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In the present invention, the magnet part of the speaker drive part is attached to the back surface
of the flat diaphragm, the voice coil is protruded on the inner surface of the back plate of the
speaker cabinet facing the magnet part, It relates to a high-efficiency movable Macnet-type
speaker that has been made possible. In the case of a speaker called direct radiation, which emits
sound waves directly from the diaphragm into space, the lower frequency range that can be
reproduced with uniform intensity is the low resonance frequency J7f of the vibration system. て
きまる。 This bass resonance frequency f when trying to put out the bass well. It is necessary to
set as low as possible. A speaker that reproduces the super low frequency range that is currently
commercially available, a so-called super woofer, is a bass resonance frequency r by unilaterally
softening the support system of the large-diameter movable coils beaker. In most cases, the one
that drives the drone cone with a large inertia mass indirectly with the movable speaker is used.
In these playback devices, the bass resonance frequency f. Because it relies on the following
elastic control zones, it is not possible to obtain (1) an extremely low frequency reproduced
sound with a damping effect. As such, there is nothing that can reproduce the super low
frequency range of 20 to 60 tlz without difficulty for any of the current speakers, and
commercialization of digital audio systems capable of uniform reproduction of 11 to 20 to 20 to
20 will progress. Development of a speaker that can cope with this is desired. On the other hand,
in the current analog audio system based on voltage transmission, an electroacoustic transducer
superior to an electrodynamic speaker can not be found because of availability of main
components, durability, efficiency, ease of maintenance, and the like. For the same reason, in the
digital audio system, it is considered best to construct an electrodynamic speaker using a
movable coil or a movable mock. As described above, the dynamic range of the electrodynamic
speaker is limited to the bass resonance frequency r. できまる。 This is the bass resonance
frequency f. In the lower frequency range, the radiation sound pressure drops sharply, and in
fact, the bass resonance frequency f. A little below is the playback limit. Bass resonance
frequency f. Is the stiffness of the diaphragm support portion and the equivalent mass m. It is
generally known to be proportional to the square root of the ratio of, which is expressed by the
equation. Each constant of the speaker is the value when attached to the infinite buckle, so for
example, when attached to a closed cabinet, the bass resonance frequency is f. In order to make a
cabinet, a volume of two can be determined.
The bass resonance frequency f at that time is In this equation, Se is the equivalent stub of cahi
unnotated, and a is the effective diameter of the cone. When the speaker N is fitted to the
equivalent stiffness of 5eit of the mouth opening and the volume of the speaker of the volume Vi,
the air inside the capacitor gives elasticity to the cone and the same action as the support
material gets hardened. It is also introduced to work and is given by 1.4 × 10 7 a ′ 5 e −
(dyneA−rrL) ++ · (4). And the bass resonance frequency f. The volume of closed type caps with
good radiation characteristics below. V=3.5∼,7X105a’/f(i’m。 [Cm 2] ・
About i51 is considered necessary. In order to lower the low-pitched resonance frequency fo, as
shown in equation (1), an equal mass m. かjノブライアンス1/S。 There is no choice but to
increase the compliance 1 / S. Because it is proportional to the volume of the canopy, it is not
very large when considered for household use. そのため、f。 To reduce the isometric mass m.
There is no way but to make , But equal mass m. If the value of V is increased, the mass of the
vibration and the system is increased to lower the efficiency, and it is very difficult to maintain
the voice coil between the magnetic poles and to secure a sufficient amplitude. The present
invention has been made in view of the above-mentioned point, and the place to be the point J is
an equivalent mass m to improve the low range characteristics. It is an object of the present
invention to provide a speaker capable of driving a large diaphragm with a sufficient amplitude.
The present invention will be described below with reference to the embodiments shown in the
drawings. This movable Macnet-type speaker includes a flat diaphragm 2 having a permanent
magnet 1 attached to its inner surface, a cabinet 4 formed by projecting a voice coil 3 at a
position facing the attached permanent magnet 1, and the above-mentioned flat surface It
comprises an edge 5 for movably connecting the end face of the diaphragm 2 and the opening of
the front face of the cabinet 4. As the planar diaphragm 2, a diaphragm having excellent strength
and rigidity, for example, a diaphragm having a honeycomb sandwich structure is preferable.
However, in the present invention, the weight of the diaphragm is increased by the weight of the
permanent magnet. The necessity is not limited to the diaphragm having a lightweight structure.
The permanent magnet 1 is, for example, a disk-shaped formed of a Haurino ferrite (Hao 6-C
203) or strontium ferrite 03, magnetized from the central portion toward the outer peripheral
portion, and the back surface side of the flat diaphragm 2 And is attached to a portion
corresponding to a vibrational node.
What is a vibrating node? It is a node of divided vibration determined by the shape and the
rigidity of the diaphragm. In such divided vibrations, it is known that the node passing through
the center disappears automatically if the point driven with respect to the center of the
diaphragm is symmetrical. In addition, nodes that do not pass through the center of the
diaphragm usually can not cancel the split vibration, or drive a symmetrical position with respect
to the center of the vibrating mote can cancel the split vibration. Therefore, the frequency and
vibration mode of the divided vibration of the flat diaphragm 2 are analyzed, and a frequency
band requiring piston vibration is set, and the vibration node vibration node vibration element
appearing in the band is attached and driven. Can prevent divided vibration in the band. The
voice coil 3 provided on the inner surface of the cabinet 4 and at a position facing the permanent
magnet 1 attached to the back surface of the flat diaphragm 2 is, for example, a conventional
movable coil type speaker on the winding frame 6 such as aluminum. Insulated wire several
times thicker than that used in It is desirable that the edge 5 for movably connecting the end face
of the flat diaphragm 2 and the front opening of the cabinet 4 can follow the amplitude of the flat
diaphragm 2 linearly. In this embodiment, since the amplitude of the flat diaphragm 2 can be
made much larger than that of the conventional one, the distance d between the end face of the
flat diaphragm 2 and the inner surface of the opening of the front face of the cabinet 4 is about
The pantograph-type edge 5 of the cross-sectional square which can respond | correspond
linearly with respect to a reciprocating motion is illustrated. The pantograph type edge 5 is, for
example, a fabric having a surface coated with a synthetic resin material or the like and a length
d of a distance d between the end face of the flat diaphragm 2 and the inner surface of the front
opening of the cabinet 4 And the connection points on each side are formed movable, and the
two opposite connection points a and a / are formed by the end face of the plane diaphragm 2
and the front opening of the cabinet 4 It is linked to a part. According to this configuration, when
the flat diaphragm 2 linearly reciprocates, the connection point a on the flat diaphragm 2 follows
the linear diaphragm 2 and moves linearly, during which the flat diaphragm 2 or the key V 'is not
fixed. A connecting point not connected to the point 4 reciprocates an arc whose radius is one
side a 'b or a' b 'of the edge 5 around the a'. In this case, although the amplitude of the flat
diaphragm 2 is 2 d at the maximum, the effective amplitude which can be followed linearly can
be expected at least about the distance d. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the tip of the voice
coil 3 and the tip of the permanent magnet 1 at least 2d away from the unmanned direction
As described above, according to the present invention, the following effects can be obtained.
First and foremost, broadband piston vibration of the diaphragm is made possible by attaching a
permanent magnet to the vibration node of the vibration surface behind the flat diaphragm to
both reinforce the diaphragm and prevent divided vibration. Second, the low resonance
frequency can be lowered by increasing the equivalent mass m6 by increasing the weight of one
diaphragm, so that it is possible to improve the acoustic characteristics up to one ultra low.
Third, as in the conventional moving coil type speaker, since it is necessary to hold the voice coil
in the narrow cap between the yoke and the pole, the thick insulated wire can be wound and
fixed to the winding frame, and the voice coil is It will be able to withstand continuous electric
input several times more than conventional ones. Finally, it is also possible to increase input to
history by adopting a heat-conductive winding frame to improve the heat dissipation effect. That
is, according to the present invention, it is possible to easily provide a small-sized, largedisplacement ultra-low range speaker.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing the structure of a movable Macnet-type speaker
according to the present invention.
In the figure, 1 is a permanent magnet, 2 is a plane diaphragm, 3 is a Heuss wheel, 4 is a cabinet,
5 is an edge, and 6 is a winding frame.
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