reduced without the need to provide the sensitivity distribution
by the external electronic circuit as in the conventional example. It is something that can be
done. Note that the directional site lobe can be reduced in the same way as in the case where the
ground, = att, is used as a microphone or as a speaker. (5)−
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