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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing the structure of
a conventional electromagnetic electroacoustic transducer, FIG. 1A is an enlarged view of the
main part in FIG. 1, and FIG. 7 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the present
invention, and FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view showing another embodiment of the present
invention. Reference sign 1 и и и и и и и diaphragm и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и 6 иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Lead wire, 10 иииииииииииииииииииииииии
Detailed Description of the Invention This invention relates to the improvement of the
electromagnetic type * * * conversion gain. 18 is a magnified view of the wall in 11th paragraph
1. In these ? 1, 1 is a diaphragm, 2 is an armature, 3 is a hippo, 4 is an externality 5 is 6 to 6 ?,
7 is 1 1 yl wound on internal IP 6, 8.8 ? is 2 and b (one value l indicates the flange portion (1-1)
of the sales diaphragm 1 at the upper end of the outer frame 41-ray molded part. As described
above, the mounting 17 and the magnetic circuit are composed of an outer pole 4, a magnet 5,
an inner & 6, and a coil 7 wound around the inner pole 6. Here, when an alternating current
signal is applied to the lead 8 and 8 'of the coil 7 from the outside, an alternating current is
generated by the current flowing through the winding coil 7. Arm 2 fixed to the unit, Il! By
passing through the diaphragm 1, a sound wave corresponding to the applied father's number is
emitted from the diaphragm 1 and the plate thickness of the outer electrode 4 is 1 ░ in a
configuration such as making the 11r as the switching device or receiver. In order to obtain a
magnetic IP) as well as a necessary mechanical field, for example, one for an equivalent word,
generally 1 to 2 of 1-is taken. The radius of curvature R of the bent portion (4-1) of the outer
electrode 4 adjacent to the portion to which the diaphragm flange iM (1-1) is to be fully inserted
as shown in FIG. Shii +! It becomes more than & 4 size weight of # 4. Vibration [1 7 Runes! In the
case of fixing the diaphragm 1 and the outer electrode 4 with the cover 3 by a method 2- ", the
dimension (1-1) corresponds to the plate length t8 of the outer electrode 4 and the dimension
length of the caulking margin a The dimension of (a + b) is required by adding the length of the
extra space for K so as not to contact the falling portion (1-2) of the diaphragm 1 or the outer
surface & 4. Here, in the part 11 that is engaged with caulking, bs on 7 runes s (1-1) is only a
part because it is bent to the side of the outer electrode 4 by the magnetic attraction force. In the
case where the size of the b portion is increased due to an increase in the wear tl of the outer
electrode 4 or the like, the (i-3) portion (length C), which is the original vibration plane of the
diaphragm 10, and the 7 range portion (1-1) Among them, two parts that do not participate in
crimping constitute a vibration box, and as a result, there has been a drawback that satisfactory
acoustic characteristics can not be obtained. This invention was made to eliminate the long time
in the above five conventional turtle gas sound change dust numbers, and hence the purpose of
this invention is to increase the thickness of the outer electrode. The present invention is to
provide a telephone-shaped noise I11 tremor in which satisfactory acoustic characteristics can be
The low risk of the configuration of this invention is that the reflange of the diaphragm having
seven rungs is made into a solid C-3, which makes it a counterfeit to the false gauge of the outer
electrode outer peripheral decoration, and C & C 1 ░ magnetic type electric tally converter. The
bending direction of the diaphragm from the flange portion is a rising direction toward the
opposite side to the outer electrode plate. A book describing the embodiment of the invention
with reference to the drawings. FIG. 2 is a 1iiiI diagram showing one embodiment of this
experiment, or a method of constructing the embodiment of the converter as an embodiment of
the present invention, the operation mode is roughly that of the conventional converter. As is
clear from the comparison of FIG. 1A and FIG. 2 with respect to the structural difference, the
bending direction of the bending [(1-2) from the flange portion (1-1) portion of the vibrating
plate l In the opposite direction to the outer pole 4. With such a configuration, the mounting
portion dimension length of the flange m (1-1) of the diaphragm 1 in the outer frame 4 is large
without affecting the dimension length of the flange% <1-1). Even small and f & can be added. If
the size of the soft part of 7 runes & (1-1) in the outer pole 4 is increased according to the first
example of the prior art shown in t7 shown in the first Atz +, the dimensions of 7 runes & (1-1)
will inevitably If the size of the vibrating surface (1-3) of the diaphragm 1 is one pair, the size of
the flange (1-1) should be increased accordingly. Only, the overall outer diameter dimension of
the converter is increased. On the other hand, in the embodiment of this invention shown in FIG.
2, even if the length of the mounting portion in the outer electrode 4 is increased, the size of the
flange autopsy (1-1) must be set. It will be lost. And likewise, the song of the outer pole 4? The
radius of curvature of 1 s (4-1), which is somewhat larger or smaller, does not affect the
dimensional length of the seven ranks (1-1). This means that the degree of freedom of the
dimensional tolerance of the outer pole 4 is large, which leads to the improvement of the
manufacturability. Furthermore, since the diaphragm 1 is always attracted to the side of the
magnetic circuit +1 111, that is, the outer pole 4 by the magnetic attraction force, according to
this invention, the seven ranks (1-1) of the diaphragm are the outer pole It will be supported by
the six ridges at the end face of the four. For this reason, it can be expected that the vibration
plane as described in the conventional example may occur in two places or it may operate with
an acoustic sensitivity t (a design value of 1 or so). FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view 5- ', showing
another embodiment of the present invention. This is the case where a flat plate is used for the
outer electrode 4, and the vibration due to the magnetic attraction force is the size of each of the
rising (1-2) portions and the falling (1-4) portions of the vibrating plate 1 for 6 minutes. The
target magnetic gap 10 can be realized by setting the value to an appropriate value in
consideration of the displacement amount of the plate.
In the prior art and the embodiment of FIG. 2 shown above, since the dimension of the magnetic
gear 10 is determined by the difference between the height dimension of the outer electrode
plate 4 and the height dimension of the diaphragm 1, The dimensional tolerance was a must for
both of the diaphragms 1. However, according to the embodiment of FIG. 3, since the outer pole
4 is a flat plate of one leg size, vibration is! Only the dimensions of the liJ plate 10 should be
considered, and therefore the tolerance can be increased by that amount because the variation
factor is reduced. As described above, as in the present invention, the curvature of the portion of
the flange 7 of the diaphragm 7 can be obtained from the following five first points by setting the
direction opposite to that of the conventional example. Since the outer diameter of the outer pole
is large, the radius of curvature of the ? part is large, and the tolerance of 1 ? can be made by
the human while keeping the external dimensions of the Indicating Transducer as one pair, f I jk
It is an advantage. ?) Since the height dimension of the diaphragm can be made smaller by the
dimension length of the bent portion (1-2) of the diaphragm, the height dimension of the entire
converter is reduced by this division. e ? 10 for the external plate, t2 for the cover plate, t = 1 to
2 tm, 12 = 0.35 Although the fight is currently used for telephones-IRi + I1. ???? From this, if
the clamp type of the diaphragm is fixed, the outer diameter of the converter can be reduced by
1 to 34 as compared with the conventional example. This is particularly the eleventh point where
the fingers are compacted.
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