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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front sectional view of an underwater
ultrasonic transducer according to an embodiment of the present invention. , 1 ..... Piezoelectric
electrostrictive element, 2 ..... Sound wave reflection layer-13 ..... Insulated outer shell with
arbitrary coloring.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an ultrasonic
transducer used by immersing in water (sea) such as a fish finder, a sounding instrument, etc.
The drawings will be described below. The drawing shows an ultrasonic transducer for water,
and is disposed on the outer surface of the piezoelectric electrostrictive element 1 which is made
of a dedicated zirconate titanate and has electrodes 1m and 1b attached to both sides and its
sound wave transmitting / receiving surface (electrode 1a side). Sound wave reflection II 21 −,
77 J ′ ′ 2 made of a porous member such as sponge, cork, etc. with an insulating shell 3 made
of a synthetic resin substantially equal to the acoustic impedance of water, and the double-sided
electrode of the piezoelectric electrostrictive element A pair of lead wires 4a and 4b connected to
1a and 1b are drawn out of the insulating outer shell 3 to the outside. The present invention is an
ultrasonic transducer of the above configuration. In the case of coloring where the operating
frequency of the element is displayed on the insulating outer shell 3 sealing the piezoelectric
electrostrictive element 1, for example, black when the operating frequency of the electrostrictive
element is 59k) h, brown when it is 75kHz, or 200kHz Are colored differently according to the
frequency, such as red. This coloring is carried out by mixing color powder into the synthetic
resin in whole or in part of the insulating shell. This type, there are various electric layers as a
piezoelectric electrostrictive element because the use frequency is different depending on the
purpose and application for ultrasonic ultrasonic transducer for water, but it is sealed by an
insulating outer shell with the same outer shape color 8t In order to do this, it is necessary to
distinguish which transducer operates at a predetermined frequency and << fJ itself. For this
reason, U.S.A.2- has attached a label for indicating the operating frequency of the piezoelectric
element on the outer surface of the insulating shell, or selected and used a desired transducer by
attaching a stamped label to the stamper. Not only is the display area too small to be seen easily,
but it is not only prone to misrecognition when selecting it, but the transducer will be immersed
in water for a long time and the label will peel off or the imprinted part will disappear by blisters
etc. was there. However, since the present invention is configured to display the operating
frequency of the piezoelectric electrostrictive element enclosed in the inside of the insulating
shell by giving any color to the whole or a part of the insulating shell as described above,
Compared with the conventional display means (in addition to being able to accurately
distinguish, it is possible to expect effects such as being able to solve all the problems of
aftersales, etc. without worrying about peeling, erasing, etc.).
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