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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of
the present invention, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view taken along the line A--B in FIG. 1,
and FIG. FIG. 1 ...... speaker pop click one entity, 2 ...... horizontal partition plate, 3E spin E · · ·
horn-shaped cavity. Fig. 2-87-Jpn.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to stereophonic
sound reproduction, since it provides uniform stereo effects and realism over a wide listening
range--a system for reflecting and directing the number of reproduced sounds. Conventionally,
there were various types of sound directing devices for stereo sound reproduction, but all of
them aimed mainly at obtaining uniform frequency characteristics over a wide range. Therefore,
when these devices are used for stereo sound reproduction, the directional characteristics of the
left and right sounds are improved but the strong and weak feeling of the sound due to the
distance between the left and right speakers is not eliminated. Therefore, it has not been effective
to widen the listening range in which the sense of stereo, the sense of localization of the sound
image, and the sense of presence accompanied by the sense of sound produced by the listener 11 equally feel the left and right sounds. The present invention compensates for this shortcoming
and balances the sense of hearing widely, and if this is explained with reference to the drawings,
the box main body is horizontally divided inside each main body 1 of the pair of left and right
speaker boxes whose upper surfaces are open. The left box is in contact with the partition plate 2
and the upper surface of the partition plate 2 at one end thereof, and at an angle of about 50
degrees in left-right symmetry with the partition plate 2, the left box extends from the left rear
corner to the right front corner, The right box is provided with partition plates 5 dividing
diagonally from the starboard corner to the left front corner, the front of each box in the part
sandwiched between the two partition plates and the left box are the right side and the right box
The left part of each prefecture is notched, and the radiation method space 4 formed by the
partition plate 2 and the partition plate 5 is an opening that leads to the outside, and the sound is
emitted to the narrow part of this radial space 4 Look up the holes in the bulkhead plate 2 and It
shall be installed in the -L direction. 2- A notch 6 is formed by notching the corner between the
portion where the partition plate 2 contacts the partition plate 6 and the side wall of the box
main body, and the speaker room 7 at the lower portion of the box partitioned by the partition
plate 2 5 and the throat of the horn-like cavity 8 formed in the upper part of the box main body
are in communication. Since the present invention is configured as described above, the direct
sound generated from each of the left and right speakers 5 and diffused obliquely upward from
the opening of the radial space 4 is also reflected by the lower surface of the partition plate 5
and radially The sound emitted by the horn effect in space 4 is strongly reflected to the left from
the right speaker and from the left speaker to the right from the right speaker. Ru. Now, as
shown in FIG. 6, when the sound number reflection and directing device according to the present
invention is installed, the strength of the sound in each direction is proportional to the length of
the arrow in the figure depending on the directivity characteristics of the left and right 'y's sound.
If the listener listens at positions not equidistant from the left and right speaker boxes, for
example, when listening at the front X point of the right spiller box, the 6-bit at the position
closest to the right speaker box The listener has a weak direction of the sound due to the
directional characteristics and a strong direction of the sound due to the directional
characteristics of the left speaker box, so that the listener has almost the same sound as the near
right one and the far left one. I feel the strength.
In addition, since this relationship can be maintained even at the seven positions of the
punishment of this device, uniform and good sua, Leo effect and stable sound image localization
can be obtained over a very wide range. Furthermore, since the bass coming out of the back of
the speaker can be radiated from the box main body-upper horn-like cavity, the rich and
powerful bass provides a unique sense of presence.
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