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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a microphone of a
conventional rate measuring machine, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of the microphone showing
an embodiment of the present invention, and FIGS. Fig. 6 is a cross-sectional view of a
microphone showing an embodiment of the present invention. 1.10.20 иииии l My, Kuro'on, 2 ......
detector, 11.21 ...... jacket, lla, 21a ...... support portion, llb , 22 ...... adsorption unit, 21b ......
recesses, 22a, 30a ...... protrusion portion.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present study is an improvement of the
microphone structure of a child watch, in particular, a rate I11 and a standard microphone for
quartz crystal d. Conventionally, a method of detecting a battery magnetic field or an Ii field by a
microphone having a sensor from a standard time of quartz crystal familiarity rate I11] constant
1 o'clock is generally performed by ?- "No, a clock is installed-" (1) ? o /: (J d 1 и и и as shown in
Fig. 1 is used (3 ? ?, 1 ? ? и 1 ? in 1 figure of the shape of 1 i hunt? There is no problem at
all in the case of the move knot housing of p <watch Hekuronok, but complete with a hand with a
hand with a watch and a clock with a case with a direct connection type which is integral with
the case and is integral with the case. In the case of a product, the image leakage magnetic field
or the electric field is reliably generated, and a target such as 14 clocks or clocks or the eye 11
constant position 1 ?? ? is properly selected for the sensor-fllT detecting unit 2 of the
microphone 1 It is difficult to determine the hand or the case because it is hard to fix it, and it
may come off from the stopper part 3 of the microphone 1 and fall, which may damage or knead
the case. If it's a long time like a clock, especially because it's a clock (a child's clock doesn't get
on -Z Ecrophone 1, measure the rate by sticking the microphone 1 to the movement of the clock
In many cases, the stopper 1% of the microphone 1 is swaying and the depression-+-2 is not in
the movement in the north, but in many cases it is a step rate, a certainty or a failure, even if the
? 7 ? t 9 period is used sideways The need to hold a -5t (2) is serious, and it is also difficult to
accidentally break the windbreak crow of the watch from the large V-1 'and the absence of the
temple which is easy to break the custard. The object of the present invention is to use an arm:
suction and mounting a microphone on a measurement object such as a clock or a clock (in order
to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks, and to easily make it easier to walk around safely)
It is intended to provide as many microphones as the rate retrogressive I constant T. The second
plan 1 shows a cross-sectional view of a microphone of rate / kil + constant 44, and the
microphone 10 is a micro-vi solid body 11 consisting of a polymer compound such as rubber.
And 4) II such as a clock or q clock, etc. + A missing portion 2 having a sensor that blooms a
falling magnetic field or electric field from a treasure. A microphone cover 11 is provided with a
support 11 for holding the detection unit 2 inside. Gifu 11 11h which is guided according to z ?
? and ? ? I 6. 1 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Section VC ': Workup, j-heavy, for example crow 15a of direct connection type Q-piece watch 15 (3) shown knee / 1
with 2-point button ? ? ? ? micro flon 10?)' ? support agent to blue-white 111h 11a
Protect the whole ship, and strongly squeeze it from C ?, offer the dark air between the crows
15a, и, and also the cover 11b, and make the microphone 10 wear on the ? clock 15 like this Is
integrated with the microphone 10 иии a 115 and integrated in the same way in the case of a clock
that can be measured by the MV 5 and the safety 1 f ? 7 иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии / (Two
sucker (1 will be good.
In addition, when it is micro ? ? / 10, 1 and slaughter 911A-1 total sum is slightly raised up,
and air is absorbed, it sucks from ...! -The power is lost, and 7 points can be finished. 3 ░ 3 '(Y' j
', y h: 1 h (-1 center of 1' microphone) indicating the center of the circle Y concave 1 mark, ? 3
At ? In the microphone 2Q'1l-n2U ')' A, the microphone 1 is different from the microphone 1 ',
the I, '21, the seventeen, and the part 22', the microphone ten lua, the book 211. -Todeyoshi 2
and the support ? It is composed of 4-to-ji 71a, and the support 1 defense part 21Q '-)-in the-even in the f-h / i recessed? ? ?, ? 22 22 ? ? ? 22 22 22 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 22 22
22 22 22 22a. Possibly possible / (1) Re, microphone bearded body 21 and suction,-fTh22 is
assembled integrally. Therefore, the material of the support * 11a is the same as that of the
suction portion 22. Without the need for knee i, and if it does not affect the operation of the J
circle portion 2, it may be gold or imitation. Holding, falling +! : With the ability to prevent
damage to the hardened part 2 of the lifting platform, the handling ability can be improved, and
the life of the support part 21.2 can be extended, and the attachment to the object to be
measured The oil is No. 4 of the 4th meeting of the 2nd and all <1 o 1i, and its effect does not
change C at all. In addition, the material of the adsorbing portion 22 (the application period is
limited because it is a straight molecular compound such as one comb, or when it is broken ((the
adsorbing portion 22 can be easily removed from the support or 21Q, The replacement is also
only the replacement of the adsorption part 22, so the cost is also reduced. Figure 43B is a
section 1 showing the other 1st-class cedar-like state of the microphone cover / integral 21 in
Figure 3A, and f) a microphone of approximately the same shape y) stand 30Q "-island The
concave ? 421 b of the micronoon ^ i 'ly ?21 is integrated with the convex portion 3Oa which
has been remodeled by pushing and fitting (5), which makes it possible to use a conventional
microphone as well. 1) It becomes possible to attach 3 to be usable, that is, to attach the
microphone cover 21 to the lid portion 22 or to the platform 30 as needed. As described above,
according to the present invention, according to the present invention, a part of the microphone
is provided with a suctionable bendable portion, and in the case of a clock watch / this type of
direct connection type band 1'4 and a clock, 1 is an object to be measured. If you suck the
tongue, you will be able to forgive and be safe. That is, there is no need to lower the watch from
the microphone or to hold the watch during judgment or to damage the case, or to break the
watch itself, and there is no C at all. Even if the person who fixed the watch on a desk etc. has a
feast, the 1j foot has a merit such as becoming a sickle.
Brief description of 4 [Me1 ... 1 bow 11 people show 71% of traditional sentinel ? electric
machine ? ? ? ?,> 2 >> ', / d ? ?% arrow ry: command A cross section 1) 1 of the
microphone, a 31st embodiment A) B,... Is a weight (3) view of the microphone showing the i6)
embodiment of the present four alternatives. 1.20.20 microphones, 2- detection unit, 11.21 one
monk, 11a, 21a, a support ++ unit, 11b 122, a Hanchi, 21h, a recess, 22a, 3 (lz,. Convex part.
Practical 9us @ d / Chizu / watch stock now-out ? "H human agent Iritoshi Toshihiko Kanayama
(7) Fig. 1] / 1 2 1. k 'Applicant-1 1 1 1 2 2 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Toshihiko Yama Figure 2 \ To ? 4 /
Q Shiri 1] b 2 / / (A) 22 202] ? 22h 21 b 2 (B) 30 ░ 21 b 1? ? '. Seo, ? ? ? ? ?: ?:
Company representative, # TPil + 7 и 11 Toshihiko
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