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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a conventional
example of a device attaching mechanism to a cylindrical body, FIG. 2 is a perspective view
showing one embodiment of a device attaching mechanism to a cylindrical body according to the
present invention, FIG. 3 is a plan view of an essential part showing an embodiment using an
endless looped rope in the mounting mechanism of FIG. 2, and FIGS. 4 and 5 are each an
alternative part of the present invention. It is a perspective view. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1: ..
piping (cylindrical body) 2 ... mounting base 3 ... probe for ultrasonic wave transmission and
reception, 4.4 ', 16 ... wire rope, ... fastening Accessories, 6, 11 11 11 ', 21. 21' ...
hooks, 7, 12 ... butterfly bars, 8.13 ... nuts, 14 ... hooks, 15 ... through holes, 16a, 16b ... small
loop, 17 ... clamp.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION 1z-1 (51) The present invention relates to the
improvement of a device mounting mechanism for mounting a device such as an ultrasound
transmitting / receiving glove on a cylindrical body such as a pipe. In order to fix the ultrasonic
wave receiving probe (3) to the pipe 41 of the water pipe, a wire rope (4 ), (4 '), wire rope t41.
Wire rope + 41 by hooking (4 ') small loop-shaped four trees (4a), (4'a) and screwing the nut (8)
of the butterfly rod (7). Tighten (1) (4 ') and fix the mount (2) to the pipe. Furthermore, insert the
ultrasonic transmission / reception probe (3) into this mounting base (2) and complete the
installation. 0 In this mounting rod, two wire ropes are used, so the length of the two wire ropes
If the length does not match exactly, the sister attachment (5) will be tightened to the shrinking
gap, and the position (k) of the mount (2) may shift or may not be mounted correctly parallel to
the pipe. In addition, even if you originally intended to be installed correctly, the position of the
ultrasound transmission and reception glove later-! = T 31% N 252 ゼ 7 shift, and it is not
possible to make an accurate measurement, and in the worst case, there is a fear that it will be
broken. In addition, there is a great deal of pain in making the length of two wire ropes exactly
one, and also it takes time and effort, and moreover, the diameter of the piping is different at the
time of installation, and the wire ropes are different. When the length of the wire was adjusted
locally, it was even more difficult to match the lengths of the two wire ropes at the fear of the
work environment. The present invention has been made in order to mhA the above-mentioned
drawbacks, and provides a device attachment mechanism to a cylindrical body that can be fixed
with one wire rope. Hereinafter, an undesignated embodiment will be described with reference to
the drawings. FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of a device attaching
mechanism to a cylindrical body according to the 'iJ draft. In the figure, the pair of hooks (11)
and (11 '), the butterfly rod u4 to be combined with these, and the nut Q3 form a hook 5, and the
hook U5 (11 ', + has an angle-like shape, and a short cylindrical hook tlJ for hooking the looped
end of the wire rope is a pair of glares, and the other side is: center (-4 Through holes (4) 3) 53
through holes 09 for loosely fitting the rods Q3 are provided. (2) is a mount for holding the
ultrasonic transmission / reception probe 1.4), and (1) is a pipe.
(1 (il is one wire rope, both ends are small loops (16a). (16b) l is formed. The mounting
mechanism of the present invention-embodiment constructed as above is a hand-knitted
machine. Attach the bottom of the tube to the cylinder group at the desired position of the tube
(1) and affix the bottom of the tube in half and fold it in the middle Wire loop dQ seed tree small
loop (16a), (a pair of hooks I of one hook fitting (11 ') of fastener uI that is arranged around the
outer periphery of f1) and combined with 4 rods + IJ 16b) are hooked respectively, and the four
U-shaped wire lobes of the four wire lobes are straddled across the hooks I of the other hook u0.
The hook (II's nail) (131 is screwed to make the hooking fitting αυ, (11 ') approach each other,
and the wire rope 4 is tightened by tightening force to fix the mounting base (2) Fix in position.
Missing number = this mounting base (2) (2 ultrasonic probe for transmitting and receiving
probe (3) is pushed in and installation is completed. In the device attachment to the cylindrical
body of the present invention-embodiment, “f, '111.:='15) 254 wire rope tI 61 is sufficient, so in
the conventional attachment mechanism using two wire ropes There is no difficulty and effort to
make the lengths of two ropes equal, and 1: the disadvantages such as one-sided tightening,
displacement of the mounting position due to it, and dropouts are eliminated, and accurate
mounting and accurate measurement for a long time Maintained. In addition, in the
implementation of the second bad-, although both yA ends of the wire rope u19 were formed into
the small loops (16a ·, (16b), one wire lobe four as shown in FIG. 3 was used. The two ends of the
end are formed into an endless ring shape by clamp aθ or the like, and this U-shaped end is
straddled over a pair of 7 hooks I of hook 4 of fastener 4 and (11 ') respectively. It may be used.
In addition, as shown in FIG. 4, a pair of hooking hooks of the fastening tool C1 and (2 white is
formed in a shape in which a cylinder is divided in half, and the hooking hooks of the hooking
hook Q) and (21 ′) A U-shaped end of a looped wire rope 4 may be used by l1il. Furthermore, as
shown in FIG. 5, one of the hooks (two-column cylindrical 00 is used in the prior art for the other
hook), as shown in FIG. Use small round rods (16a) and (16L) on both ends of one wire rope OI
with hooks (6: The central portion of the wire rope 4 in the shape of a letter may be used on the
cylindrical surface of the hook 3).
That is, the hook fitting of the fastener may have a T1 piece or a pair of cylinder groups that
have served as hooks for hooking the rope, and various shapes are possible. Further, on this
cylindrical surface may be provided a child role that serves to prevent detachment of the rope Q,
for example, a headband groove having a semicircular cross section for holding the rope, or a
weir formed at the tip of the cylindrical ml. Further, in the embodiment, the case of attaching the
glove for transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves to the pipe has been described as an
example, but the present invention is not limited to this, and other attachment devices may be
attached to the cylinder] There are no more than a hundred things that can be done. As described
above, the present No. 4 has two small loops on both sides and is formed by J 嶌 (7), 2 256 256
or forms a single rope in an endless ring shape, and this rope end Is hooked on a pair of hooks
having at least a cylindrical surface of 111j, and the hooks are assembled by causing the cylinder
faces to mutually face each other by means of a screw whose end is free to the through hole
provided in this hook In order to hold the device for screwing and placing with nut, the bottom of
the circular curve of the cylindrical body is abutted against one bottom to provide a mount. For
this reason, a single rope can be used to accurately attach one mounting table 7> · It has juvenile
fruits that make it easy to adjust the site in a poor working environment.
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