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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view showing the prior art, FIG. 2 is a
cross-sectional view taken along the line A-A, FIG. 3 is a front view of one embodiment of the
present invention, and FIG. FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line B-B. 1 ...... pickup,
2 ...... chord receiving member, 3 ...... frame, 4 ...... strings, 5 ...... pin, 6 ... .... Bush 0
Detailed description of the invention 'J13 description t device 4S electric electric power IIO pickup device 11N for a new model-a long O pick-up member on a long O pickup (1) consisting of a
lIN elastic piezoelectric Takako required (3) t-Let it fight and the frame (body and armor frame:
81 K 41 set and 9 ml! With the formula to make it tonight with the enemy's string 4), make the
bin (6) project from the 7 frame 3) into the pickup (1) and the string receiving material (s)- A
pick-up device for an electric-value appliance, which is attached to a bottle (5) and which is made
of an elastic body of rubber and a pond, and which is at least a circular string-receiving member.
4 electric 'ao #-na 弯 弯 に 関 す る に 関 す る に 関 す る O O * y * w · · · The presenter of the
present invention is a pick-up consisting of a long elastic piezoelectric Takako as shown in Fig. 1
and 1 1 shown earlier. Upper (A long string-bearing member bt * and let it be framed on this and
framed with this and make it dark in the darkness of 9 m & event d (1) 4? 7 聰 self. ■ I also Jim
O of the formula. In this% O, as shown in #i 苓, the string d is a tension member that is generated
on the left and right as the membership member IIt boundary, right? The resultant force of 1 acts
on the fee component. This meeting car has a frame aKJt and shifts from vertical 纏 R #, and this
rounding fee member is #introducing 勧. Especially in the middle part club 4 I! The member is
likely to move in the direction shown by the arrow in the run 11B 11 which is oblique to the
string-so that there is a drawback that the chip 1000 is prone to sagging. An object of the
present invention is to provide a pickup device without such a drawback, in which a long heating
material tS + is placed on a long pickup (1) consisting of elastic pressure Ill and a frame, 8) In the
formula of interposing between w number of chords (4) provided in 91 in the frame III, the frame
(from the set (the bulging of the (ε pick-up il) and the membership fee W6 # tz + Let it stand,
and put it in place with a bottle (5 JK rubber and its impelled body), and, by means of a chain
push button (6), at least the above membership fee 1! 31-Receive @ Mi. (2), '' ', Ne sa and II! In
the book shown in FIG. 4, a frame (6) k is screwed and implanted as a pin (6), and a bush (6) tlmembrane is attached to this, and a hereditary member tllt-a friend is a friend. Thus, the tension
of the strings 14) prevents the inward movement of the herd members (the brows from moving
inwards, and the brows are also received by the elastic bushing (6), so that the holding member #
1 @ Because it is not blinded, 秦 lIK distortion is also produced.
In addition, the pickup (1) is a high-molecular material such as rubber, synthetic rubber, rubber
Bs ike silk, and in-process polymer 1 (piezoelectric magnetic powder and ms agent or mum are
leaked, vulcanized or cured. A pair of electrodes is thickened because it is a part 1 H 611 * by
applying 11 pressure (& OO ma va vao ov) t-to the pole blackness by listening to one property O
electric balance in the tiger piezoelectric material However, it may be a cylindrical one which VSa
the center conductor and its outer layer. As shown in the figure, the one consisting of the central
conductor (1 &) and the eight fine electrodes (lb) is placed in one rubber and other O elastic
bodies (lO). According to the above, pick-up (3 nd) (1) K fee members (111 k 11 of the frame-to
the frame, from the set bin t! I) t-protruding, layering the bottle (seasonally made of rubber ())
made of elastic material of rubber), layering the above-mentioned expenses part (3) from 醸
made of (·) k 4) to stop moving inward by tension, so that no pitching occurs on the pitch, nor
does it write down the lines of the fIl receiving gitffi J, so the tone There is an effect that
distortion does not occur.
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