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[Technical field 1 of the invention] The present invention relates to a water injection device for
an acoustic lens that enables water injection easily and reliably. [Technical background of the
invention and its problems] There has been a long-standing idea of observing the object
microscopically by using ultrasonic waves instead of light (the idea of observing Mi blue has
been long ago, and recently 1′L ′ ′ machine scanning ultrasonic waves A visible m chain has
been developed. This supersonic wave type 1 scattering IJ, in principle the thin high-rise highrise y! The sample surface is mechanically scanned by J: in the ultrasonic beam, and the
ultrasonic wave scattered in J: 1 is collected in the test 1: 1 and converted into an electrical signal
(two-conversion, the signal is a cathode ray tube etc. The image is displayed two-dimensionally
on the display surface of the and the microscope image is one. Depending on the way of
detection of the ultrasonic waves, ie, detection of ultrasonic waves transmitted while being
scattered or attenuated in the M vector, and reflection due to the difference in acoustic
properties in the sample. Depending on the case of detecting the sound wave, it may be divided
into transmission type and reflection type. Fig. 1 shows the original J of the reflection type
acoustic microscope. I! In the figure, the signal from the high frequency optical oscillator 1 is
supplied to a directional coupler or (the J transducer 2 to an ultrasonic transducer 3 for both
transmission and reception). This signal is converted into an ultrasonic wave-an ultrasonic
focusing lens consisting of an ultrasonic wave transmitting and receiving material h''3 such as a
transmitting / receiving combined wave 1 'ear or the like in which a wave is attached to one
surface (upper end surface) The acoustic lens 4 is radiated to the inside from one side and
transmitted to the other side. 11 of this acoustic lens 4! ! The surface is spherically shaped to be
a spherical / lens portion 4a, and the sample holding plate 5 is disposed to face the spherical lens
portion 4a. Aβ sound wave 1 I 1 で あ る water 6 is interposed between the sound effect lens 4
and the holding plate 5, and the sample 7 is attached to the holding plate 5 at the focal position
of the spherical lens portion 1a. I am in love with The holding plate 5 is moved in the X and Y
directions by means of a traveling M device 8 so as to scan two planes in a two-dimensional
manner. Of course, it is possible to move the acoustic lens 4 in the X and Y directions instead of
the holding plate 5, for example, to move the acoustic lens 4 in the X direction, and move the
holding plate 5 in the Y direction. It can also be The scanning device 8 is controlled by the scan
number Ff19. The ultrasonic waves incident on the acoustic lens 4 from the ultrasonic wave 1lance reducer 3 are focused to reach the sample 7. The reflected wave is again collected by the
acoustic lens 4, converted into an electrical signal by the i-transducer 3, and supplied to the
display unit 10 through the directional coupler or circulator 2.
By the way, in the above-mentioned ultrasonic microscope, it is necessary to interpose the water
6 which is a superhigh-wave propagation medium between the circumference of the sample 7
and the acoustic lens 4, and i + l I-is injection! A water droplet is formed at the tip of '111, and
this water droplet is dropped on the spherical lens portion 4a side of the acoustic lens 4.
However, at this interval, especially at high frequencies, the radius of the concave portion of the
spherical lens portion 4a becomes small, for example, about 1 mn 2 in 1GH2, so that water
injection is sufficient when water is injected by the above water injection operation. Instead, the
water is not completely absorbed in the spherical lens portion 4a, and an air gap is formed, and it
becomes impossible or impossible to propagate ultrasonic waves due to the air gap, and it is used
as a micro-microscope by ultrasonic waves. There were often times when I was out. OBJECTS OF
THE INVENTION The present invention has been made in view of the above-mentioned point, and
an object thereof is to provide a water injection device of a J / zf / z f lens, which can inject water
easily and reliably. [Summary of the Invention] The present invention moves a position or a
position at which the R venting means capable of releasing steam from the steam outlet by
heating water with a heater or the like can be opposed to an acoustic lens portion such as a
sample stand. By forming it as a means that enables it, and making the discharge port face the
lens part of the acoustic lens, if the vapor is attached to the lens part 11 and then water is
injected by acupuncture needle etc., it is assured that a void will be generated. It is possible to
prevent water injection so that water can be in close contact with the spherical lens portion. The
present invention will be specifically described below with reference to the drawings. FIGS. 2 and
3 relate to the first embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 shows an ultrasonic microscope
in which the first embodiment is formed, and FIG. 3 shows the IN construction of the water
injection apparatus of the first embodiment. Show enlarged. The following members are provided
on the soil of the base 22 of the ultrasonic microscope 21 (J, in which the first embodiment is
formed). A trial 11 table 25 is mounted at a suitable position on the base 22 so that the holding
plate 24 holding the sample 23 can be placed. In order to vibrate the drive shaft 26 above the
sample table 25 in one direction (X direction) and vibrate J, the acoustic lens 27 taken at the tip
of the drive shaft 2G is X An excitation 28 which can be scanned in direction is mounted on the
base 22 adjacent to the sample stage 25. Further mounted on the base 22 is an automatic
feeding device 29 capable of automatically feeding and moving the Lu 11 25 in the Y direction at
a speed set selectively.
The sample table 25 can be moved in the X and Y directions parallel to the surface of the base 22
by adjusting the knobs 25a, 2511, etc., and can also be adjusted in the Z direction perpendicular
to the surface of the base 22. The automatic feeding device 29 can be automatically moved at a
speed selected and set in the Y direction by the automatic feeding device 29 via the arm 29a
which is taken by the side. The sample table 25 is provided with a note 1 <H solid (water
injection device) 30 of the first embodiment. That is, the water injector 30 is fixed, for example,
by bonding its side portion to the upper end side of the corner of the side of the sample table 25
facing the vibrator 28, for example. As shown in FIG. 3, the water injector 30 is formed with a
recess 31 having an opening on the upper side at the center of the substantially rectangular heat
insulating member. A heater 32 is accommodated under the bottom of the recess 31 so that the
water 33 contained in the recess 31 can be heated to release water vapor from the opening.
Further, the opening end periphery of the upper end of the concave portion 31 is notched in a
ring shape, and an elastic member 34 such as heat resistant rubber is attached and attached, and
the opening end as shown in FIG. When the acoustic lens 27 is brought close to, and even when
the peripheral portion of the spherical lens portion 27a of the acoustic lens 27 abuts, the
acoustic lens 27 or the opening end of the water injector 30 is not damaged. On the upper end
face of the acoustic lens 27, a disc-like pressure formed using quartz, PZT, ZnO or the like? ! A
piezoelectric vibrator 35 as an electroacoustic transducer with electrode surfaces mounted on
both sides of the plate surface of the element is attached by sticking or the like, and these N
poles are excited by pulsed high frequency waves [17110T]. Piezoelectric vibration. To the
sample 23 side through water 33 as an ultrasonic wave propagation medium 111i which is made
to propagate to the acoustic lens 27 side formed of fused quartz etc and from the spherical lens
portion 27a of the acoustic lens 27 adheres to the spherical lens portion 27a. The black and
white focused point-like ultrasonic beam can be transmitted. Thus, the ultrasonic waves reflected
by the discontinuous portion of the acoustic impedance of the sample 23 at the focal position are
efficiently collected by the acoustic lens 27, and the piezoelectric vibrator 35 is excited to
generate electric signals from both electrodes. Can be taken out. Meanwhile, the above excitation
1! 28 forms a through hole at the center of, for example, a 1-shaped magnet, supports the drive
shaft 26 movably in the X direction, and turns around the center magnet 1 to apply an
alternating current to the coil, Together with the drive shaft 26, it is operable to vibrate the n
front lens 27 attached to the end of the drive shaft 26.
The automatic feeding device 29 is formed by using a motor, a gear, etc., and the sample stage
25 with the arm 29a obtained by changing the rotational speed or changing the adjustment of
the speed reduction gear A7 etc. It can move in the direction by a predetermined speed -C. In the
case of using the IBM wave crusher 2'1, the water is discharged from the opening in a short time
by energizing the heater 32. Can. After the C1 sample stage 25 is moved in the horizontal plane
so that the opening portion faces below the spherical lens portion 27a of the acoustic lens 27,
the sample stage 25 is moved upward to open the opening portion to the spherical lens portion
27a. As a result, water vapor is applied to the periphery of the spherical lens portion 27a to make
the periphery of the spherical lens portion 278 moist. After the spherical lens 27a is moistened
in this way, the sample table 25 is moved (as in the normal water pouring operation) to set the
spherical lens portion 27a of the acoustic lens 27 so that it approaches the top of the sample 23,
If water is dropped with a 1iJ needle, the spherical lens portion 27a is already in a wet state, so
the water 33 can be completely in close contact with the spherical lens portion 27a, and water
injection can be completed. . FIG. 4 shows a second embodiment of the present invention. In the
second embodiment, alignment guide means is formed C to facilitate water pouring operation. In
the water injector 41 of the second embodiment, a substantially U-shaped engaging projection
42 is formed on the side, and the (for example) vibration I! It is made possible to move the water
injector 41 in the Y direction (the direction perpendicular to the paper surface in FIG. 4) by
engaging with the substantially U-shaped cutout recessed on the side facing the side 28 (if
necessary) J) Jigs can be fixed to the side of the sample table 25 by means of a thumb screw 43.
うになっている。 As in the first embodiment, the water injection device 41 is provided with a
recess 31 for containing the water 33, and a heater 32 for heating is formed under the recess 31.
Further, a plate 44 in the shape of, for example, a substantially R shape is attached to a side
surface facing the automatic feeder side of the water injector 41 so as to be close to the vibrator
28 and to project upward. Or integrally formed. This (the lens rest 44 is on one side of the drive
shaft 2G of the vibration difficulty 28 as shown in FIG. 4 and the spherical lens portion 27a of
the acoustic lens 27 at the L-shaped tip end portion 44A; &) (4) A finger 4M45 is formed at the
water pouring opening of the water container 41, which serves as a guide for the operation for
overcoming the setting. By the way, when the tip end portion 44Δ is in contact with the drive
shaft 2G (here, the cross section is a square or a rectangle), the spherical lens portion 27a of the
acoustic lens 27 is formed.
The same Y as recess 31! It is set to be in the mark, that is, in the same XZ plane. Said finger 4!
When the arrow 4G of the drive shaft 26 is made to coincide with the oblique intersection 45, the
spherical lens portion 27a is brought close to the upper portion of the recess 31 to perform
appropriate sweating (q). That is, when the line in the Z direction and the arrow 4G coincide with
each other when the finger 1tffl 45 tZaH is set, the 31-plane lens 27a and the recess 31 are at
the same X coordinate, and the finger 431! The 45 diagonal intersections and the arrows have
the same height (though it can be set to a position suitable for water injection). In order to
perform the operation of injecting water by the water injector 41 of the second embodiment
configured as described above, 11 is preferable as follows. The water injector 41 is moved in the
Y direction to bring the C tip 44A into contact with the drive shaft 26, and the sample table 25 is
moved in the X direction so that the line of the indicator 45 in seven directions and the drive
shaft 26 Match the arrow 4G, try further! When the 81 units 25 are moved in 7 directions to
raise the water injector 41 upward and the arrow 46 is made to coincide with the intersection of
the indicators 45, as shown in FIG. 4, the spherical lens portion 27a is set to a suitable position
for water injection. It can be easily set, and when set at this position, the water 33 heated by the
heater 32 becomes water vapor to wet the periphery including the spherical lens portion 27a. j
After that, move the sample stage 25 to bring the acoustic lens 27 into contact with the sample,
and note 01! If a water droplet is dropped by 1 grade, water can be interposed between the
spherical lens portion 27a and the sample to make it completely wet. In addition to the abovedescribed embodiments, a shutter that can be opened and closed in the recess 31 is provided,
and the water 33 in the recess 31 is complementarily replenished so that it opens only when
water is injected to the spherical lens 27a side. There is no need to do it. Forth, part 4: water on
31! ii (Available for storage 2g can be removed. ノ、うにすることもCきる。 Also, in the present
invention, heating by the heater 32 makes it possible to use steam. Jl is not limited to the side,
but it may be piezoelectric (such as ultrasonic vibration, electrostrictive vibration,
magnetostrictive vibration, etc., as in ultrasonic wave i: g) to release water in the form of steam,
and spherical lens portion 27 a 'Cb' is the one that gives in to the light that is dampened. In
addition, the spherical lens portion 27a is attached to the degree of moistening, and it is not
limited to the auxiliary one required by water injection with an injection needle or the like after
that, and sufficient adhesion of the vapor is performed, and then the injection Water can be
completely intervened when the sample is brought close to the sample without the need for
water injection.
Furthermore, a water injector 30. Check the X, Y, Z coordinates of the concave part 31 of 11/11
and use the coordinates as information to move the water injector 30.41 with two automatic
feeders so that the four parts 31 are set right under the spherical lens part 27a It can also be
made configurable. The present invention can also be applied to a liquid having four or more
ultrasonic waves as an ultrasonic wave transmitting liquid. Further, the present invention can be
applied not only to an acoustic lens used for a reflection type ultrasonic microscope but also to a
transmission type. Moreover, although this invention is provided in a movable sample stand, it is
not limited to this, A movable means may be provided and a water injector may be formed in this
means. Also, if the vibrator 28 to which the acoustic lens 27 is attached can be moved, it can be
attached at a fixed position. In short, it may be provided at a position where it can face the
acoustic lens 27. [Effects of the Invention] As described above, according to the present
invention, the vapor can be placed at a position where it can face the lens surface of the movable
means or the acoustic lens, such as the sample stand placed on the ultrasonic wave type 1
mirror. The provision of the releasable means enables the water injection operation to be
performed easily and reliably. It can also be automated to automatically perform the deposition
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is an explanatory view showing the principle of an ultrasound microscope, FIGS. 2 and 3
relate to a first embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a diagram showing an
ultrasound microscope equipped with the first embodiment. 1 is a perspective view, FIG. 3 is a
cross-sectional circle showing the water injector of the first embodiment, and FIG. 4 is a side view
showing a second embodiment of the present invention partially cut away.
21 ... ultrasonic microscope 22 ... base 23 ... sample 24 ... holder stand 25 ... sample stand 26 ...
drive shaft 27 ... acoustic lens 27 a ... spherical lens section 28 ... · · Oscillating eyes 29 · · ·
Automatic feeding device 30.41 · · · · · · water dispenser 31 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 33 water 34 elastic
member 35 piezoelectric vibrator 43 · · Screw 44 ・ ・ ・ · · · · tip 45 · · · Index representative
attorney in law Susumu Ito ("
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