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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawing is a longitudinal section showing the main
part of the present invention. 1 ...... electrostrictive element, 1b ...... through-hole, 3 ...... vibration
absorbing material, 4 ...... insulating housing.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an ultrasonic
transducer used in water, such as a sounding instrument and a fish finder. A disk-shaped
electrostrictive element having a metallized electrode surface on its own surface, an insulated
wire consisting of a pair of lead wires respectively connected to the two electrode surfaces, and
the 'iik strain element joined to the bottom surface A large-sized base for enclosing the
electrostrictive element and the dynamic absorption member covering the outer surface and the
upper surface of the electrostrictive element and a small-sized head extending upward from the
base and protecting the insulated wire Underwater ultrasonic wave transmitter-receiver, which is
grooved by an insulating casing, is a law of the deep, fish swarm J! It is widely used in Im, but it
has a drawback that it causes a cross talk especially when it is used with a large number of
fishing boats in a relatively small fishing area such as a fish finder 1-7 / λ (9 . That is, this type
of small and medium boiling liquid transducer utilizes two-way super-wave pick-up in the radial
direction and the thickness direction of the disc-like electrostrictive poison, and usually, for a
sunny or shallow water depth, 200 Kfiz thickness i, stationary movement, conversely, far side 1 2
2 water 7 □ i = *, tLri4. Addictive low radial direction, motion, because there are 39 mountains,
so in the above mentioned fishery fishing area, if the director in the direction of thickness, Da Iii
aiding or a fishing boat or a fishing boat or 1 east I am used to create interference with other
nearby fishing boats. This wetted part can be prevented by the increase and decrease of the
common direction frequency in the range of 50 to the basic frequency of 50 KH2, and the
increase and decrease of the 4λ and the month are 50KHz of the diameter dimension of the
element. However, the change in diameter is not suitable for practical use because it causes a
defect that also causes variation in the pointing angle. The present invention is to change the well
frequency and pointing angle in the thickness direction in the underwater ultrasonic temporary
transmitter-receiver which utilizes the ultrasonic 2-wave vibration in two directions in the above
radial direction and 11 direction. Having succeeded in reducing the co-is wave number of the
photographing movement, an embodiment of the drawings will be described below. In the figure,
1 is a disk-like electrostrictive element in which metallized electrode surfaces 1m and 1a 'are
formed on the amphibian surface by silver brazing or the like, and 2 is joined to the metallized
electrode surfaces 1a and 1a' of the electrostrictive element. Pair of Li-) 'if! Insulated wire
comprising t21.2a ', 3 is a cork covering the outer and upper surfaces of the electrostrictive
element 1. -A porous material such as foamed rubber, t6 dynamic absorption material, 4 is the
above electrostrictive element 1. Insulating case which encloses and protects the positive acting
absorbing material 3 and covers and protects the insulated wire 2. The insulating body 4 is
formed in contact with the electrostrictive element 1 to form an i moving plate and a bottom
surface 4a ' , The above-mentioned strain strainer 1, the large-sized base 4a enclosing the
imaging and motion absorbing material 3 and the upper side from here onwards, breaking the
self-insulated electric gland 2, and: by means of a screw 4b 'provided at the upper end It is
formed by a small-sized head 4b screwed to the supporting rod 5 protruding from a ship's side
(not shown), and these components are the same as those of the follower 3 but in the present
invention The electrostrictive element 1 is characterized in that a small hole 1b is bored in the
axial direction perpendicular to the main surface to lower the radial direction of the element
from the basic resonance frequency.
Therefore, the resonant frequency of the radial direction of the strain f is reduced corresponding
to the central hole diameter, and 1 lead zirconate titanate based composition which exhibits NR =
230 KHz: Of course, the resonant frequency of the radial direction is 50 KHz When the central
hole is bored in the 46JX10- electrostrictive element whose resonant frequency in the thickness
direction is set to 200 KH2, the resonant frequency in the radial direction is the same as in the
thickness direction, as shown in the table below. Without changing the situation. Sensitive to the
central hole 461111φ is accurate to prevent interference with the detection waves of other
vessels approaching by 1 F at 47 KHz in the above 6 rm 'at the above-mentioned 6 rm' at a penis
of about 0.5 Kinz for the hole diameter II7 Na] 1] Deep, enabled the fishbed work. 4- central hole
diameter resonant frequency KHz [directive angle (degree)] ■ φ radial direction (thickness
direction) radial direction thickness direction Oso 2288.413 °
24929.0448.129.764730.5846.53 0.8104631.0 Note that the above electrostriction The small
hole 1b in the axial direction of the spring 1 for lowering the radial direction of the element 1
may have two holes in the part off the center or-, but it may cause a 1 t 2 Qa is preferable, and
the hole diameter may vary depending on the internal number of the electrostrictive element, the
size or the radial direction. ! The effect shown in j1] can be obtained by setting the 1l fi number
to decrease by several KHz or less, particularly by 2 to 3 KHz, below the basic frequency.
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